Sonic Drive-In

11003 Eagle Dr, Mont Belvieu
(281) 576-6999

Recent Reviews

Staci Michelle

Ordered ice cream on the app. Said would be ready in 5-7 min. Called in to let them know I was there. Waited 20 mins, got out of my car and had to go bang on the door to get my ice cream. Terrible service!

Chris Sallouha

If they got my order right for once it would be nice. Paid for 2 items that I didn't get home with!

Denise Joswiak

They made me a orange juice slushier, not the orange flavor but the juice one and it was so refreshing.

Abelita-Rose F.

I'm all about Sonic when it comes to their Happy Hour half price drinks when you order with the app. Love it. Plus we were able to use a 1/2 off coupon for their new Grilled Cheese Burger. we actually even tried the new Shark Week Slush. The burger came out a little sloppy but over all was delicious! And the slush looked just like it did on the advertisement and tasted delicious. Great job Mount Belvieu Crew!!!

Emily B.

Stopped here the last couple days before going to my cousin's baseball tournament across the street. Convenient location, hot food, order was correct and came fairly quickly. One of the better Sonic's I've been to!

Carol too rare to mention

I have never eaten at Sonic and therefore thought I would give it a try. Unfortunately right on the menu it states they use soy in their food however they don't differentiate which foods have it and which don't. I'm allergic so no soy for meThe employees were nice, the bathrooms clean and the grounds appear kept up. I still haven't eaten at a Sonic and unless they remove the soy I won't eat there.

jules p

Drink was prepared very well. Great mix of the soda along with the vanilla syrup. The sonic employee was very nice. Nice smile. Wished me a happy day. Which I really appreciated. Clean business. Property looked very well maintained. Which is always inviting. Stalls were all in working order. Menus boards were clean and painted...not scratched up or in shambles. I like this location. It would be worth your time if stopping in.

Rebekah Mansker

Eileen is an amazing person. She makes sure all your needs are taken care of when you order. Love this Sonic!

D “Ninerman”

Just left there...hadn't had Sonic in a while and it reminded me why.. Ordered a double sonic cheeseburger and patties were apparently old and had been sitting on the grill for quite some time as they were tough to chew and tots were heavily salted.. I asked for no onions and of course I received onions... no big deal but it was worth putting it online so someone would know because it's more money in gas to drive back and complain .

Teri Schumacher

All we got was drinks which sonic is a good place to go for them.

james humbird

If you go to Mont Belvieu Sonic make sure it's during day shift. Night shift over charges, mess your order up by wrong food or by not putting enough stuff or any extra that you ask for but the sure do charge for it...been like this since they opened and nothing has ever been done

C Coleman

I never leave reviews for anything. But this is the 3rd time I had my order messed up from this sonic. Just got home to see that my sandwich is wrong. Order the #4 double jalapeño burger and got some chicken with lettuce. That’s it Wasted my money on something I didn’t get and can’t eAt. Also. Orders chilli cheese tots the other day and hardly any cheese or chili on the tots. How hard is it to just get it right the first time. Wasn’t busy tonight so how you managed to mess up my order after reading it back to me? Beats me. Do better!!!

Jeanie Hanson

Fast, friendly and never have a messed up order

Loretta Watts

They were very speedy and got my order correct

Pepper Kelly

We sat at tables food drinks was good will keep going back

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