Tropical Smoothie Cafe

5139 80th St #3017, Lubbock
(806) 783-0162

Recent Reviews

Tchalla Pinkard

I thought the first time I patronized this establishment, the bugs in my wife's smoothie was just a rare event. The 2nd time I purchased a smoothie, my wife and the young lady styling her hair confirmed that once again bugs were in my wife's smoothie. As a person who's not accustomed to this, I find this more than just disturbing. I hope someone reads this and actually decides to address this. If I ever go back, it'll be awhile before I do.

Brandy Frick

Delicious. Staff could be more informed about product nutrition.

GeekSkelington NMBK

Ordered online for puckup and waited over 15 minutes for my order. Had to go inside to get told I was required to go through the drive thru for my pickup order. The people sitting in the car next to me were able to get there food yet I wasnt able too and again was told i had to go through the drive through. And other people are able to have there food brought out to there car while I was required to go throu the drive through. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! So why is it that I cant have my order brought out to me when I ordered online and other people are having there food brought to there car!?!?!?!?! AGAIN HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Patrick K.

Best place to come for a refreshing start to your morning! Quality food at a good /fair price. Great staff , very polite service. Try the banana flatbread crunch when you go!

Melissa Funderburg

They have vegetarian chicken to substitute in your selections. Will definitely be back to try different options. The blueberry bliss smoothie is amazing!!! I wish they had vegetarian cheese for their selections as well.

Shannon Weighill

I LOVE Tropical Smoothie near University Avenue but the location on Slide Road is not good. I ordered the buffalo chicken wrap and Kale slaw and got about a half a cup of the slaw and the wrap was not as good at all the tortilla was soggy and the chicken was full og gristle. I will only go to the University location from now on.

Cory Prindle

This place doesn't even deserve the single star I gave it, absolutely no customer service, unless you went through the drive through, wasn't greeted wasn't even told to give us a minute we will be right with y'all or anything, stood at the counter for a good 10-15 minutes this was my first my last and only time I'll even dare to go. And this was on a Monday night March 2nd at about 7:15 pm not one person in side the store and about 6 cars come and gone on the drive let's not run them drive times up!

tay gor

If you want just ice and unripe banana this is your place. It's more like a plain icee than a strawberry banana smoothie.

June Fennerty

I ordered a smoothie in the drive through and it took nearly 15 minutes and no one was in front of me. There was only one person in the restaurant that I could see at the counter and he had been there a while. Finally the employee opened the window and handed me the smoothie and said nothing to me.... not even sorry for the wait. When I asked why it took so long the employee leaned forward out the windowed, stared me down, and said she had to remake it because she forgot to add the whey I ordered. Then she smirked and said, “have a blessed day”. Very rude and I appropriate and i will not go back.

Shawna Hicks

Was very sad about out smoothies. They weren't blended very well and I had peanutbutter chunks that kept coming up through the straw.

Teresa Jones

I come here all the time to the one on 82nd Slide. Today I was totally disappointed. I always order the Avacolada and they are always so good today it did not taste at all what it normally taste like. I think some ingredients were left out, there was some grains of something idk what it was it was very watered down no taste and they didn't get the ice chopped up. So disappointed! I wound up just throwing it in the trash before I left. My Mom got the Bahama Mama and it was also watered down no taste.

Heather Daily

I have come here often in the past to get smoothies, usually they are delicious. Tonight I was very disappointed. The girl working did not properly mix either the smoothie I ordered or the one my partner ordered. The smoothie ingredients were in thick chunks and large pieces of ice. It also did not taste as it normally does. I’m unsure if she even put the correct ingredients in them at all. When we knocked on the drive through window several times to ask if she could remake them, she did not return to the window despite no other customers waiting at the drive through or inside. I probably won’t come again because these smoothies are expensive and to have them made so poorly was frustrating.

Willow Beito

I absolutely love tropical smoothie however they seem to always close sooner than they are suppose to and that is irritating:/

Alma Quest

Smoothie was more like a slushy, way too much ice. Not very impressed, making me reconsider ever going back and perhaps trying out a different smoothie place.

Stetson Hector

Best value healthy food for the money in Lubbock!

Brooke Snow

Smoothie was just ok, service was nice but slow.

Chelsea Stephens

The staff at the 82nd St. and University location are rude. My first time there I was rushed to order, the girl at the window dropped my change and looked at me while blowing bubbles with her gum as if it was my fault. $6 smoothie and wasn't very impressed. I'll stick with Keva Juice.

