Italian Garden

Green Building, 1215 Avenue J #102, Lubbock
(806) 771-2212

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Thomas T.

The food was excellent and the portions were large. The service was attentive. This is a byob restaurant so we brought a bottle of Italian Red from our cellar. This place is on my definite return list. This was our first visit but definitely not our last. The place is not much to look at but the dining was great.

Kennith F.

The environment and setting were beautiful. Personally, I found the sauces flavorful, but a little loose. My parents waiter was exceptional. Cashing out was a little confusing at the front counter, but ultimately went smoothly.

Kay S.

If you want thick layers of lasagna, go to Orlando's. Thinnest lasagna and oily sauce I've ever seen. Also beware of waiters offering things often complimentary BEFORE you have time to look at the menu and then you see they are charging for them. And a "corkage" charge for opening the wine you brought?? Seriously?? Have to order everything separately. Don't even get a dinner salad with $16 pasta. Rolls were the best thing they had but were not garlic rolls. This was our first time and last. Go to Orlando's!!

Hazel Torres

Updated review based on most recent visit: Oct. 21st we had the worst service I could have imagined. After the first visit we decided to bring the whole family back to celebrate my dad's birthday. The food was wonderful, but like I said service was awful. Our servers name was Alex. Here's my reasons for why the service was terrible.1. We were seated. Server walks away and immediately comes back to let us know we have to leave the restaurant by 7:30pm for a reservation at 8pmAt the time it was maybe 5pm. Don't get me wrong my family is understanding of that, but the way it was said made us feel like we were an inconvenience and being rushed out. The verbal and non verbal communication came off as rude.2. Alex (our server) never gave us menus after taking our drink order so we had to ask a waitress for those.3. Server was not very attentive with our table during the duration of our visit. He basically did the bare minimum if even that.4. I requested my daughter's pizza to be brought to us in a box already because I knew she wouldn't be able to eat it all by herself, but specified I still wanted it at the same time as the rest of our food. Alex had checked on us maybe 2 times before our food came out and both times my 5 year old asked about her pizza because she was being a little impatient. Later when the food is brought out our whole party of 8 recieved their food, but no pizza for my daughter. I thought maybe he needed to go back and grab it but we quickly realized that was not the case. After trying to get his attention and failing (like I said he had no interest in our table) we had to ask the same server who previously had to give us menus if she could check on it for us. We find out Alex wrote "To Go" on the ticket and nothing else to let the cooks now it was needed such as "To Go for now". She offered to grab my daughter a dish while she was waiting for her pizza to now be made. I think this waitresses name was Beth, but could be wrong but she was such a wonderful help. When Alex was informed of the situation he came to the table with with an onnoxious tone and half decent apology while blaming the cooks for his poor communication and lack of attention to detail.We are hoping to be able to treat just my parents agains soon to see if they can get a better experience. I would love for them to have the same experience we did the first time and fall in love with this place as I have.Oct. 1st visit: Our family of 5 absolutely loved it here when we came last weekend. It was an early birthday meal for my husband and was definitely not disappointing! Pictures are of our fried ravioli apatizer and the shrimp tortellini I ordered. The flavors are spot on for what we wanted and service was amazing. Honestly may become our regular italian meal place. Quality of food was excellent and we loved the calm atmosphere. Highly recommend and cannot wait to go back!Vegetarian options: Plenty of meatless options for those who are looking for something without.Kid-friendliness: Our 3 kiddos loved the pizza options as well as a nice kid menu for children who may want something other than pizza.Wheelchair accessibility: Parking and dining are both easily accessible .

Irma Garcia

Let me start by saying the place looks nice. My daughter-in-law and son-in-law brought my husband here for his 50th birthday yesterday. So when we get here we needed a table for 8 adults 2 children. A gentleman named Alex takes us to a table and sat us down. He then told us that we could eat here but had to be done in 1- 1 1/2 hour's because the table had a reservation. I asked about another table he said no. Alex is very rude. He took our drink order and left. He never gave us menus. My son in law had to ask for some. Anyways so we ordered and it took a bit to get our order. My granddaughter ordered a pizza. When everyone got there food my granddaughter was the only one that didn't have food. My son in law asked a very nice woman about it. Her name was Brook she told him Alex put it as a to go. Brook got my granddaughter spaghetti and she put a rush on it. Alex came over and blamed the cook's. When it was him. We could not enjoy the food because we had a time to get done. We had no problem waiting if we had to. The food was good but the waiter name Alex was not. Brook was great. Alex needs to learn customer service. So to Alex my family work's hard. We may not dress or look a certain way. But we love to be comfortable and enjoy a nice restaurant. So the tip that was given went to the person who recovered your ugly experience we had with you. Never judge a book by its cover.

