Grande Grill Steak House - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

5112 W Expy 83, McAllen


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The family had a good time and a great meal. The staff was friendly and helpful and the food was served at the right time and was good. If you are in a party that is larger than 2 and you plan on ordering a lot of food, you might consider the center tables and not the booths. The booth tables are narrow and there was not enough room - a minor inconvenience. The prices are similar to Sante Fe Steakhouse and the food is as good.

Service was poor. From confused ordered to a long wait on waiting for a reorder. Then the wrong check and not leaving a pen to sign. At almost every step of my visit there was some failing that made this hard to enjoy. Yes the atmosphere is nice and the food is good to even great but for as much hassle I got this was the most I've paid for lousy service.

First of all, this place is basically attached to a Bowling Alley which kind of killed the otherwise relaxed ambience for me. The noise from the Alley noticeably bleeds over into the restaurant and when I went the restaurant was pretty empty so it was hard to ignore. The Filet I had was rather tasty but I'm not sure if I'd say it was 27 dollars tasty. It seemed like it was missing something at that price. I've been to Ruth Chris Steakhouse where the Filet melts in your mouth full review

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