Pizza Hut

3301 98th St, Lubbock
(806) 797-0007

Recent Reviews

Danny Acosta

Supreme pizza deep dish was awesome

Micah Beene

Great pizza

michell griggs

Nice and very clean

Bill Locke

The manager help me with the promotional item good customer service not very particular about the promotional item which was trying to be a calzone. Too much dough and didn't come close to a Calzone.

gabriel Rodriguez

I try to use a coupon that I got in the mail in they said I couldn't use it at that store on 98th Indiana that I had go to the Pizza hut on 115th street but the coupon doesn't say that at all very disspointing on customer service if I could give them negative star I would

Leslie W.

Let me start by saying that everyone I've dealt with at this location was very friendly and, for the most part, very professional. That being said, I ordered 2 pizzas online, the website chose the store, received the text message saying it was on its way, and 30 minutes later had to call to find out where our food was. Turns out that the website ordered it from the wrong location and we were out of their delivery area. So, instead of calling the customer and explaining that it could not be delivered, they simply put our pizzas to the side. I would have gladly driven over there and picked up my order if someone had just called to let me know that they could not deliver. Don't get me wrong, I'll admit that I should've caught the issue with the website but I didn't even think to look at the address of the store the order was sent to. (We have 4 Pizza Huts by our house.) I'm also not putting the blame completely on the store either but a simple phone call would've saved everyone a lot of time in the end. Not to mention that 2 large pizzas were probably thrown away. This issue is in no way going to keep my from ordering again but next time I'll be sure to check the address of the store.

Esmeralda Cortez

I was very impressed with the food, but the service could use some work. One person messed it up for everyone else

Kim Edler

First time going inside new location on 98th St. Very Friendly Staff! Calzones this time.

Isaiah Vargas

Great food and service always fast.

Kyle Stallings

P'zone hmmmm hmmmmm good


New workers horrible pizza

Tara B.

A wonderful location close to the house. The people who answer the phone are wonderful, the delivery is prompt, everything is clean, hot and fresh. I love it