Texas Steak Express - Lubbock South

9810 Indiana Ave, Lubbock
(806) 794-2525

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Erik Spitz

I have never posted a review before, but this was too big to not let other people know about. My wife and I were very excited to have Steak Express as it had been a few months since the last time we have had it.We placed our order online and then drove into town to pick it up. When we got to the drive thru window (lobby is closed due to Covid) we find not only that Alize F., who is running the window, is not wearing a mask, no one was! I promptly asked to have our order canceled and our money refunded, and was greeted with an attitude.This is a real shame, because Steak Express in the past has been a favorite of ours when we don’t feel like cooking. Never again.

Leeta Loveless

The sirloin beef tips were tender cooked just like I requested. The chicken unfortunately was over cooked hard and dry, but had a good flavor.

Branum Noble

Food is always good but what is the point of using your credit card and ordering online if you still have to have your card at the window? If i want to order and then my wife pick it up why do I have to remember to send a card with her that she does not carry? Come on quit making it so hard to pick up my freaking food.

David Keene

I work for a third-party service. Apparently this company does not except orders from GrubHub, DoorDash, favor. As long as the customer is paying for the food it shouldn’t matter who picks it up. From the looks of the comments it looks like you guys can’t even get an order correct with your own drivers

Jerome Fischer

Normally I would have posted a pic but food looked so good I couldn't stop. The service was friendly and observant. The bill was appropriate.

Gabriel Watson

Quick and friendly service. Bring your appetite because portions are generous. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved.

Leticia Realme

Never ever will we ever have steak express again!!! My husband placed an order through the app. But he didn’t receive a confirmation and wasn’t even sure if the order went through. I told him it went through because the $66 was taken out of my bank acct! So I told him to call to make sure the order was received. He called the North location first and they said they had NO ORDER UNDER HIS NAME!!! So he calls the South location they said they had NO ORDER UNDER HIS NAME! But th

Jacob Reyna


Matt Peña

Easily the worst sirloin steak I've ever had, and I've had bad steak. I spent over $50 for over-salted kid meal burgers my kids couldn't even eat, stringy and tough steak I spent more time taking out of my mouth, the only thing good that came out of this whole order was a bun and sweet tea. Even the salad lettuce was bad. I usually get the steak tips meal, and even with that I feel as if the portion is way too small for the price. I paid all this money for overpriced low quality food. Honestly I feel right now that I got scammed out of 50 plus dollars and wish I could get a full refund, but I doubt that will happen. I WILL NEVER recommend steak express, and stress to everyone I know to stay away. I will NEVER order from them again.EDIT: And of course I get the typical COPY&PAST reply, I would very much like a REFUND, but as I said before I highly doubt that will happen judging by the reply I received.

Cordie H.

Good food when a okay price all around good spot

Mary Lou Vasquez

Excellent meal, always good. Delivered within 15 min. Nice friendly deliveryman.

david Pool

Nice place my sirlone steak had alot of grissle this last time but the hamburgers wow! My grandsons said they are absolutely the best they have ever had! Ages 13 and 17yrs old

Charles Buford

Love the food and the service. Great place for a great steak and/or potato.

Jimmy Martinez

Delicious I can't say anything else

Jasmine Santos

Foods good. But has took them almost a year to get my number changed and rewards applied

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Texas Steak Express - Lubbock South

9810 Indiana Ave, Lubbock, TX 79423
(806) 794-2525