Peter Piper Pizza

3620 W Nolana Ave, McAllen
(956) 331-2478

Recent Reviews

Noe Delgado

Pizza buffet is always full even during busy lunch hours. Very clean and organized place.

Elida Rocha

I loved it so much pizza games and fun

Alicia Monserrath Raya

The best pizza in the valley hands down!!!! I Love their lunch buffet!!! you can even order whatever type of pizza you want and they'll make it for the buffet! I love that they are always willing to help out the community and schools!!

Joe Lopez

PPP is good. But when it's hot. Great staff

Dalia Perez

I like it because it's kid friendly, but the bad thing was that if we buy an adult drink and we are at a party where they already had cups for us(we didn't know).. they will not refund because once its bought they can not accept cups back when (we literally had stepped away from paying at register).

Normalynda Zepeda

Lunch, salad and a drink. Round two was more pizza, more salad and a refill. Round 3 just dessert.

Julio Cesar Tovar

Had a birthday party here. Worst experience ever. Service sucked. We reserved enough for 40 people and we got stuck with 3 half tables. Person attending is was gone half the time and we could never find her. Will never throw a birthday party at Peter piper again!!!

Delia Martinez

They gave us a burnt pizza, but it tasted sooooo good, like the old school cafeteria pizza. We were so ? when the manger replaced it with a brand new warm delicious pizza. Oh well, they were both delicious in the end.

Rolandoelgallo Villarreal

Great place great management. I love it.

Monica Lazarin

Pizza is always hot...its darn good..salads are good too

Cristina Salinas

Best place to have kids party and a meal delicious friendly staff !

Lucy V

I love Peter Piper! Prices aren't exactly cheap but love the pizza. Good place for kids so it can be loud and buzzing or pretty chill, just depends on the time of day and day of the week.

Bologna Plays

The pizza is amazing and it's a great place to have a birthday party!

robert silva

Great taste pizza and fun games for kids

Lily Trevino

Javi, our cook, did a great job on our online order.

Ricardo Contreras

Great location next to the soccer field. Ideal for after game team parties.

RickDoes TheTrick

Great location next to the soccer field. Ideal for after game team parties.

Jesus Trejo

The birthday celebration experience was ruined by the manager who was extremely rude! We are finishing lunch as a family and he comes and says, "You need to move tables now!" Just because we had added an extra table for all of us to sit on. Of course we were going to put the tables back when we were done, like we told him, however, he said we needed to move them "now!" Very unprofessional! We spoke to the General Manager and he apologized.

Emily Martinez

Delicious pizza very fun games clean bathrooms A+ service 5 stars.

tammy fisher numbers

Pizza was good serv8was good..WAY TO CROWDED!

Colonel Angus

Best oven baked pizza in town

Cindy Cortez

It's a pizza restaurant. It has many games for the kids to play. Great for children's birthday parties. You can get pizza's wings, salads and dessert. You get unlimited drinks. Great place for the family and very reasonable prices.

Virginia Torres

Very nice and updated. Was impressed. Thank you for your service

Maribel Espino

Needed quick dinner for my family. Fast clean and friendly.

Carlos Rodriguez

Quick service. Delicious food.

John Almaraz

This is one of the crazier Peter Pipers. It gets rowdy every time we go. Staff is always quick and service isnt bad. But crazy level males us go really only for parties.

Dolores Guzman

Nice place for kids parties spacious parking lot. Good food.

Norma Mireles

wonderful service and near our home and delicious pizza

Juan Moreno

If you are looking for a great place to host a birthday party, Peter Piper is the place to go. Whether you have a large or small party, they will cater to all of your needs.

Cristina Valdez

Amazing!! The manager (mr. Chubby guy) hes very kind and gets out of his way to ask customers if everything is going well !! Very welcoming and nice !

Azucena Fernandez

They are quick on making their pizzas for their clients specially for birthday parties !

Sabrina De Anda

Great pizza

David H.

In the few times that I have been to this location, I have personally dealt with the manager twice and he has gone above and beyond what I would have expected.

Gloria Garcia Medina

Great customer service children love the

x Ronin x

This place id only about 2 months old and there was hairs between the seats and the back rest. There was hairs on the table too. I asked for a cleaning spray and used napkins to clean everything myself and it took me about 1 min to wipe everything down without leaving anything behind from previously used towels they use. I think they need to consider using brown paper towels since it's more sanitary. Restroom was super dirty too. Like i said it's a new PPP. It's sad how fast they get nasty without the proper training of staff.

Sonja Hackett

Great place for children’s birthdays. All done in an orderly manner by the staff. Nice to have all of that taken care of.

Tess Martinez

They do a great job hosting birthday parties. Thank you

AmandaRae Rodriguez

Great food, very clean, and fun games for the family!

Letty Hinojosa

Very clean , Friendly staff And the pizza was hot and fresh.

Liliana Ayala

Very clean 👌 all games were working well and the party host and manager were very helpful throughout our party.