La Malinche Tortilla Factory

1105 2nd Pl, Lubbock
(806) 747-6675

Recent Reviews

Zoe Perez

Best pandulce

Vivian. almager Thomas

I really loved this place. Alot of stuff I grew up on. Cant wait for the food.

Patricia Guzman

Best place for cooking Tamales. They are always ready to accommodate.

david orta

Tamales were actually pretty good,not enough meat but the maza was good.

Melissa Gomez

Great foos

Maryann Ramirez Martinez

This is an awesome place , wish they were open year round!

Mike B

Closed until October 2018

Emma Egure

Has great tamales and tortillas!

Linda Thomas

Wish it was open all year

Sylvia M.

Great tamales!! Not sure why it's named a tortilla factory because they don't sell tortillas. They do sell tamales and masa to make tamales. They do have one table where you can sit and purchase a half dozen to try before you commit to buying a whole dozen. These are as good as my family in El Paso make!

Mario Villar

The tamales are really good

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La Malinche Tortilla Factory

1105 2nd Pl, Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 747-6675