Flippers Tavern

1406 Avenue Q, Lubbock
(806) 701-5130

Recent Reviews

Brianna M.

IF YOU WANT TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE COME TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!!!!! If I could give this establishment 0 stars I would. Their food couldn't make up for the lack of professionalism in their employers. Their bartender Mary, was very unprofessional & rude. We understand they have to follow COVID-19 guidelines, but when we've been sitting there eating and having drinks for 2 hours+, have gone to the restroom, & have been addressed ONCE "hey can you wear your mask" the SECOND TIME going to the bathroom AND we do...then we're still there enjoying our time with no one saying anything to us, but when we paid out AND tipped, then walking out Mary decides to say something we're a little taken back. She yells across the bar "hey don't come back here for awhile" in a loud and rude tone, that is very unprofessional and not a way a employee should talk to a customer. We almost thought it was a joke since no one said anything to us while we were sitting there for 2 hours+, you'd think if we were causing a problem they'd come to the table and nicely address the issue but that didn't happen. We called to get the general managers number (yesterday the day we went to Flippers August 25, 2020) & talked to Simone the next day, (today, August 26, 2020) and Simone was siding with her employers even though we were kindly trying to express that we felt as paying customers it was really disrespectful how Mary handled things without even addressing the issues beforehand. If you want to go to a place to get food with a side of disrespectful waitresses this is the place to go! We'll be taking this up with the owner of Flippers Tavern, hopefully he'll do something about hiring nicer workers. Maybe someone from chick fil a would be a better fit for Flippers..but what do I know‍

Susanna Self

Love this place! Amazing food and beer selection, and went above and beyond to protect customers and employees during Covid. Fun, unique atmosphere too, great place to relax. Highly recommended!

E. Andrew C.

This place is the coolest spot in Lubbock, hands down. Very authentic and excellent menu and beer selection.

Ana Kenessey

The vegan options are awesome and that's one of the reasons I really like this place in case someone in your group has food restrictions. They change the beer selections often so you can try something new each time and the staff is always extremely kind. The atmosphere is awesome and Frank(this is his nickname, his last name is Franks) is an awesome server! He was really attentive!

Lisa Melendez

Awesome place to have drinks. Love the look of the place. The service was great too, very friendly employees.

Kevin Carlile

Great mix of clientele, combined with a great mix of rotating drafts. Did I mention the great mix of exotic hot dogs as well as unbelievably delicious (and hot) mac n cheese? Love this place, love the dog-friendly patio, and love the ever changing drink specials.

Edna Avila Montoya

This place has a great atmosphere. the drinks are great and reasonable.

Monty W.

Great dive bar Staff is great suggested the jerk hot dog. Ritchie valen shot that was great. Food was great. Beer was cold and drinks was good. Prezel and beer cheese was good. Great little tavern

Adam Rosenthal

Really cool vibe inside with a decent selection of brews on tap. This place has pinball machines! I came here for my first time with a friend to enjoy a beer and had a good experience. I will return.

Susan Burns McFadden

Very cool place. Great service, great food & drinks, awesome atmosphere.

Katie C.

The last few times my family had come out I have wanted to come here and have been out numbered on going some where else.... WELL TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND GUESS WHERE I INSISTED ON GOING! We are beyond happy we came and left not only super stuffed but absolutely in love with the super cool retro pinball decor all through the place. First, this isn't just "hotdogs" these are huge German sausages topped with really great toppings. The chili on my boys (the pile driver, damned dog, and kids jumbo) was really good! I had the philthy wizard with the shaved steak and all.... MAN! Soooooooo good! We also tried a blond craft beer while there, because obviously that's a must, it's was a fantastic birthday meal! We rounded it out with some pinball in the back and over all we had a fantastic time. Our waitress was also outstanding! We WILL be back every-time we're here for a visit from now on. It's a must visit for the area and my family is now a super fan!

Christina Alvarez

I absolutely LOVE this place. Its got a cool old school vibe. Drinks are good and food is great.

leslie darner

Thus is one of me and my daughter’s favorite places! They have a vegan friendly menu. Their tiramisu is fantastic! Service and food always top notch

Luke Hollingsworth

Meet friends here because they said it was too good to pass up. If you like brats and let’s face it who doesn’t, then make sure and try this place out. Also if you like hot thing make sure and try out their hot Mac and Cheese.

Courtland Davis

The place in Lubbock to have a good drink with good people. Selection of food and drinks are best in the area! Local favorites with that good Texas feeling

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