Burger King

13113 Interstate 10 E, Mont Belvieu
(281) 628-7930

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Computer Lady Web Designs

Went this morning around 7:00. There were no customers in the lobby and only 2 workers. The woman was making food for the drive thru and after seeing me standing there said she would come help me. It took 17 minutes for her to make 6 breakfast sandwiches. One sandwich was taken out of our bag, put back on the board where meat was removed and replaced then put in a bag to go to drive thru. The rest of our sandwiches were waiting in a bag. Finally, after she cooked more sausage she made our sandwich, counted how many we had in the bag and realized we needed one more, since she took one out. She went to the back, made another one then brought it to us. There was no apology for the wait and no reason I saw for us to wait so long being there was only us and one customer in the drive thru. Very poor, slow service.

Cecilia Major

Worst Burger King ever. Service is super slow. Manager didn't even apologize for having to wait over 10 mins for a basic order (no special needs). Never coming here again. And then they had our order wrong.

Fabian Fkillah

This was the second chance I was going to give this Burger King, unfortunately the experience was not good. Missing topings and no ice on drinks.

Kiel Williams

No problems with my food, but service was very long

Ramon Rodriguez

Worst burger King I've ever been too service is terrible the orders always come out wrong they're always out of something sauce spicy nuggets powerade something. They're independently owned and it shows nuggets and cheese sticks were cooked in oil that needs to be changed. Food taste burnt because oil is bad and nuggets and mozzarella sticks are discolored and dark. Burger King is my favorite fast food chain for cheeseburgers and I gotta say this will be a no return for me

Angela Peebles

Great Food, EspeciallyThe Grill Burgers and IReally like Their ItalianSub like sandwich,butthat was year's ago! Your Welcome

jorge dominguez

Service was great, place very nice and clean food was good will stop on my next trip to Florida ?????

Tione Ternoir

Came to this location at 0640 and the dine in doors were locked. Sign says they open at 0600 for dine in. Went to the drive through and a woman immediately answered. She was very polite and Upbeat. She apologized and said that she was the only person there and that was why the front door was locked. I don't that's safe or fare to her nor do I think that is safe.

Shane Mcdaniel

This Burger King is cheap. Cheaper than most. Who throws an 18 year old in as manager? They are constantly out of menu items. And they will pack their drive thru so they're times are good. Management needs to grow up here.

Nick Barrington

guy at the front counter was the most respectful person i’ve ever met. my food was out on time and tasted amazing

samantha Cook

Onion rings were good burger too. Not anything special but not bad for a quick bite.

Kathy Sevilla

Always great food and service

Kelly Sampson

Very nice and clean And quick service

Ashley Thacker

Fresh food made when you order!

Eddie Garza

I've always loved burger king that's why I feel bad giving this store two stars. The kitchen crew presented a great double whopper but the front counter person was rude and very uninviting. Don't know who the store owner is but that chick needs to improve her attitude. She's giving the burger king in Mount Belvieu a bad review. Great food. Horrible counter person.

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