Burrito King

1620 Avenue Q, Lubbock
(806) 744-1148

Recent Reviews

Britanya Williams

Great food. Great customer service. Horchata is really good. Tortillas are the best.

Jen S

This place is excellent a must visit .

Terri Her l

Must try a potatoe n egg n sasage n bacon with cheese burrito ....its aswsome n tge girl at drive she is so friendly

Cassandra Wilson

Their huevos rancheros is the bomb. But my new favorite is the pork carne guisada. They have a beef version with green sauce that my husband prefers. Staff is always super welcoming and they know me by name. Menudo is always fresh. Tortillas are legit. Chips and salsa are the best in town. Seriously i love this place!!

Tricia S

Here lately that I've gone I've found hair in our burritos. The first time my boyfriend bit into his burrito and found a long black hair in his tortilla. Like if it was made into the dough. 2nd time (this morning) he bit into his burrito first bite another hair. We ended up taking both burritos back at those times and the first lady the first time was so apologetic she offered his free chips and salsa. Which I denied because we were eating in the road. I get it its something we all chance when we eat fast food. This morning lady a younger girl looked like she got upset about the situation. This is probably the last time we eat here period. The photo is from the first time we went. I was to upset to take a photo of this mornings burrito. I just couldn't believe it had happened.....AGAIN. we honestly go maybe once or twice a month but still convenient place for us to stop when we're on the road..... sucks!

Susana Garza

I love the burrito and usually have good waiters, but the young lady waiting on us this morning was very rude! Felt bad for her cause it looked like she was the only waiter, but if you cant handle it fix the problem dont bring it to the customer!

Craig Jones

Affordable, friendly staff. Good food.

Pete Lucio

Love the juevo ranchero breakfast plate with bacon. Beans are extra good. Menudo is good. They only get 4 stars because they charge for their chips and hot sauce!

Dans Dan

good food I'd come back

david orta

Awesome chicharon burritos,spicy good !

Conner Cayden

Their piccadio and cheese tasted like white people made it, stripes has better meat

LARISSA Carrillo- Ramos

Best burritos I had in Lubbock. Tortillas are pretty good. Prices are little higher than I like but still good burritos. Hot sauce is good too.

Ana Nicasio

Food was good but the service was slow inside.


Home made flour tortillas and Great service!

Jerre Ybarra

Prices aren't so good with the food is okay


I was craving a good chorizo burrito. So Thought I would get it. Here. Since they do have a decent tortilla

Candy Cook

They got good food

LD Brown

Great food great service I would definitely try it

Roberto N Melissa Ramirez

home made food great service

Luis Rodriguez

Great food and great customer service from waiters and waitresses!!!

B. Rodriquez

Call in orders would b awesome if they'd ever answer phone

Robert Vasquez

Great food,slow drive thru service!

Fire ZucklesYT

Food is awesome, lots of variety, one of the best places for burritos.

Ish Hernandez

Great Breakfast, Great Professional Service and Consistent ,Prices are very Reasonable!

Jeanna M.

I love their food, from el pastor to a simple egg potatoe and cheese burrito. The quality is superb, their service is top notch, and their prices are reasonable. Their tortillas are made in house and the staff is very nice. I highly recommend them for breakfast or lunch.

debbie sears

The meat was great but the tortillas we're hard I still give them 5?. For flavor and hospitality.

Eric Galarza

I've only eaten one thing off the menu and that's the carne guesada "pork". I didnt get the beef. It was amazing and the waiter David was awesome. I always go on weekends.

D.J. Torrez

Cured my hangover. Menudo y pan was great!

Alejandro Ruiz Jr

I have been to Burrito King 3 times this month. I have tried something different each time. I have not been disappointed. The food is delicious, prices are economical, and the service is great. On my second visit the waitress remembered me and remembered my soft drink-Dr. Pepper.

Mackenzie Mealem

Fortunately, our wait wasnâ??t terribly long, but the breakfast burritos were delicious! This was our first time eating here, and it definitely didnâ??t disappoint. The tortillas were super soft, and tasted awesome. We will definitely be going back!

Sheila Florés

Great place to eat..

Dan Baze

I stop here most mornings for a breakfast burrito. They are affordable, filling, and delicious.

Lawrence Flores

The burritos are really big and are very delicious!!! I definitely recommend to any burrito lover out there.

A Google User

We love Burrito King! Always good customer service and we love their food! The barbacoa burritos are delicious not as greasy like most places. Love the breakfast and brisket burritos. Chips and salsa is good, salsa is not too spicy. They have a breakfast with pancakes that's good as well and other yummy food. They sell lemonade and horchata which is delicious. We get a barbacoa burrito with a coke in a glass bottle that are always cold. The only bummer is that they close early which is at 4 and close at 3 on Sundays......This is our go to for good Mexican food or burritos. Would highly recommend!!ð??ð??

Patricia Luera Flores

Great Food and customer service.

Marisella Torres

Always busy, but I don't mind the line or the wait bc that means the food is always hot and fresh coming out. & their always delicious, good sized portion burritos are definitely worth it.

Sam Hill

Restaurant was closed when I got there, even though online it said it was open. I've heard good things about how good the food is, though

Paula Morcom

Excellent food and service. Manuel knows our order when he sees us.

James Brad Joy

Mom runs the kitchen. Enough Said!!

Christine Leach

Good tasted great BUT..... I pulled up in the drive thru and ordered an unsweetened tea, one chicken taco and a bean and cheese chalupa. They had no tea and I was asked to pull around. After waiting 16 minutes I walked in and asked about my order. The girl prepping food said oh yea the taco. In under two minutes she had both made. I had to remind her of the hot sauce I asked for. The girls acted like I had no reason to be upset. I apologized if I seemed upset but there should be no reason I had to wait so long. They informed me it takes that long to make the order I placed. I told them no because I just stood there and watched her make it in under two minutes. I will not go back.