El Queso Fresh Mexican Grill

3309 Dallas Pkwy #451, Plano
(972) 608-2925

Recent Reviews

Taron Armour

Taco salad and chickenq uesadillas

Vitalii Lupasco

Way better than Chipotle

MeOshe Hayes

I haven’t been here in years and the one time I decide to go for a visit I ordered 3 hard shell ? ??.. I got to choose my toppings so I was excited about that until I saw how much meat that was put on☹️, I was like only pick 2 toppings (cheese n mango salsa) or I will only be eating toppings. So disappointed for a cost of $8.88!!! Good thing I can adapt, I’ll just combined the meat to get 1.5 taco?

Tona Tibbs

Love this place! Quesadillas were amazing!!

sanga p

Best mexican fresh food

Mariela L.

Was looking forward to eating here since my coworkers always talked about how good this place is. I was not impressed, Queso was good but the rest of my food was alright. Chipotle is way better. Not to mention how terrible the service was.

Alexandria H.

I ordered the shrimp nachos.. first of all such a small portion for the price .. they also got my topping completely wrong.. then they left the shrimp tail shell on who does that on nachos ??

James S.

The burritos are fantastic but pretty pricey. Wish they sold alcoholic beverages as well. A huge step above chipotle imo

Jamal-Isabela P.

Best burrito I ever had,soooo tasty and huge! I will have the whole other half for dinner lol ..my new favorite Mexican restaurant Highly recommended My husband had salmon mango salad and he loved it as well Can't wait for my next time!

Kyle Levesque

Has been a favorite for hangouts with friends for 10 years now. Great staff, wonderful owner, and the best burritos in town. Local charm that can’t be beat.

Amy Gonzalez

Love it! Love that they give you shrimp option!

Cory Lynne Chaisson

Good luck getting anyone to answer the phone there. EVER. I would love to eat here, I have heard good things. But wow, I've seriously called six different occasions and can never get anyone on the phone to call in an order. REDICULOUS!

Aparna Bhaskar

Vegetarian burrito tasted very bland and quesadilla wasn’t that good. Not satisfied.

Wendy T.

Just okay. Lacking flavors in most everything that we ordered. It was a bit pricey for a hole in the wall. Don't see us going back!

James McClelland

Price was fairly high, but was good.

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