Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

224 University Ave, Lubbock
(806) 687-8193

Recent Reviews

Laura Hughes

Amazing place and tasty food. Great staff and service.

Leticia Munoz

Called to make a complaint of items WE didn’t receive and no one will answer. So the food is good! Even driving 45 minutes away! Although I’d of loved my red beans/rice and yummy mash potatoes!! Sorry guys y’all really need to do better! Ppl work for their money too!!! Going above and beyond never hurt anyone!


Every time I order wings or tenders It never fails they always give me one or two less than the amount I'm supposed to have. 12 wings you get 10-11, 15 tenders you get 13-14 it never fails. Idk if they stealing one wing at a time or if somebody in there can't count. Check your food before you leave always!!!!!!!

Evan Berry

Chicken and service at this location is excellent. I was super full. Nothing but great experiences here. Prices are decent for the quality.


I ordered a six piece spicy tender with a shrimp add on totaling $14.00I get to the drive through and Travis attempts to ring me up for a spicy chicken sandwich with a small drink. I attempt to correct him. He proceeds to ring me up for the sandwich and states I can come back through the line to fix my order. $7.25 for a Dr Pepper and a sandwich can’t eat.

Brad Johnson

Food was good, I just would have enjoyed it more if they would have gotten my order correct.

Jerry Eastman

Lobby was closed, so had to use drive thru. Waited 20 minutes to get to order, but when we went to pick up food, had to wait another 10 minutes for food. When we arrived home, discovered sides were mashed potatoes, instead of beans and rice and Cole slaw as asked for. Chicken looked like it was day old and warmed up. There were at least 5 workers in kitchen area, but no one appeared to know what was happening or who ordered what. Very disappointed in THIS Popeyes.

Anthony Aguilar

This is a “5-piece tender combo”

Johnny Martinez

I like there service and I haven't had any problems. The employees are always having good time and don't show it even if they are having a bad day.

Rosario Rodriguez

It was the first time my family has tried Popeyes. The employees were very friendly. The food was good and fresh. The service was great.

Greg Davis

We received excellent customer service even though they were about to close and the food was awesome!

Kimberli Thompson

We ordered 2- 3 piece chicken and got 2-2 piece. We ordered fish dinner and recieved two nuggets. All of our sides came in to go cups which were cold. All for the price of $26.00. We will never return. So disappointed.

Dameon Frutis

Waited 30 Minutes In The Drive Thru Line For 1 CHICKEN SANDWICH! Staff Was Very Rude And I Will Not Be Returning. I Recommend People To Please Take The Time To Go To A Different Location Where Your Welcomed. It's Sad Because I Love Popeyes.

Miriam Mulsow

This location has been fine in the past when I ordered at the drive thru. But no more ordering through the app for me. The order was incomplete, incorrect and not even started when I got there 20-30 minutes after I placed the order.

James C.

These onion rings taste raw and have no breading. I don't see why I have to keep typing. Do I have to talk about the cold chicken, or the chicken strips that are made from dollar store chicken.

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