Jack & Jill Donuts

3301 98th St #900, Lubbock
(806) 748-4005

Recent Reviews

Ronald Mackey

Been eating here for a while, always good donuts!

Bri Carson

Love this place they are very friendly and helpful. These 2 blow other donut places out of the water

Danny Acosta

Donuts really small

Kevin Thorne

Very good donut place and at a good price you can get it to go or you can eat inside too.

Denny williamson

Pretty good chow

Emme Franks

They forget to give me my apple fritters!!

April Killingsworth

Great donuts

Randall K.

Super-fast service. Friendly. Good selection. Delicious doughnuts. Can't beat it! Yelp wants me to write more or it will make me post this as a tip instead, which is stupid since this isn't a tip. This is a review.

Melisa Franks

They forget to give me my apple fritters!! 😢😭

jenny l.

Drove by and the nice lady gave me a smile, fresh donuts, and coffee. Thats all i need in the morning to start a day. The lady that complained for not getting something for free is a %[email protected]#. just saying.

Janice Blackwell

I was given the last of a pot of coffee and i asked gor a fresh cup and watched the workers pour the coffee that I gave them back, back through the old coffee grounds. Also, they knew i was watching . Not impressed. Should have gone to Dunkin Donuts....

Sapana p

I love their donuts, Apple fritter and kalachies too. Great place to stop for donuts. The service is great too!

Andriy Boroday

Need better selection, but donuts are top notch. Coffee and cars is hosted here first Saturday of every month

Airica Joffrion

Lady was rude and told me not to come back again after I brought donuts back because they were cold at 9:30 in the morning! I've never eaten there before and gladly never going back !

Nicole Wilton

YUM! The donuts taste homemade and super fresh.

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