Casa Manila

6620 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock
(806) 993-1161

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Janelle Matlock

I have eaten at this place many times but very disappointed today. I just spent $30 on 2 orders of pancit with chicken and shrimp and also had 2 orders of lumpias. The shrimp was disgusting the noodles were dry and the chicken was dry. They didn’t cook my food fresh infact this food had already been prepared many hours earlier and just heated up. If I spend this kind of money I would like my food fresh. I have been a faithful customer up until now.

Seanie M.

This place is great! The beef stew is my partners favorite, their lumpia is the best I've had, and the siapoa I had was beautiful. Food takes awhile, but it is 100% worth the wait. Others have complained here about them not letting people in ten minutes prior to close. My advice: get over it. It takes these folks 15-40 minutes to get food out. Stop expecting small businesses to be able to entertain you for what will likely be an hour past close when you leave. Especially during a pandemic in a tight dining room area.

Sylvia S.

Called in a take out order during my lunchtime and was told it would be 15-20 minutes so I made my way there and waited an additional 30. This was way too long for lunch when you have to get back to work. I ordered the Crispy Pork Pata for my husband and a chicken dish for myself. The food was so good it almost made me forget about how long it took. I chalk it up to being my first time there I should have gone when I had more time. The food was so good and the amount of food was enough for 2 meals on both dishes. Pork perfection.... crispy skin and extra tender inside served with rice. The chicken was also very tender and tasty also served with rice. This a great place probably better for dinner. I will return.

Carol Rendon

Walked in, no customers but stood there waiting. 5 minutes before someone comes out. I said hello and started to order when the phone rang. She answered the phone and left me waiting again so I left.

Moses Rascon

Food was amazing and customer service was superb! Everything on the menu is a must try...Lechon Baboy and the Leche Flan is a must try you will not be disappointed. Should have taken a pic of the flan before I started eating it.

Ethan Lee

Good food, very slow service.

Derek Corzine

Very good place for something different than the typical Tex Mex, Burgers, and buffets. Everything tasted fresh and had good flavor. The desserts were especially tasty


i (personally) don’t like filipino food at all and you may be confused as to why i rated place 5 stars. here’s why.

Brad Thurman

tried Filipino food for first time this evening. Wasn't sure what to order, so asked waitress what she liked...She recommended a beef soup, not sure the name. I gave it a shot and it's amazing! I'd compare it to a pot roast with potatoes, carrots, peas, all on a huge bed of rice. Meat is very tender. Also ordered egg rolls which are crunchy, full of pork, and tasty! Ill DEFINATELY be putting this place in the starting rotation! AWESOME!!!!!

Roselle Buan

very clean.. food is great yummy

Nancy Trujillo Romo

it was our first time here. we liked it was delicious meal

Jonathan Towell

Casa Manila is quite good. I've had about five different items and all have been really good. Service is friendly and quick.

Cody Rogers

The food was excellent! Not your run-of the-mill Asian fare. We were greeted by friendly staff and a warm, welcoming, clean atmosphere. It’s great that Lubbock is expanding its culinary diversity & Casa Manila is playing a part in that. We will definitely return soon!

Dave Varner

Great food,great service,very clean an nice family restaurant.

T Lepree

First time here, bit concerned that there weren't too many people there other than another couple. Ordered the pancit and lumpia. It was fantastic! Highly recommend, I'll definitely be going back.

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