Shahida bilal

Best Italian restaurant in town. Best thing is fresh garlic roll and fried cheez ravioli ⭐⭐ pink sauce have amazing taste. I ordered breaded chicken spinach Milanese. Woooo really good taste. In dessert tiramisu is yummy. I will definitely goes back again and again.

jasmine valencia

They bring out your food FAST!Food was delicious and the service was friendly.Highly Recommend- definitely will be coming back!

Aand E Electric M.

Not bad was good but my wife didn't like her plate we had better food other places but the not in lubbock anymore sad I like my food and my sister like her food she doe lunch there a lot

David L.

Enjoyed our visit - the Penne Arrabbiata was spicy and tasty; the Chicken Piccata had a wonderful tangy sauce chock full of capers (though the chicken was a bit dry). Side salad was excellent & garlic bread was good. The old Green Building hits you with a musty smell when you walk in, and the ventilation ducts whistle annoyingly. But the food & service were wonderful & we enjoyed the meal!

Jefferson Dinh

Went here for a graduation dinner and absolutely loved it! The waitress was friendly and attentive. I ordered a shrimp tortellini entree that made me incredibly full and had freshly baked garlic bread on the side. Such a great vibe to have dinner with family and friends.

Robert L.

Would give it a worse review if possible, we had 4 different items to sample from and each was only missing maybe a bite or two. Fried calamari was obviously frozen, and extra chewy, zero flavor either. Just a rubber-band fried in batter. Stuffed mushrooms were also clearly nuked for a minimum of 15min boiling hot plate when we received it and still room temp on inside. Also had a very bitter smell, maybe freezer burnt. Eggplant Parmesan, mushy vegetable with 2 slices sandwich style cheese on top. Smelled like a horrible cheep white wine. Completely inedible. Lastly, spaghetti with meatballs. Noodle were probably the only half decent thing except they were very sweet for some reason, the actual meatballs were similar to wet dog food in consistency. Very mushy and also clearly frozen. All that to say the reviews had me convinced of a fairly decent meal. I was wrong and my expectations were completely let down. It's West Tx, I'm not expecting some blown away authentic Italian food, however it would have been nice to know it was primarily frozen menu items, we would have went to chick fil a. *staff was attentive/friendly and the only 5 star part of this place. I feel bad they have to work at a place that makes such horrible food.

Jason Sanders

Parking is challenging but anything in that area is tough to get a spot close to where you want. Visited around 7:30pm on a Sat and was about 50% full, so it was easy to get a table for 3. A bit of a mixup in getting us bread but the waiter was great at not only getting us drinks quick, but getting us refills as well. Ordered the Chicken Parmesan and Lobster Ravioli. The spaghetti and spaghetti sauce that comes with the Parmesan was EXCELLENT! The chicken as ok. The lobster inside the ravioli was not very fresh and didn't taste good:( Finally rcvd our bread after getting our entrées and a bit disappointed:( It was not the amazing Italian Garlic bread you normally get:( It was too dry, which I assume had been under the heat lamp too long. But the staff is very nice and apologized for the delay with the bread since the waiter just forgot, as it can happen anywhere. This was our 1st visit for just a quick bite for dinner to try something new in the area. Will prob retry this place after we try a few other Italian stops since competition is healthy to ensure places do what's necessary to serve the freshest possible and that was not done this visit. ?

Dominic Deichert

Had the shrimp tortellini and it was fantastic. Legitimately if fresh herbs were used instead of dried I could have believed it was served to me in Northern Italy. The salad was also served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil which was a great touch. Definitely surprised and pleased to find this place. I'll be back next time I'm in town.

Melinda N.

For a small town of Lubbock, this place is busy. I went during a weekday to grab lunch between meetings. I would say half the tables were occupied. The service staff work well together. A table spilled water and though a server came out to help clean up, there was still water on the floor. Another server or maybe the same one, saw that, and didnt move from the spot until someone came to help dry up the area to prevent a potential accident. I got a Greek salad that had cucumbers which looked a little too ripe. Some of the lettuce was browned. You can prevent this by keeping chopped romaine in cold water and using a salad spinner to remove the water when you need it. My eggplant parm dish was good. I got in and out in 30 minutes. You pay at the counter upon leaving. First time I've been to an Italian restaurant where the pasta dish cost less than a bowl of pho! Also they have good lunch deals. Plenty of parking.

Janell Gutierrez

We were seated quickly. But, no one came to take our order till about 15 minutes later. And the waiter who did acted like he was so busy and wanted us to order quickly. It was just not a good experience. And the chicken on my Alfredo pasta was really dry.

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