Fork & Fire

5880 TX-121 suite 103-b, Plano
(214) 210-2265

Recent Reviews

Matthew McMahon

Awesome Restaurant with great service! The place is creatively decorated and it’s obvious that the servers take pride in their place of work given the attentiveness and knowledge of the menu. I highly recommend this place.

Franklin Corona

I absolutely loved this restaurant! The atmosphere, décor, and service were all appealing. The server recommendations were great and the friendliness made my experience that much better. We ordered a few of the specialty cocktails and I have to say I will be back for them. Being the foodie that we are, we ordered just about each appetizer on the menu and each one was delicious and pleasing. The menu caters to a variety of palates and I can say with confidence this is a new favorite restaurant. The only thing I wish is that they packaged and sold their smoked pickles which are to die for. Look out pregnant ladies these pickles just entered a whole new ball game.

Phillip Dinger

Do not pass this place to go anywhere else! The food and the service is outstanding! The drinks are even better! Do yourself a favor and try the F&F cooler... was pleasantly surprised by this place. Honestly, my wife and I were on the waiting list for another spot on the boardwalk and decided to try Fork & Fire instead. Found a new favorite and we will definitely be back!

John Shults

This restaurant was recommended to me by a family member and I have to say that I am definitely going to trust their word in the future. The drinks that we ordered were delicious and the Cheese bread hit the spot. The Brussel sprouts very tasty and the service was top notch, I will definitely go back.

Dale Dixon

The service was exceptional and my server was very descriptive when explaining the menu. The food was very enjoyable and the overall ambiance was great. The concept and décor of this restraint set the tone with great staff from the moment we walked in.

Chuck Bratt

First time here and it was great. All staff was Covid responsible, friendly and attentive. We will be back.

Alfred Boles

I have to say this place impressed me! From the mouthwatering cocktails to the fresh yellowtail sashimi appetizer. Not to mention an overabundance of flavor and tenderness that I loved from the Wagyu filet. The service was great and the beautiful atmosphere made our dining experience comfortable and optimistic to return soon!

Clair R.

First we were ignored by servers for about 10 minutes. Next, we were told to sit outside, anywhere we wanted. We did. Five minutes later, the same server who had ignored us asked us to move because our table was reserved. We came inside, promptly ordered. It's been thirty minutes and still no food. My teenage daughter accidentally spilled her water and I had to clean it up. No one offered a new water. The food was decent but nothing spectacular. Not impressed.

Jason R.

Friendly service, great food and awesome atmosphere. Definitely a spot to hit up in Granite Park.

Val D.

Great service. Fried pickles were different, delicious. The tequila on the rocks dressed with smoked salt was amazing, the owner suggested it. The fact that the owner was bussing tables, taking orders, and conversations with everyone showed he truly was involved.

Sherri W.

Just happened upon this place while walking along the boardwalk looking for a place to eat where we could sit outside. The patio was nice and covered to prevent us from being in direct sunlight. We ordered drinks at the walk up bar and I asked if they had any speciality drinks. The bartender suggested the F & F... a vodka cucumber concoction. Cucumber was all I needed to hear and I was all in! It was cold refreshing and delicious! Maybe a tad on the sweeter side, but I enjoyed it so much I ordered a second one. I had a difficult time choosing my lunch as everything sounded so good. I settled on the pastrami egg rolls for the table to share and a half of the pear and pecan salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The egg rolls came out piping hot and tased much like you would imagine... a pastrami sandwich stuffed in a crunchy egg roll rather than on bread. It was something different to try and we enjoyed them. My salad was delish with the pear slices on top and the pecans and blue cheese crumbles round out the flavors. I look forward to visiting this restaurant again!

Melisa C.

Came here prior to COVID19 and now again. Both times they were not good experiences. First time, the food was actually good, service was slow and chaotic. This time, food went downhill along with service and management. To top it off, I do not see any of the staff members wearing masks.

Bri W.

I found this restaurant on accident. I just learned of the boardwalk from googling and wanted to walk around and get some fresh air after being in the house for 67 days due to the corona. My friend and I loved the boardwalk so much it's really a great atmosphere. Much of the crowds were at the other restaurants so we decided to try Fork & Fire to get away from the crowds. Let me tell you I am so glad we did ! The food was absolutely amazing ! The service was outstanding! The staff was very attentive and answered our menu questions. You can tell they went to great lengths to find a way to serve customers safely and not miss a beat on anything else! It's only been 4 days since my visit and I'm already wanting to return.

Colby D.

Awesome atmosphere and good food. The servers were great and the owner is a really nice guy and took time to talk to us and make sure we had everything we needed!

Betsy V.

A hidden gem! Told my husband I wanted to go somewhere that I did not feel suffocated by the whole COVID-19 thing. Not only was there a sense of being normal, but the menu was fabulous! Had a great conversation with Jason, the owner. I ordered the Drunken Hammered Chicken with broccoli mashed. Can't wait to eat my leftovers! My husband had the Pastrami Sandwich with Truffle Fries. I can't wait to eat HIS leftovers! Rene', our waiter was excellent. This will definitely be our "go to " place!

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