Bread Winners

4021 Preston Rd, Plano
(972) 312-9300

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Sun H.

The bread winner is the reason that I write reviews; taste. We had a brunch, ordering the chicken and waffles, breakfast tacos, and kids menu after grand kids playing a soccer game nearby sports arena for a summer camp on Saturday morning. Really delicious and huge portions that I had to share with my daughter. In particular, I loved the bread that is on the house. However, the price was not reasonable that most restaurants trying to lower the price people could afford it in this difficult time, the pandemic era. If the price is reasonable, more people could enjoy this delicious food more.

Tyriesha Williams

Perfect food and vibes for my birthday brunch! I had the banana bread French toast!

Daniel D.

We have been going (pre-pandemic) to Breadwinners off and on for years to dine in, and have always had a good experience with service and food. So, consider this a take out review only. We ordered breakfast for takeout this morning and didn't have a good experience. The order was missing one item upon pickup and the person pulling the orders apparently did not know that orders route to different parts of the restaurant so lost this item. Upon getting the food home we realized one item was wrong. We called the restaurant to complain and manager argued with me about what we ordered. In the end, the manager put in the wrong order but we weren't charged incorrectly and there was enough food to go around so I just ended to conversation because of the arguing.

Tyriesha W.

I came here for my birthday brunch because I'm a huge lover of French toast. Upon arrival to this location, we were greeted at the door and sat immediately. Even though the restaurant was short of staff, the staff that served us were very friendly and personable. I ordered the Banana Bread French Toast and after 15 minutes it arrived looking like it came from heaven!! AND it tasted just as good as it looked! I couldn't help but stare at it and eat slow. Everyone at the table was very pleased with their food! Not to mention out upside down pineapple Mimosas which was soo refreshing. I loved the vibe here too! It was like.. renaissance Era meets, industrial meets pub. I liked the vibe and the booths! Can't wait to go next time!

Milain C.

We visited the day before Father's Day to avoid the rush. We arrived at 10am on Saturday and waited about 15 minutes for a table. The decor with exposed brick walls, dark wood and eclectic chandeliers was warm and inviting. Tables were somewhat socially distanced and some waitstaff wore masks while others did not. Menus are accessed by scanning the code at the table. I know this is a covid thing but I really prefer a paper menu rather than having to scroll, drag, enlarge on a small phone screen to see my options. Once seated, our waitress seemed a little distracted while taking our 4 drink orders. In fact, she walked away after taking 3 of our drink orders and we all just looked at each other dumbfounded. We had to flag her down to come back to get the 4th order. When she returned to our table with water and coffee, she brought a plate with 4 large blocks of a raspberry lemon type coffee cake and placed in the middle with no comment about it. As first time visitors, it would have been nice to know what it was but we did enjoy taste testing. We also thought it was odd that she didn't provide a small plate for each of us to use with the cake. It was super messy. We just all dug in on the serving plate. YOLO. We were nervous when she took our order without writing anything down but she got it all perfect. Here is what we ordered: -Avocado toast: good -Turkey club on croissant with french fries: good -Chicken and Waffles: really good -Bacon: husband said it may be the best bacon he has ever had. -Portobello Wrap (wrap with Portobello mushrooms, artichoke, spinach, jack cheese): This was meh. First the menu did not state it was a HOT wrap. I was expecting cold. Anyone who has cooked with mushrooms knows they retain their heat. I couldn't pick the wrap up for a good 5 minutes and then it still burned my mouth. It was messy, bland and I ended up opening it up and just eating with a fork. It was a weird combo, my husband even said he wondered about my decision but there weren't many vegetarian options on the menu. Which is why I chose this. The dish has potential, needs spice, needs to not be cooked so long and not to wilt the spinach/greens down so much. The sweet potato fries were amazing and came with a slightly spicy dipping sauce. That is the spice they need to slather inside the wrap to bring it to life. Our payment process was slow. A good 10 minute wait and we were ready to move on to our next activity. We would visit again and try other menu items. The dessert cooler looked amazing but we were too full to try it on this visit.

Lindsey Lucky

Foood is amazing,friendly and great service. One of my favorite brunch spots in Dallas.

R Jemal

Delicious food, super friendly staff and very cool environment. Can’t wait to come back. The chicken and waffles plate was great!

Sean Summers

Nice food options and friendly service. Wait was slightly shorter than promised when we arrived at a high traffic time.

Alan Donegan

Chicken and waffles with coffee for breakfast! Wow. So tasty and incredibly rich! Felt like sleeping afterwards bit wow!

Marcus J

Bad experience— if you order doordash they will gyp you and it’s blatantly obvious. Ordered two farmhouse hashes and a cinnamon roll and paid about $43 inclusive of the delivery tip and taxes. I open up the hashes and it’s no meat(bacon)and a bunch of potatoes, with meager amount of eggs. I understand the pandemic has hurt restaurants but how are you going to keep customers if you are scamming the doordash orders and they’re over $40. Bad business model imo. Please do better because I won’t be back. Eggs and bacon isn’t even that expensive to do that when the customer is paying over $30 subtotal.

Dawn Jennings

Food and mimosas where very nice. Our service needed some improvements but I assume it was due to how busy they where. Id like to try this spot to attend a few more times.

Sherna Armstrong

I met some friends there and we sat on the patio. We had our own little beautiful spot away from everyone. The service was excellent; the waiter even took a picture for us. The food was delicious. I especially enjoyed the zucchini but bread. One of my friends really liked her sandwich and tomato basil soup! The drinks were just right. We had the Russian. I highly recommend this place!

Sara Brice

We dropped $150 for a Grad breakfast...and only 1 of our 5 dishes was warm. ALL dishes would have tasted better we are sure at the right temp. Who serves a Bloody Mary with no Tabasco in the restaurant?! The mimosa was ok but $12.'s a pass for us. We paid premium money for average food. Choose elsewhere.

Cindy J Biter

Dana was our server and she was EXCELLENT!! It was like being at home and your not got you whatever you wanted. She's an absolute doll! Sweet, friendly, caring, very social. You can tell she lives her job!! We'll be back to see her.

Elizabeth M.

Came in here on a Friday morning with my sister and had a terrible experience. No one acknowledged us when we walked in. There were 3 people standing by the bar just talking while one made a drink. Phone kept ringing and no one was answering it. We waited 10 minutes for someone to greet us which is more than enough time for someone to acknowledge our existence and still nothing. The restaurant wasn't full of people for them to be busy. I understood that there are online orders which keeps the chefs busy but all the waiters I saw where just standing there and looking at us when we walked in instead of trying to greet us. Overall, had a terrible first experience and wish it was better.

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