Lolly Burk

I usually have a great smoothie from here right after the gym, but today was just awful. The "young lady" working the drive thru forgot to add my rewards to my receipt then told me that she couldn't do it after she had already completed my transaction. Then my smoothie was so watered down I couldn't even drink it. I usually get the same smoothie from here 2-3 times a week but it has never been like this. This was my first time trying this location ona weekend. It'll be my last. You can't have sub-par service and products with 2 smoothie/healthy meal locations right around the corner.

Lauri F.

The employees at this store have mastered the art of ignoring people. I had a simple question and stood in front of two different people and neither of them acknowledged I was in the store.


Really yummy. Try the triple berry oat smoothie. It's the best.

Michelle Reyes

Ordered online, fast and easy to pick up, smoothie tasted great!!

Michael Murphy

Affordable health food

Emilie Madden

Just yummy ... nice varied menu besides smoothies. Reasonably priced. Very pleasant, clean, and nice staff. Corner of Slide and York, across from Bolton gas station - easy in/out from either York or Slide. Drive-in service.

N Suvor

Extremely slow drive through service. Low quality intercom sound system. Difficult to understand and give orders.

Kathryn G.

Great food but not so great service. I come here all the time and normally I don't care that it takes so long but today I was in the drive through for 30 with only 3 cars in front of me and no cars in the parking lot. That is ridiculous.

Kayla Natal

Absolutely love the customer service and the food. Definitely recommend this place as a quick bite to eat.


Really expensive especially for health food. Great smoothies great food just a bit pricey.

MJ Arthur

Good avacolada. & chicken sandwich. Server not the best. Not even a thank you. "Here you go", was what was said.

Emily VanDuren Kettle

Great price really good smoothies and food super friendly people

Tanya Calderon

Love the food but service could be better

Alexis Wright

Delicious, good service

Lisa T.

We have gone to this location before and never received the correct order nor very timely but we like the food and smoothies. So we went in today for the 3rd time thinking that surely 3rd time is a charm?!?! Well it wasn't!! The lady that took our order asked if it was for here or to go we answered "here" she took our order and we chose the kale apple slaw as our side. She repeated the order and it was all correct but after waiting approximately 15 minutes our name was called went to get it and a customer in line waiting to order pointed me to my sack because none of the workers were at the counter. Yes it was in a sack, not in a tray for eating in. The kale and apple slaw wasn't in the sack nor did I have our two cups of water or our smoothie. I finally got a workers attention and she stated that she would have all of it in just a minute. Finally got the waters and smoothie but she said it would take a bit longer on the slaw. We never got the we were leaving I got the same ladies attention and she said I'm getting your slaw right now. I stated politely that it was too late we were finished with our sandwich and we're leaving. I told her we were very disappointed and I know they are busy but that was not acceptable service. She said "Oh Okay" She never apologized or tried to make amends. I will not be going back EVER!!

Terrell T.

Beware your order won't be correct and you will need to wait. This is consistently an issue. Food is good if you are willing to put up with this.

Erin Hennesay

Love the food and the smoothies!

Julie Eyhorn

Really enjoy this place! Food is made fresh when you order it, smoothies are a great price and delicious. Highly recommend the tropical chicken salad sandwich. Usually not very crowded inside so it's nice for having lunch with a friend to chat! Clean, bright and airy interior!

Shane Wludyka

We have been to this place 5 times in the last 2 months. Our smoothies were only right one out of 5 times. The smoothies are always watered down with more ice then fruits or greens. We kept going back giving them a chance to get it right. We now go to another location that is farther from home, but its worth it to get a consistent product.

Alexandra Contreraz

"Deliiiiicious!" - our 6 year old son

Holly C.

It's good, really good. The kale apple slaw alone is worth coming back for. And I don't like kale. But this is good and the dressing is wonderful, but be aware, it's spicy. The sandwiches were great, the best. and that's saying a lot in a town with sandwich shops on every street. Smoothies are good too, but I'll go back for a little tub of kale apple slaw for sure.

Leticia Lopez

If we could take some stars away, we would definitely do that. Happy hour? Not so happy. Seems as if nobody wants to work at either store, super disappointing .Definitely will be going to Keva Juice from now on... And smoothie King.

Lisa Hamilton

Staff was friendly and extremely helpful while making sure my child could have a smoothie that was safe due to allergies.