Panera Bread

481 E Loop 281, Longview
(903) 663-5200

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Lately all orders have been wrong. Seems like they’re just throwing anything into a bag to get it out the door.

Traci Muse

my first time ever in panera and i was greeted by a sweet girl named angelina. i had tons of questions and she answered everyone of them w/o hesitation. I’m bragging on her because it is so hard to find people who are actually informative and make where you go enjoyable. my food was delicious and so was my husbands. 10/10 recommend.Food: 5/5

Roberto Canchola

Worst customer service given. Ordered through the app for the first time waited in the lobby for 30 minutes with no update on food order. Went to front counter to ask for order and Manager had set food at some random table in front of the restroom because it was quote on quote "taking up to much room" never even called out that food was ready and only response given was shouldve checked your app. Manager Tamara walked off very rude and not customer friendly she might need to take some customer service courses. I definitely won't be returning since food was also cold and due to bad customer service.

Aaron F

13 bucks for “large” pre made salad I could have gotten for 5 at Walmart…wilted lettuce and tomatoes in the bottom tells me it was probably made this morning…

moms b

Sausage egg and cheese sandwich comes with no sausage they didn’t even have enough staff up front to quality check orders the only thing they did right was hand me a cup, so I can make my own drink

amanda boyter

Had onions in my parfait, they always put chicken on my salad after telling them to make sure they leave it off(vegetarian), they give me the wrong dressings for my salad and had to drive back. I’ve given this place multiple chances and i just can’t give them anymore of my money. Oh, and enjoy that rock hard baguette sitting at the bottom of your bag.

Joseph Spates

They changed their coffee from fresh ground coffee beans to preground bagged coffee like at the grocery storeWon't get coffee there anymore Even McDonalds coffee is better!!!Food: 1/5

Matthew D.

Staff lead, Tamara, scolded us for them messing the order up. Orders mess up, and that's ok.. But to treat customers like criminals is unacceptable. 10/10 would recommend Tamara to take customer service courses for betterment of attitude.

Romy Scoggins

We made a pick-up order through the app for 2 meals, 2 bakery items, and a loaf of bread. They called us after submitting the order to let us know that they didn’t have a full sliced loaf of bread left (but 95%), and to make up for it they gave us an extra cookie! Food is always good and service is great too, thank you!

Susan Abbott

My hubby and I both had the fuji apple salad. They were scant in size. Not there normal. For the $11.00 price it was more like 1/2 salads. But, good as usual.Food: 4/5

dennis the mennis

Great place for a quick and healthier choice for food on the goFood: 5/5

Jessica S.

I have Never ate at Panera. Tonight it was in walking distance from my hotel. I decided to walk uphill bothways in 34 degrees weather. Service was great, atmosphere was inviting. My chicken avocado sandwich that I ordered came quickly. The presentation was phenomenal. Unwrapped my sandwich, it was absolutely the wrong sandwich. #disappointed

Tena Jones

We really enjoyed our meal here. Several around us on their computers, reading books, even the kids were quietly coloring or reading. It is always such a nice place to enjoy a quiet meal together. We can actually visit and not feel like we are yelling over the mases. We went with the Napa Almond Chicken salad sandwich with the butternut squash soup. Both were absolutely amazing. Sandwich was full of fresh ingredients, and the soup was hot and very tasty. It's one of my favorite soups they serve and I try to get it every time it's available. Everyone is always so friendly and full of smiles every time we visit. It's just a great atmosphere.

Nelson T

Cashier was friendly, upsold me a delicious blueberry scone. Enjoyed my broccoli and cheese with grilled cheese.


Cashier was friendly, upsold me a delicious blueberry scone. Enjoyed my broccoli and cheese with grilled cheese.

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