128 W Loop 281, Longview
(903) 757-9235

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Cupcake Chaos

My orders are almost never right. This last time I got someone else’s order. I opened the burger box and was hit with this rancid smell.

Mary Davis

I asked for a large order of hot fries. When I got my ? they were lukewarm. The staff did not seem friendly, took money did not say thank you.Food: 3/5

WhoTheHeck AreYou

I tried to go through the drive thru and the lady taking my order did not know what she was doing at all. First off she kept asking "will that complete your order" after everything I said instead of just letting me finish. Then every time she'd add something to the order she would take off the first thing I ordered, and then she edited the entire order after I was done with my order. I literally watched all of the items change right before it switched to the screen showing my total. Then she went back after I mentioned it and started editing the wrong items again. I ended up telling her neverming and just driving away.

Annette Wells

I told the girl taking my order twice how I wanted my burger. Mayo and pickles only. When I got my food, I had ketchup and onions on my burger. So I had take it back and wait for them to remake it. When I got.back to my table my fries were cold.Food: 3/5

Tim Parker

I guess everyone has a bad day. Customer service here today was awful. Was ignored waiting to order until we "flagged someone" down to place our order. Young lady behind the counter could barely be heard or understood. Our order was for inside the restaurant, and came out tossed in bags. We asked for condiments numerous times, they just pulled a bin from under the counter and stared at us. The drink area was very dirty and water and ice were splashed everywhere. We weren't the only customers who received this low level of service. It will be a long time before I visit this McDonald's again.

carolyn McAteer

Took along time to get my breakfastThen they forgot to give me my hashbrown

Lizette Reyes

We are visiting from Oklahoma City and stopped here for breakfast. The staff and manager were super kind and had great customer service. The restroom and whole place was very clean and inviting.

rhianna cooper

Food was hot and they prepared it nicely but what they didn't do was give ne my third mcgriddle I paid for and this is the second time they've done it

Patrick Rosson

My food was handed to me with no words and he just turned around and walked away. Ordered online for pickup and food was warm but just very rude.

Walter & Valerie Vaughn

Stop by because my stomach felt like it was touching my back. Satisfying for what it was. Fries were fresh.

Tim Moore

Excellent service & staff. Took care of a Mcd's app order issue with cheerful ease.

James Fitzgerald

Fast food but gave me sweet tea 3 times after asking for unsweetened

Jae White

Store was clean and most of the staff was great, but one of the employees was taking the trash out in the lobby and took a pulled up drive through order her food without even washing her hands. The manager should have known better then to hand the food to someone elbows deep in the lobby trash.

JaRoyce Taylor

If this review had a ten star rating, then this McDonald's would definitely get it because in less than a minute, I received my food hot and fresh with quality customer service. With respect and gratitude.

Tiffany Nicole

Completely shocked at how FAST the drive thru was at 8:15am!! I pulled up and both lines were full- I had ab 5 cars ahead of me before I could order… let me tell you- I was not there longer than 3 mins total!! I have never been to a drive thru that went so fast, the lady who took my payment was so kind and polite, and my order was correct!! Good job morning crew!!

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