Chop Chop Rice Co.

3311 82nd St, Lubbock
(806) 642-4977

Recent Reviews

Isela Garcia

We went in for a quick dinner and were greeted by Ashley, all of the staff was very friendly and helpful when deciding what to get. Food was very good, will be back.

Diane Smith

Highly recommend Chop Chop Rice Co! The food was good, employees asked if we needed anything. Julia was great!!! She stopped by for a visit, which we enjoyed. Nora and the entire staff were friendly.

Leeta L.

I love the chicken and shrimp teriyaki. This last time they offered an egg roll and drink doe for 99 cents more. Nice deal


I ordered the light sized teriyaki chicken with pineapples and fried rice. I also added an egg-roll and drink for .99 cents. The food was good! However the light size was more like a kids meal.

Sophie Shelton

Ashley and the crew on 82nd were so fantastic! Ashley was super sweet, greeted us when we walked in, and even got me a To-go container when it was super busy. The cooks did an amazing job on our food, so delicious and fresh! Would give more stars if I could :)

Intoxi Kitchen

I haven’t had Chop Chop in a long time and I am so happy that I went today. I was a little surprised by the price increase but I now realize that I am also paying for excellent service! Ashley helped me out and went above and beyond making sure that I got what I was looking for. Would highly recommend and will most definitely be returning!

Misti Holley

Went last night and Ashley was so sweet and definitely took care of us! We have been going to a different one for a few years and have never had the service we were given last night at the one on 82nd and Indiana! Thank you Ashley! We will definitely be going to you from now on!

Steven Suniga

Very good customer service at the 82nd location. Eloy helped me and was very helpful. Hard to find good help these days and I can see this him going places either the company. Give him a raise!!!

Dawn Arguello

Went to the one on 82nd Street Eloy was a delight was very helpful with recommendations on what we should order based off what we had an appetite for he was kind & made us feel very welcome the food was amazing Thank-You Eloy for your recommendations we definitely will be going back

Rachel Picasso

Great place enjoy a good meal with your family. Its clean the workers are super friendly and the food was fresh and amazing.

Donna Moreno

Love the food here and the staff is absolutely amazing ilysse is the best and has great customer service 10/10 would come back

Ralph Hernandez

Staff were extremely nice. Place was real clean. Enjoyed food here now and in the past. Remarkable place it is located.

Skylar A.

Had an amazing meal for a great price. Everyone was so nice. The food was really good and Ashley was so nice making sure we had everything we needed.

Jeanette Poteet

Pros:Food: And the Pro's are major. The food was wonderful. I had the steak and orange chicken with fried rice. I've never had such tasty teriyaki steak. Tender, not chewy - it was delicious. The fried rice had zucchini sticks and mushrooms in it and I don't typically like those, but these were cooked so flavorfully I didn't mind them at all.Service: Apparently orange chicken with steak isn't actually an option. It was my first visit so I didn't order "correctly" I suppose, but the guy up front was so awesome and welcoming and explained the issue but that he could absolutely make it happen though. Plus, my 9 yr old had a kids meal and was giving me some sad eyes because her kids meal cup was pretty small and I had just told her to get over it because there's free refills, no big deal. But the the guy taking our order, somehow saw this very brief interaction and immediately just pulled out another cup for her and said it was on him.Great, very friendly environment.So - great food, great service, what more could you want?Con: 2 small cons.1) The floor was dirty, like a bit sticky dirty. It's a small thing but it was enough that it was noticeable. Maybe they were just busy/short-handed or it was an off day.2) I was wearing a coat and I was still cold, my kids were cold. The food came out steaming hot but you couldn't possibly eat it quickly enough for it to not be cold before you finished the meal. lol I was even piling my food up a bit to reduce the "edges" and help the center stay warm while I worked my way in. It was COLD in there.The jist? I'd LOVE to go there again and try even more new things - but I'd probably take it to go. :)

Beverly Clapp

This review is about two separate visits to Chop Chop in as many days. The first visit was yesterday, my granddaughter and I went to have dinner after visiting my daughter in the hospital. The food was amazing and we enjoyed it very much. That visit would be a five star review.Now, the second review is not at good and that's why I gave a total of 3 stars. Today my daughter was discharged from the hospital and my granddaughter told her about our visit yesterday. So my daughter wanted to try it. She wanted the chicken and steak teriyaki with fried rice and veggies with no mushrooms. However, the teriyaki had no sauce and there were mushrooms in both of the orders. Even the orange chicken that was so amazing yesterday was dry and not as good. The eggs rolls were kept in the frier too long as well.Now I don't know if it's because we went through the drive thru instead of dinning in or what the problem was. But instead of it being a go to place to eat. It became twice and done. We were looking forward to it and instead were very disappointed.UPDATE:The owner contacted me and we will be giving Chop Chop another try some time soon.

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