One Guy From Italy Family Restaurant

4320 50th St, Lubbock
(806) 791-1210

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Emiliano Marquez

In town for a week with my dad working on a fixer upper and decided to try this place before heading back to Dallas. Had the calamari (crispy and tasty with the marinara sauce), Ceasar Salad (croutons and greens were fresh and crispy) and a 16" All Meat pizza. It was definitely worth it. Toppings were tasty and pepperoni and Canadian bacon were slightly thicker cut than normal, which was a nice touch. Would definitely be back here next time I swing by!

David Reid

I stopped by One Guy from Italy on a recommendation from a friend during a cross country road trip, and it was WORTH IT. I didn't order ahead, just walked up to order to-go. I had a pretty simple pizza, cheese with black olives.The to-go service was friendly, polite, and all employees were wearing masks. It didn't take too long waiting inside for my to-go order, and they have benches you can sit on. I felt pretty safe for most of the time inside.I will say that the wait staff didn't really adhere to social distancing specifically with customers. When I was in one area of the restaurant waiting for my order, a couple of waitresses chose to stand very close to me to gossip about whatever was going on during their shift. I ended up moving and it is a big enough space that it wasn't an issue. Most dine-in customers were not wearing masks.I took the pizza to-go, and it was DELICIOUS! Their crust has the perfect amount of crispiness on the outside, with a chewy inside. My only mistake was not ordering something a little more exciting, I'm sure it would have been delicious! Everything tasted really fresh, and overall I thought it was awesome. I will make a point to end up in Lubbock again someday just to visit this restaurant again!

Trina M.

We just moved to Lubbock. Which is back home for us. We've visited One Guy several times, but it now is our go-to. I could say go-to for Italian. But, it's an all encompassing go-to. Have you tried their hot wings? Seriously the best wings you've had. The side salad is always fresh. And, the lasagna is always spot on. Try it all. You won't be disappointed. I've already had them twice this week and I'm trying to talk myself out of a third time right now!

Darren M.

I had heard this place had good calzones so my wife and I decided to try it. We ordered the mozzarella caprese with roasted peppers. It cheese had great flavor and the tomatoes were fresh. The roasted red peppers added a nice touch. We were glad we ordered this for an appetizer. We then split a supreme calzone. The waitress had recommended that we got ranch sauce instead of marinara since she said there would be plenty of marinara in the calzone. My wife wanted to try it so I agreed. I was pleasantly surprised that the calzone went well with the ranch. The calzone was full of meat and veggies and was definitely the best I had ever had.

jayden schull

Definitely not coming back, walked in at 8:20 and they had all the chairs stacked and were mopping the floor even though they close at 10. When we asked what time they close our waitress said the kitchen closes at 9 but the restaurant closes at 10. Got the ravioli. Absolutely terrible. 10/10 do not recommend other than the pizza.

Trent H.

Was told 25 minutes when I called in my order. When I arrived I was told 8 more minutes. It is now at 55 minutes and counting. Plenty of pizza places to choose from and this one will move to the bottom of the list.

Mallory L.

Finally ate here today after over 10 years of driving by and wondering if it was any good. I will definitely be back! The margherita pizza was on point! Also, we have the gluten free crust for the kid's cheese pizza. They ate every last bite! (Which is so rare for them!) The waitress we had was excellent and attentive. I failed and didn't catch her name to give her praise on here, but she had blonde curly hair and was so kind! I appreciate the old pics and new pics on the wall to show the history of the establishment! You got my vote and business!

jon hill

Great pizza, much much better than the Chain restaurants. I adore the staff and all those who make pizza possible, but the ingredients and teamwork here is better than the chain restaurants. Thank you for providing a place like I remember when I was a kid.Jon Wayne

John Noles

The best calzones in town no competition! Has an older vibe but it’s an older restaurant. Wouldn’t change a thing! All the employees are friendly as can be! When people do what they love it shows me One Guys loves feeding people great tasting food at a reasonable price! Highly recommend!

Louise B.

My son and I stopped in at the 50th St location. First off, staff was welcoming and friendly. We ordered an appetizer of garlic cheese bread and it lived up to its name. Very good! We both ordered the eggplant parm sub and they were delicious. Our meal was very reasonably priced! We'll be back!

Kyle J.

Wonderful joint. Great food friendly people large portions and good value. What more is there?

Allen E.

This place sucks the pizza is sloppy We ordered a pepperoni mushroom onion But not one slice had all 3 ingredients on it. We had it delivered and when we got it it was cold and the cheese had broke down in the flavorless sauce so it had a nasty curdled texture we won't order from them again

Marielle Parmelee

I love this place but I beg y’all to bring your Sicilian pizza back. Being from NJ originally this is the only pizza place that reminds me of home and the only place I’ll eat pizza at and today I tried to order a pizza to find out you don’t carry it anymore. I know this may sound dramatic but I’m heartbroken to not be able to have pizza that reminds me of home anymore.

Dustin G.

I'm being generous with the 4/5, given the food is quite good, but their pricing is NOT up to date on this site. Please handle this to avoid future confusion..

Michael T.

Horrible service and high prices. I'm new to town and was referred this restaurant. I'm disappointed in the taste of my friend who did recommend it to me. The place was filled with smoke because they allegedly burned some pizzas they said. That's red flag one. An Italian restaurant not knowing how to cook pizza. Then the hostess stand was just girls hanging out on their phones. Red flag two. Then the server/waitress never looked at us and was unpleasant and impatient. We just got up and left. Maybe the other location is good I'll probably never know. This location was a joke

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One Guy From Italy Family Restaurant

4320 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79413
(806) 791-1210