Tikka Shack Indian Grub

6620 Milwaukee Ave #100, Lubbock
(806) 771-0960

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Katelynn Baker

I loved the environment and staff here. Unfortunately, this was my first time trying Indian food and I wasn't a fan, but that wasn't a reason to give it a bad rating. I'm sure someone else will love this place!


Staff was very helpful and patient and the food was delicious. Would definitely eat again.

Monica Botros

I tried both the chicken tikka masala and the chicken biryani, both amazing. If you are searching for very tasty indian plates, that’s definitely your place. I recommend it to everyone.


I’m thankful they’re open on Christmas Day, because this was a much-needed dinner. And even though they are SWAMPED with to-go and call-in orders, we still got our food really quickly! Butter Masala and Southern Curry are amazing and all the Naan is good.

Jeff Wilson

Giving this 5 stars on everything but the garlic naan which I’d give 3. A little dry and tough but probably hard to get that right out here. I’ll be back. Also a note: guy behind register very quickly pulled on his mask when I walked in so pretty obv not following guidelines.

Hina A. Baig

expensive food relative to quality and taste. not authentic indian. the pros are environment is clean and ambience is good.

Abhishek Nayak

Loved it. A modern take on Indian Cuisine. Must visit if you are around the area.

Krista Oosthuizen

Excellent food and service

Susana Unger

Such a great experience! I'm new to Indian food, but this was absolutely delicious. I tried the Butter Masala and I felt it was an awesome dish for someone trying it for the first time!

Vic Patel

I felt like they insult me for giving this food.

Lillian Mechlem

i made an online order today and was very excited based on the reviews of this place, but unfortunately the opposite of what i expected happened.the portion for meat in the tikka kabob meal was well under worth $11 along with the rice being completely dry and flavorless. the veggie option for tikka masala was such a letdown, i expected more veggies from an indian restaurant but there were only green beans and one small piece cauliflower. aside from there being a lack of vegetable variety, the tikka masala tasted spoiled and caused a stomachache immediately after having two bites.i understand mistakes happen and that’s why i called to see if i could get a refund because my boyfriend and i weren’t going to eat anymore than a few bites before realizing what was wrong with the food. though when we called, they said they couldn’t do anything at all.we spent almost $30 on food we aren’t going to eat due to poor quality, i’m just very disappointed in a place that is supposed to have such good reviews.


Food was very good and wait staff very friendly. It took along time to get our food and then it was brought at three different intervals of about 3 to 4 minutes in between. There was not a lot of diners and so it should not have taking that long.

Rohit Bhatia

I'm from India and I approve this restaurant. Well, I wouldn't say that this was strong with Indian flavors but felt just a little "easy" on the flavors but not too much. I was here for a work trip and was "missing home" lol. I had the Tikka Wrap (with paneer). The paneer itself was soft and not chewy. Good balance of flavors with the sauce in the wrap and the Tikka sauce on the side.

Tchalla Pinkard

Customer engagement seems to be kept brief and to the point of handling sales. The facility is as expected with the COVID19 directive. The food on the other hand is what makes four stars. Consistently delicious. I'm becoming a big fan of curry dishes and outside of my own cooking, this is the best I've come across in three states. When I'm not standing over a hot pan, they'll surely get my business.

aman saluja

Oh my! Was hoping for a good meal but was out of luck. The only good thing was that the portion size was so small that we did not feel bad throwing it away.Please ask your chef to get trained in cooking indian food.

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