2330 Judson Rd, Longview
(903) 238-9399

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The only complaint I have is that it was slow, but that’s only because there were only 2 people working today. I only talked to one worker, and he was SUPER nice. I’ve been having a rough day, and he put me in such a better mood. I mentioned that I was looking for a job, and he said that the environment there is good and that I should apply there. He kept asking if he put enough on my sandwich. Where I usually go, my sandwich always ends up spilling everywhere. When I got my sandwich today, there was no mess while I was eating, which is an accomplishment since I’m a very messy eater. I had an amazing experience here. It’s worth the wait. They also have chips that a lot of other subways don’t have.

Paul Queener

I do not recommend. I placed an order online. Once I got there I was informed they didn't have the bread I wanted for my sandwich. I asked if I could change it to a wrap and they said no because it was already in their system once I placed the order. So basically I'm stuck with 2 choices of bread that I don't like...I'll never be back.

Sneaux Creations

They are very unprofessional and rude I went there three times in one day they had excuses why they could not make a sandwich first was they had no bread second was the computer was down I even offered to wait and he said it would take 15 to 30 minutes so then I came back later. when I came back later he said they were about to close .I will be calling corporate

LaJuan Hollis

Ordered the Cali fresh salad. Menu states that it included spinach, green pepper, avocado, mozzarella, spinach, cucumbers steak and bacon. I received steak and slices of bacon, lettuce and tomato, red onion drowned in ranch dressing. Cost $11. Not even close. Do better Subway

Michael Brutting

Hands down best Subway in East Texas! Always prompt, friendly, and professional! Osiel, the assistant manager is on top of his game!

Texxas J

New employee, service was slow. Cookies were hard and old. Hair in girlfriends wrap. My son didn't like his chicken bacon ranch...he wouldn't eat more than 2 bites.

Brittany M

the last 2 times I’ve gone the system has been down and the time before that I spent 25 mins in the drive through with no one in front of me to get a hard as rock sand which. Don’t plan on going back.

Teagan Thibodeaux

Nasty customer service! Never had an issue until today. Just canceled the drive thru order and left to go elsewhere. How can you take a customer's order while being agitated? Stay out of your feelings while you're at work. If you don't like your job then you shouldn't be there. Simple. Do better Subway! Zero stars if it were possible.

Mel Reynolds Jr

Went in Judson location. One other customer checking out. One of three ladies behind counter said “ be with you in a moment”. Waited another 4-5 minutes while they BS’d and never said another word to me. Left and went to McAllister, ordered and had sandwich. Sure owner does not care but will not be back. Judging from the number of customers, they should. McAllister was packed.

Unity Plaza

I ordered spinach wrap on 10/22/2021 they charged me for Avocado that I didn't receive i called spoke with employee he said when you come back we can add it. OK I come the next day same order Cherri the manager told me it'll be a extra charge I told her the issue without checking she instantly told me she don't know nothing about it and charged me. Horrible customer service.

Lucas Halydier

Yelled at by manager do not eat here. I ordered my food through the app. Showed up a little before the time the food was supposed to be ready. Waited 7 min before someone helped me even though there was no one in line. When I told them my name and that I had an online order. They said they were still making it. When they finally handed me the food it was the wrong order. They then told me they did not have my order on their computer. I tried to show the manager my app which contained the receipt and proof of payment. The manager refused to look at it and said there was nothing they could do. After arguing and refusing to make my food the manager started yelling at me that they could not make the food unless they have a recipe. Finally the manager gave me a number to the office. When I called the number there was only a voice mail. When I went back to talk to the manager she said that there again nothing they could do. She continued to yell at me and tell the customers behind me that she new how to do her job. After arguing for 30 min past the time I was supposed to have picked up my food I had not received any food, compensation, or even a customer service number to call. The ticket did eventually print and then they made the sandwich. In total I waited an hour for one sandwich with no alternative to getting my food or money back. The lack of customer service was insane.

Naight Kyon

Horrible staff took forever and had an attitudeI know everyone has their days but it's not the clients fault u hate ur job im sorry I decided to get subway today geesh

christopher rentz

Very nice place, the people are very nice too

kathleen lindsey

Went to drive thru, sat a long time, no one answered so pulled to window and no one came to the window. Husband went in to order and one lady was filling Mayo jars and the other was waiting on a customer. After the customer left. That worker went to the back with the other girl ignoring that my husband was waiting to order. The manager of this facility needs to know why they are losing money. We left as I am sure others do the same

Within Range

Food is always fresh but the service is so so. Regardless I choose this subway over any others in Longview.

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