Josie's West

6606 19th St, Lubbock
(806) 793-1921

Recent Reviews

Roger Vinson

Good burittos served quickly. Drive thru only and not a long wait!!

Bernice Fairchild

The person that served us could of been nicer and not in such a hurry to get out us out of drive thru line and then we got 4 plates instead of 3 so we don't know if we got charged for it or not

Paul Chaney

Stopped in and got Lunch to go as always it was delicious.

Kory V.

My food was great and the service was great. But my only complaint is that I didn't get much bang for my buck. I've tried 3 different local restaurants for a barbacoa burrito in the past two weeks. Josie's tasted as good as the rest, but was also the most expensive while being the smallest. This preggo momma needed something a bit more filling. Again, tasted great. Just not as big of portions that I could get elsewhere for the same or less money.

Just Jo'Dee

She's on a corner. All I gotta say is that she's definitely worth the price.

Sam Edmonds

The potato and Chorizo burrito was very disappointing, it was really a potato burrito

Lori Collins

Josie's is a regular for us. We've always visited either the 66th & Frankford location or the Aberdeen location. Either way, service is good, food is excellant. They charge for salsa though which kinda erks me but other than that, we always love it! All I ever get from here is their breakfast burrito. They are pretty good, lots of options. They are a little pricey for their burritos, but make a good burrito. chips are not included in the price so it adds up if you want chips and salsa with your burrito. They are always busy and are fairly fast at getting the food out. Plenty of options for your burrito needs. I am sure they have other food but all I get are the burritos.

Marsha Masten

The food was homemade and the enchilada sauce was wonderful. This is not a fancy place, but the food is amazing.

Richard Fielder

Great food. Reasonable $

s Bigham

Awesome burritos & everything. Can't wait to try the carry out casserole

High IQ Bear

Food was good but 15$ for 2 burritos come on ppl. What do i look like, Jerry Jones?

Zenaida Salazar

Fast service, good food,friendly

Chelsea Anderson

Disappointed every time. Better off going to Picante’s for better quality and prices.

Dustin Kirk

Great food at a great price


This josie's is different than the rest of them and it's way netter!! Best breakfast burritos I've ever found!! They are over priced. A working man needs two burritos to get full and thats going to be over ten dollars which I consider to be fairly expensive for just some potatoes bacon bits and a little bit of cheese. I get bacon potatoes and cheese no egg with their green hot sauce and that burrito is to die for literally!! Its just delicious!!! Their green hot sauce is also the best salsa I've ever had too. I buy it buy the pint. Although its expensive its worth it every now and then. The lisa different is awesome!!

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