Chop Chop Rice Co.

3311 82nd St, Lubbock
(806) 642-4977

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angela garcia

We just had dinner and it's very rare to go into places where everyone is helpful food is good and restaurant very clean!! We were impressed with how clean lol Had a little mishap no biggie at all and they made that right with a great attitude. Whoever is managing keep up good work!!

Tara Conner

I normally love chop chop and always get good service when I go to the one Milwaukee. Went here this morning and order a Teriyaki with chicken and noodles and asked for no pineapple to be added. We also wanted a egg roll and there Sopapillas. Got to the window and noticed we didn’t have our sopapillas so we asked him for them. No big deal until we got home and there was pineapple in my food and we didNot get the egg roll! The boy was also very rude when we asked for the sopapillas.

Brooke Barker Taylor

I do recommend Chop Chop Lubbock Indiana, however, my husband and I have been fairly disappointed lately. We utilize their drive through a lot. The last three times we have been there, they have forgotten to add either our egg rolls or soups. I did check the bag one of those times before I drove off, so I was able to go in and ask for them. It’s just frustrating to get home and not have what you asked and paid for. Again, we do love their food, it’s just disappointing, especially when the receipt is taped to the bag.

Alma Rico

You need to go this place this food is soo good, you not disappointed, let me tell you first .Very hotVery good customer serviceFast serviceGood for your packageI absolutely l recommend this place ?

Kristy Phillips

I eat here every week. Always good.

kman22190 g

I love chop chop and have never had a bad experience at this location. However today I stopped by on lunch and ordered Sriracha orange chicken with fried rice. Pretty simple order right? Wrong. I got regular orange chicken with noodles. What really sucks is I didn’t notice it until I got back to work, so I didn’t have time to go back and get it corrected.

Ruben Flores

Iv come here for awhile and everyone is always so nice and very fast. I’ve recommended others to come and try it. The price is also Awesome

Erin Hennesay

Asked for low carb orange chicken. Ticket said no rice. Got 5 small pieces of orange chicken and a full bucket of rice.

Bryan Irwin

I have limited time for lunch, and to be given issues is enough to never stop here again.I go here nearly every week, and last week ordered double shrimp on my order of the three meat combo.They did it with no issue, and it was amazing!.However today, I went to order the same and I was given some line about how they "can't do that" and when I asked why, I was told they would check.Some other person gets on the mic and says the same thing. So I decide to just order an extra side of shrimp.Now on average, they give you 6 to 8 shrimp per order, and today they charged me $4.99 for extra shrimp, and I was given 5 in total.The issue her is with people who do not simply give the customer what they order and pay for.This is not the first time I've had my order messed up at this location, but it is the last.On average I spend $60 a month here, and that will no longer happen.Additionally I will let everyone I know in the Lubbock area to avoid this location.

Glynda Gonzales

Usually our favorite place since they opened up on 82nd Street. Portions used to be very generous and quality was excellent. We were shocked with the small portion and poor quality. Entire serving was at room temperature to cold. Much to our disappointment, we will not be going back.

Eric Salgado

Friendly staff and a nice place to grab a quick meal

Josh Paterson

Friendly staff and speedy service. The food was hot and delicious and was made to order, due to us changing some ingredients. Will be back.

Lee Fortenberry

Aside from weirdly being closed on Mondays, I enjoy being able to hit the drive-thru during my lunch break. The serving size is the perfect amount to feel full, but not stuffed! My only wish is that they would include stir-fry vegetables in the teriyaki dish (without an upcharge). Not worth lowering the stars over though.(To Clarify: Their business states they're only closed on Sundays, but there were two Mondays, during lunch hour, where I visited and this location was closed)

Savannah Hargrove

Love this place, quick, delicious, wonderfully priced Asian takeout! 10/10 would recommend!

Joe Rodriquez

Delicious!Plenty of food for little price!The spot for sure!Great food and Savannah was very friendly and helpful!

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