Sonic Drive-In

3501 N Fourth St, Longview
(903) 663-8699

Recent Reviews

David Cunningham

D'Marious brought our food promptly. The breakfast burrito was just like we ordered it. We will definitely be back. Thank you for the prompt service and hot and delicious meal!!

Jae White

Great service, great food but the playground is definitely more suited to older children. Only downside is the sand at the playground.

Amari Anthony

Experience was great! Food was cheap but tasted like it should cost more! Wait was very short. Loved it! 10/10 Would recommend. Our waiter Shalya (sorry if it was spelt wrong) was great and deserves a raise.

Leroy Schaefer

I ordered 2 double meat grilled cheese the bread and meat where both burned!! Unlike Dangerfield sonic you the cook needs lessons this was at 10:30 am on 7-6-2022 and the iced vanilla coffee was way to sweet! Until a change or better training I do NOT recommend this place Amie was my car hop.

Destanie Tovar

The park is really hot on sunny days, but the servers are always very nice and helpful. I'm were it sucks having to go outside all day carrying hot food, but they do it with a smile.

Tana Grummitt

We ordered 2 american hotdogs with no Ketchup and they added Ketchup. When we pointed out the mistake they brought us 2 hotdogs with no Ketchup. Unfortunately it seemed by the appearance of the hotdogs that someone got upset that we didn't like what they gave us. They covered the hotdogs with relish amd mustard so much that they were not edible. We said nevermind to ourselves and left. We threw them out.

Rob B.

I only give one star because I had choose at least one. Ordered 3 medium blasts tonight. 1 with M&Ms and two Brownie Batter blasts. The Brownie Batter Blasts we're just ice cream...that's it. These things cost too much to not be made right. They had one cream. No other food ordered and they couldn't even get this correct. This location is horrible. I try them every once in a while and they get orders wrong or are completely out. Do better Sonic!! Do Better! Looks like Dairy Queen will get our business from now on. Buyer beware!! I would really reconsider going here if you want your order correct!

Patrick Rosson

Last two times I've went to this one, there's been problems. It was the best one, in town, in my opinion but thats no longer the case. This last time I order a drink ahead and still parked there for 22mins and decided to leave. Nobody likes giving away money.

Christine Ratcliff

Disappointing today with my cheeseburger. I ordered with mustard and who ever made it really laid on the mustard! There doesn't need to be so much on a burger. It was stomach churning. Also, I asked for cheese and literally got 2 SMALL 1 INCH TRIANGLES! There was NO CHEESE! These tiny pieces do not count as a slice. The Cherry Slush could have used a little more flavoring. It was a bit bland. Overall my meal was not good and horribly prepared. I went about 10:30am on Tuesday, April 19th. Sorry I threw my receipt out on premises in the trash can at the end of the aisle. Otherwise I would be able to provide a more accurate time.

Misty Meza

OMG..they make the best blasts! Lots of candy pieces and not just vanilla in the bottom. Well done! (I tested it more than once!)

Leah Austin

I just want to give a shout out to Caleigh, my carhop. It was a very busy time with almost each space filled. However, this young lady was literally running to deliver orders in a timely manner. She even took a moment to compliment my dogs and make conversation with me. I applaud her hard work ethic.

Juanita Simmons

Well let me tell ya .. they need something something up here cause these young gals and yes I said GALS, that work they need people training. I pull into the stall screen not working pull into another 1 it's out too. Finally a lady leaves open working shall so I thought; push the button no answer wait push again no answer a team leader or whatever comes out I push the button a 3rd time nothing . She then goes back inside tells the car next to me we're opening drive thru pull around. ? THEY RUDE!!!

Earle Cass

Had great friendly service and delivered to my car by Maria. She also took my order and was more than happy to make an additional trip to get me ketchup when I forgot to ask for it when ordering. The food was hot and good. I was surprised by how fast Maria delivered my order considering it was Friday afternoon traffic rush. I will definitely be back again when I’m on this side of Longview ???????

Vinny Vousden

Everyone who I know goes for sweet tea here and makes a point to go there, I personally really like the signature sauce with the corndog so I recommend that.

Ana A.

Customer service is just not it. Every single time I've gone no one answers at the intercom so naturally you pull up to the window especially when no one is in front of you. This time I did the same and employee (potential manager) at the window caught an attitude and was rude. I had to left before she could come back and continue with her horrible attitude.

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