1211 University Ave # A, Lubbock
(806) 747-2720

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Daniel Davidson

5 star Dive Bar, just like the shirts say. Great food and better bartenders


It's a nice small bar. It wasn't really busy when I went. I went there and it seemed the regular were there. They were all nice and a few talked to me. The food was good. Not bad place

Kalidopy Kalidopy

Very impressed with their actions to prevent the Covid spread. As always, great service!

Tracy Pinto

Our bartender was...Joey? I believe that's his name, and he was great. He handled my drunk self very well, I gotta applaud him for that. Lol met some good people there, had a good time

Barbara S.

The bar tender was so rude. He accused my ID of being fake for no reason (I am definitely 23) and then proceeded to talk about me to his friends that were sitting at the bar. Don't go here it's full of sexist jerks.

Sean T

It’s a Saturday night, There was no live music and drunk old regulars only. No way would this be a dive bar unless your diving into a coffin.

Andrew Crumrine

Loud music. Good looking crowd

Matt S

One of the best watering holes in Lubbock.

Irma Gwin

Great drink's

Wesley Wright

Great service and great people.

Rhino Unknown

We had a meeting there today and I can't thanks the owners or staff enough. Chase took great care of us. The food was great.

Joseph Valles

A bouncer pushed me out of the building. Not nice.

Bailey T.

David is the best employee at PM. I have never experienced better service from any bar or restaurant before ever in my life. He is always so happy and ready to help. Kevin is always a smiling face to greet you at the door. This bar is a 10/10 and the food is very underrated.

Philip Robb

If you are looking for a dive bar with great music, good food, and solid drink prices look no further. Smoking/vaping is allowed here indoors as a fair warning. They have two large areas with two bars. It gets busy usually around 10pm on busy nights.

Rene DeLeon

Im pretty great thanks to the bar tenders at bar pm my drinks were great

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