Leal's Tamale Factory

6205 19th St, Lubbock
(806) 780-5325

Recent Reviews

Melissa C.

Our go to place when we want GOOD Mexican food. Small building with a few tables so we usually order carry out. The staff are always friendly and have always had our orders correct. The queso is the best in Lubbock, most tender carne guisada, tamales are always good and they have various choices. We've never had anything bad here we like that their menu is simple home style meals that you would get at your grandma's house.

Tracie B.

Holy tamale, Batman! This place is amazing, both in terms of customer service and food. The cheese enchilada was one of the best I've ever eaten (and I'm something of a connoisseur). The cheese and green chile tamale and the chicken and chile tamale where both phenomenal. The employee who took my order also gave me a sample of the carne guisada, and it was incredibly tender and flavorful. It's a small place, and soft drinks are only available in glass bottles or cans, but I will definitely be back!

Jeff R.

Consistently good food! Chips n salsa are always on point, and the cheese enchiladas are top notch.

Tyler Woodward

I've always said that the best places to eat have the smallest menus. This place is proof of that. This is some of the best Mexican food I've ever eaten and it's some of the best priced I've ever seen. Zeek is quite the salesman, but he's got the product to back it up. The tamales really are that good.


The 2 burrito plate is awesome! Today was my 2nd time there and I didn't have any problems.

Bonnie M

Delicious food. Fair price. Ok service for Mexican food. Very small inside but clean. Call ahead ordering available.

Eloy Flores

Wife has eaten at this place in plainview and we stopped live near by food was excellent I do recommend this restaurant.

Kelley J.

By far the most delicious Mexican food in Lubbock...no it doesn't have the ambiance of the chain Mexican food places but the food is what you want. They offer a family pack for 4-6 that comes with 10 enchiladas your choice and 10 tacos' s unconstructed you build them after you get home...chips and salsa..we ate two meals off this family pack...I think Uber or door dash or one of those does deliver. You are going to love it!!!!

Michelle Alvarado

Excellent customer service from very kind people! Great tamales and enchiladas!

Miranda W.

Food was okay. Went to try their vegan options but the menu was hard to read, posted in several parts around the small room, and had less than half of what was listed online. Since I couldn't remember the full menu from their website (which shouldn't be required of a customer), I settled on the only vegan thing listed on the in-person menu: bean burritos. The bean burrito was just a scoops of beans wrapped in a burrito. No one wants to eat half a pound of pure refried beans. Bf got flautas (also not listed on the in-person menu), said they were over cooked and not seasoned. Salsa was really just tomato sauce. Restaurant was small and cute but messy (carts of dirty dishes next to the table). Liked the oldies music but it was drowned out by kids shows playing on tv.

Pedro S. M.

Well i went here for the first time because some coworkers said it was good. So here i go and order a taco plate and a drink. All others order different plates and the seemed a litgke on the light side. So my plate comes to my table and guess what? For 12 dollars the plate had three taco bell style tacos a little rice which and some can served refried beans and some badly prepared mash potatos. I could had spent at taco bell 5 dlls and it would have been a happier incident. Im pretty sure i wont comeback for dining. Sorry. You have to be better in providing better service

jeffery farmer

Service was poor ,food tasted like it was kept in a warmer ,hamburger was salty almost like it was days old covering up something. For the price your better off going to a fast food place to get Mexican food .

Todd Farmer

poor service, food tasted reheated,plan view one makes good food ,it tasted like a tv dinner


Iâ??m reluctant to write this review as I want to keep this to myself. Lealâ??s has been a secret to many Lubbockites, but it is obvious that more and more people are learning that this is the best Mexican food in town. Always excellent service and great food!!! Just love coming here, like a wonderful visit with family.

Arthur G.

I love tamales. These were excellent. Home made like the real deal. I had the cheese and the pork. Both were great. Rice and beans are good too. Overall - definitely satisfying. Salsa could be a touch better but it's good enough for me!


If you are looking for outstanding food and not so much in atmosphere Leals is your place , the food is amazing especially the tamales ! Theyâ??re a must when you go ! Enchiladas are awesome and the carne Asada is soooo yummy !

Ezekiel Briceno

Was not happy with my recent visit. When I entered, I asked for a burrito menu. I was told that I could order anything and make it a burrito and that they didn't have one. I decided on two burrito and when given the price of $11.89, I commented, "WOW! Those are expensive burritos." The individual didn't say anything, so I paid for the burritos. As I waited for my food, I decided to look over the menu. It was then, that I saw a "Burrito plate" which included two burritos and sides for $8.99. I informed the server, who was not the gentleman who took my order, that this was poor customer service and management should know. I am writing this to make sure it gets known and for others to be aware. Thanks

Ashley Cooper

Service was great, food was delivered quick and it was delicious!

