Pizza Hut

3301 98th St, Lubbock
(806) 797-0007

Recent Reviews

donna mccarty

This is the second time I have ordered pizza with extra sauce and didn't get it.

Joe Trevino

Unfortunately I had to wait an hour and halfJust to find out that both my pizza and Credit Cardwas handed out to another customer!!!!!!!!!!!Had to cancel my account on a Friday Thieves who took the card couldn’t even return it!!!! Not good!!!!Do not go there when they are busy!!!!!!!

Michelle Martinez

If there were a no stars i would've picked that instead both restruants in lubbock have a females with poor customer service. Answer the phone with some respect and courtesy. If you do not want to work dont show up for work or get another job.

Krystal Haltom Melton

Realized an error was made with online order, called to correct it, paid extra fee. When I called to correct the order, the tip was taken off. When the driver arrived he called and explained what happened and asked if i would like to tip. We’ve ordered from this Pizza Hut many times and never had an issue. I told him to add a tip. Order arrived incorrect. I called to see about a refund for what we did not receive. Yes it was minimal. That is beside the point. It was okay for

J. Thomas

my delivery dude was so cool.

Fat Finch22

my delivery dude was so cool.

Rick B.

I ordered online. After reviewing my order, the computer did not honor my reward points for free food. I called, expecting an argument but the manager listened to me, looked at my order & quickly corrected the price. The driver brought my order, that was almost too hot to hold out of the delivery bag & helped with the food order. He acknowledged & thanked me for his tip. The food from Pizza Hut has always been good. The manager & driver were most polite & very professional. Their above average customer service helped rebuild my confidence in fast food companies.

Heather Castillo

Ordered two large pizzas for delivery, this is what I got. I called and spoke to the manager who says she will remake them, but I had to go pick them up. I was told 15 minutes, which I waited before leaving our hotel room, only to get there and they were barely going into the oven. I waited for them, only to get back to the room (where I had left 6 teenagers) only to find the replacements look the exact same! Yes I should have checked them before leaving again, but didn’t feel I needed to since the manager made them. Never have I gotten a pizza like this from any pizza place! I will definitely not be ordering from this Pizza Hut ever again!

Gabrielle R.

I was told the manager Melissa at 98th stReet and the 50th st manager Cherokee were at bachelorette party for Melissa and they would noT be taking my order. So for three hours that I attempted to make my order, online and through phone call to the 98th store that they wouldn't be able to help me. Straight garbage.

Danny Acosta

Supreme pizza deep dish was awesome

Micah Beene

Great pizza

Francisco Torres

After a terrible experience at the location on 9830 Slide Rd, decided to give this location a shot. I love Pizza Hut, this place cooked the best pizza I have eaten this year.Thank you!

michell griggs

Nice and very clean

Bill Locke

The manager help me with the promotional item good customer service not very particular about the promotional item which was trying to be a calzone. Too much dough and didn't come close to a Calzone.

gabriel Rodriguez

I try to use a coupon that I got in the mail in they said I couldn't use it at that store on 98th Indiana that I had go to the Pizza hut on 115th street but the coupon doesn't say that at all very disspointing on customer service if I could give them negative star I would

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