Taqueria Tepeque

3700 W Dove Ave #700, McAllen
(956) 563-2816

Recent Reviews

edgar rodriguez

Went there for the first time and well everything went wrong. The waiter got my order wrong then brought out one order of tacos de birria and forgot about the other one.. first and last time coming to this b place..

manuel Anaya

Their food is great but their food delivery Managment is very bad right now through the covid19 pandemic. Twice I have gotten the wrong order of food by giving me someone else's food order. Oh well.

Jenny Tran

Delicious food. My husband says they should have one in Dallas

Mikayla Shefchik

Wonderful service, love their salsas, but the taco tortillas are a bit too greasy for me.

Laurene Tamasan

Waiter took my order and the food to my car. Excellent service and good plan due to Covid. Can't wait to go back


The price and portion of the tacos are good, the birria tacos are a bit dry.

Link -agegam

Good food, but customer service could be improved. The person i interacted with was a bit rude

Daniella Guerrero

This place always gets my order wrong. Either I didnt order this, or they forget something ?

Michael Macias

Great food,but 3/10 service could do better. Will recommend friends

Juan Sandoval

The food was great, but the service was slow

Marcela G.

There was hair in my birria tacos the SECOND TIME I HAD TO GO BACK BECAUSE THEY GOT MY ORDER WRONG, during this pandemic this is disgusting, chef was not wearing a hair net and the mesero had a mask that he wore around his chin not to cover his mouth!!!! Disgusting never going back very upset I wasted my time and money going back twice!!!!!!!! Please don't go

Brayden M.

Idk what's in that red salsa but my goodness

Iris Martinez

Tacos primos were so so good. Recommend


I love the primo, lengua, birria and the tacos al pastor. Super yummy. And their beans are also really good

Mario Martinez

Tacos were delicious and our server was really nice.

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