Casa Manila

6620 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock
(806) 993-1161

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Sherease O'Guin

The 2nd time I've come to this restaurant and it's closed during business hours. Get your schedule together. If your closed it should be listed on your website!

Liberty R.

The lady who answers the phone has no phone or social skills. She is rude and doesn't make the customer comfortable. When asked, what Filipino foods are on the menu today. Her response is, yes we have Filipino food. Check on Yelp. If this is how you treat customers, I can imagine the poor quality of the food and the customer service they have. You treat people so bad. Don't go here.


On recommendation from a friend, I visited Casa Manila and the first thing I noticed is the cleanliness of the place. I went during their dinnertime, 5-9pm, and it was mostly empty. Every table was clean, the floor was clean, everything was clean. I ordered chicken adobo and lumpia appetizer. For dessert, I had the turon. Everything was wonderful: the chicken had the right amount of tenderness, the rice was firm, and the turon was sweet but not overly sweet. I am definitely returning.

JT Land

Always a great place to eat will return as much as possible

Cristian G.

This is a good spot and the food is great! We went on a Friday evening and were the only people in the restaurant. I had Beef Kaldereta, which was a slow roasted beef with peas and carrots. It was served with white rice. It was filling and full of flavor! It is certainly hearty meal the the portion size was large. Great for a cold day.

My wife had the Grilled Chicken, which was served with al dente vegetables and white rice. It has a vinegar salsa as a dipping sauce that was not spicy, but had good flavor. My wife really enjoyed it!

We ordered our children the Pancit Bihon, which was rice noddles with chicken/shrimp with vegetables in it. The kids loved it and the portion size was too much for them!

The chicken Lumpia was a good appetizer. The menu is a challenge and the pictures don't do the food justice. Try it out, it's a good place! Support local business.

Robert Wahnee

Great place, owner is a really nice person, she likes to talk to the customers.

Sean Seacrist

Had a delivery to purchase from here for a customer. The card that the delivery company has us use was giving us problems. The first 3 attempts, it was declined. The 4th time that they ran it went through successfully and I had a receipt showing that it went through. The cashier was showing prejudice and about 5 minutes later yelled for the kitchen to stop making the customer's order. He came up to us where we were waiting and told us the card was declined that 4th time and gave us a reprint showing the card declined, but it didn't show which attempt it was for, and told us we needed to leave. Afterwards we called card services and they verified the purchase went through and they got their money. Screw those guys, I will never go there again, as a vendor or a customer.

Andrew Huish

Was not terribly impressed. Food was a bit dry. Plus, it was ready so quickly that I’m not sure there was time for it to have been made fresh. Seems like it was maybe just reheated?


Food is awesome!! More than worth the price.Lechon was mouth watering.Ang Halo-Halo special is our favorite also.


Food is awesome!! More than worth the price.Lechon was mouth watering.Ang Halo-Halo special is our favorite also.

Creptic_ Knight

Food is awesome!! More than worth the price.Lechon was mouth watering.Ang Halo-Halo special is our favorite also.

daniel rodas

It was an amazing food experience, would recommend everyone to try it!


The Lumpia and Pancit were some of the best I've ever had. I highly recommend these dishes. Casa Manila has become one of my favorite restaurants in the Lubbock area.

Janelle Matlock

I have eaten at this place many times but very disappointed today. I just spent $30 on 2 orders of pancit with chicken and shrimp and also had 2 orders of lumpias. The shrimp was disgusting the noodles were dry and the chicken was dry. They didn’t cook my food fresh infact this food had already been prepared many hours earlier and just heated up. If I spend this kind of money I would like my food fresh. I have been a faithful customer up until now.

Seanie M.

This place is great! The beef stew is my partners favorite, their lumpia is the best I've had, and the siapoa I had was beautiful. Food takes awhile, but it is 100% worth the wait. Others have complained here about them not letting people in ten minutes prior to close. My advice: get over it. It takes these folks 15-40 minutes to get food out. Stop expecting small businesses to be able to entertain you for what will likely be an hour past close when you leave. Especially during a pandemic in a tight dining room area.

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