4447 34th St, Lubbock
(806) 799-1987

Recent Reviews

Gabriel Cavazos

Finally got around to get a quick bite with my family. Ate here lots of times around 20+ yrs ago. Was sad to see they're closing up shop.The crazy thing that happened at the window was hearing the cook yelling at the cashier that she needed to quit taking orders because HE was done. Not very professional, but hey, they're closed up now

Robert Wieber

I can not believe the owner of the restaurant, it is 2-14-23, I wanted something good to eat in Valentine's. Stopped by here for a quick lunch and it is closed @11:00 am. The first time I came here the owner was upset the he had multiple customers and was telling everyone it would take 45 minutes for a hamburger. Then he says, I am running out of food, because customers won't stop. Wow! The only thing that brought me back was the prices and decent food. I guess the owner needs to sell because ehe is running this place into the ground. I hope no one buys this place, he has run this into the ground. Building is run down without maintenance and then he just randomly closes. He just trying to get out because he doesn't know what he is doing.Dietary restrictions: Well dietary restriction apply because you won't be able to order because they are always closed.

Jessie Moya

Great fresh food, great customer service! I'll definitely be back!

Tommy Cruz

Great Burger! Quick and friendly services.

Chano Cortez

Classic burger, good sides definitely worth it.

Sarah Newton

Samburgers has great food! Sometimes they're hard to catch but so worth it when you do.Parking: Limited parking

Cynthia Weaver

The Good - the burgers!! Love the red onions and thick slices of tomatoes. Vegetables are visibly fresh which is a plus. The meat was cooked perfectly and juicy. Tator tots were crispy, but not burnt. The Bad - drink refills are NOT free, the are ,80 each. Also, very limited seating only 3 tables - a 2 top and 2 - 4 top booths. The Ugly - very, very old building - I came here everyday while in junior high in the late 1970's. The ceiling is cracked and falling down causing part of the building to be closed. The food is awesome and they do have a drive thru if you want to call in a order ahead of time and pick up.

Amy Carter

Love this locally owned small restaurant. Best burgers in town!

Salvador rodriguez

Great burger fresh veggies and even better service ?

Kyler Billingsley

Awesome food. Always so fresh

Jadyn L.

I've tried 8 burger places in lubbock and this one is by far my favorite but it's still not the best burger i've ever had. Kind of reminds me of whataburger. 8/10

Dr. Mozelle Martin

It was yummy. Better than Cristakis but not as great as others. Not sure what the issue is in Lubbock, but it seems like everybody here prefers flat skinny burgers. I would really like to find a place with a big thick juicy one!

Louise Balch

Best burgers in town! Everyone is very nice !

Larren Fowler

Went to this place when I was at Coronado High and still go. They haven’t skipped a beat..still delicious, not too pricey, fresh and fast service. Keep it up!

Blackrose Requiem

Found this place by accident because we were going to El ranchito down the road but they closed an hour early so we ended up here. Not disappointed at all. Everything was hot and freshly made. The prices are really good too.

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