Eddie Ramos

Great food good price .

Brian D.

Spot on tamales. Had the pork and the cheese & green chile. The cheese was my fav. Good chips. The spicy salsa is spicy! Muy caliente!!! Redford beans were good as well. Overall, a great place.

Boyd B.

Food was out faster then most fast food restaurant. The atmosphere is nostalgic. Oldest on the radio.(like 60s and 70s). The salsa is good. Red salsa a bit tomatoish, but still good. My wife selected the tamales. She said they were fantastic. So much that she stopped eating everything else and went back and bought another pork tamale. Honestly I would skip the rice and beans for the more flavorful food on the menu. We finished it off with the cinnamon tortilla. Yummm! The staff is exceptionally friendly. Just a quick update on what I read in another review. They do have more then 4 tables 6 for less then 3 and 3 tables for groups of about 8.

Kristi Berry

Always excellent food and service.

Robert Jaramillo

one of the 2 best Mexican food in lubbock.

Say Grace H.

Is a flavorful gem w/ Green Chile, Chicken Tamales(Spicy) that are addictive. You are allowed to try before you buy, and they have several tamale choices. Tried pork, but chicken was my fav..The place smells delicious! Only tried the tamales and was well pleased! Try this down home place..I'm impressed!

Aamir Dosti

The food is absolutely amazing. The menu is small, but there is enough variety to keep you coming back for more. Always ask for the green salsa and add it to the red salsa for an extra kick! You will thank me later ;)

Margaret Meter

Best chili relleno ever. Always fresh and hot. Friendly staff.

Cindy B

It's not fancy but it's perfect for us. Order at the counter but servers bring your food and drinks and refills. The food is phenomenal the perfect definition of TEXMEX. It's delicious EVERY time. The owner is very friendly and her staff is as well. They have the best iced tea too! We always order some green hot sauce to go with the regular salsa hot sauce to mix in because we like it extra hot and spicy.

Mary Yanez

Ordered the Tamales taste was okay but they were not fully cooked,


The food is VERY authentic and we always leave full. He service has always been good as well.


Chili Relleno was great and the food was fresh and warm. Food smells and looks good. One recommendation to the staff please DONT eat or drink near the STATION where you fix your plates, just isn't sanitary.

Barbie J

Chili Relleno was great and the food was fresh and warm. Food smells and looks good. One recommendation to the staff please DONT eat or drink near the STATION where you fix your plates, just isn't sanitary.

Jim Bullock

Nobody can beat this place for Mexican food in the whole County and if not Beyond.

Crystal B.

Really awesome little local Mexican food place. Had the guacamole dip and their 2 burrito (stew) entree. It was delicious and two of us were able to split both things.

Travis B.

Fantastic food. If you are ever in Lubbock I suggest you go and eat their tamales. It is a perfect hole in the wall, with great food and service.

Cynthia Weaver

Nice family owned small restaurant. Small menu and great food!! Friendly staff, quick service. Note of warning though...not open on sat/sun or holidays


Texas has its share of excellent Mexican restaurants. Leal's Tamale Factory is among the best, certainly in West Texas and especially if you crave tamales made with a heaping of TLC. This is a tiny but warm and friendly spot to bring the entire family. You can not go wrong here.

Marc H.

Great food at great prices. Seating is limited but family owned and very friendly. Family Tacos to go is awesome because the components come separately so things don't get soggy.


Fresh hot food! Best in Lubbock!! Quaint little restaurant- dine in or carry out. Staff super friendly.

michael H

Very nice place to go for mexican food. Nice and small dining room. We go here about once a week. They have some great tasting specials. I would highly recommend eating if you like eating good food.


I first starting eating at Leal's in the 1960's. They have since expanded in the Panhandle of Texas. This location in Lubbock is a combination sit down and take out location. You order at the counter, and then take a seat at a table for your meal to be delivered. The staff was very friendly from the time we walked in until we left and received a true thank you for stopping in. My enchilada plate was good and my wife enjoyed a special on the day which was a chili relleno. We both enjoyed our meals, as well as the chips and salsa. This location does specialize in tamales, but that is not their only choice. There is a wife variety of TexMex to choose from.