746 S Central Expy #110, Richardson
(469) 872-0159

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Leo Martinez II

It was great, food is good, I got the burrito, it was a bit on the soggy side but still tasty

Allison Liles

Very good food! If you're missing that healthly fun meal you found in Hawaii, this is the place to come.

Jung C

Like the food and quality but absolutely over priced for take out. 20 Bucks easily per piece if you add a little extra. Usually end up paying for 100 bucks including tips for a family of 4.

grace d

Good but not great. Not the best poke in Dallas by any means

Venus Okeke

I felt the associate could have been more helpful and/or descriptive about the ordering process. When asked what she recommends, she didn't have much to say. The fish was fresh and tasty. I enjoyed it.

li yeya

Delicious bowls and pineapply dole whip ice cream

patricia Lainez

It was good but not what I expected. I did the combo pick 2 protein and only got 4 pieces of shrimp and a little bit of chicken. It was mainly rice and toppings but it tasted good, it would of been better if they originally added more protein but I guess that why you would pay extra. However my biggest complaint was the coco mango dessert which contained NO MANGO whatsoever, they didn't even have any ready and went to the back to make some but if you knew u had no mango bits they could of mentionedthat before I paid for it and took it home. It was mainly the white pudding stuff and the mango syrup. I would of been better off not getting it honestly.

Remy Abarquez

I know poke is raw but may I suggest cooked salmon as an option along with the shrimp and chicken for people who cannot do raw protein but enjoys the rest of the stuff it comes with. Great location. Thanks.

Christopher Colley

The food was delicious and the kids were happy. Everyone ate all their food and that was a first.

Lindsay F.

Food was fresh, delicious. Sadly we came in on a night when they were offering this promo. After ringing everything up we were then told that this promotion "only applied to chicken and tofu" seems like false advertising, no exceptions on the sign. Hmmmmm.

Andrew B.

Whether or not you like this place will depend on whether you want authenticity or a commercialized experience. Kinda like authentic Mexican food vs Taco Bell. Then you have to judge whether or not the food is good. I can confirm that Pokeworks is more of the Taco Bell variety as far as authenticity goes. This place is for those who "experience" foreign countries by never leaving the resort. I wanted an authentic poke bowls, no frills. The process is not even close. I decided to "make my own bowl" and the employee was confused as to why I didn't want tomatoes, cucumber,, avocados, corn, lettuce,, etc. There was no Hawaiian salt and no limu. There's that. Then I tried a garlic spam musubi. Why did I try the spam musubi? Because in my opinion, you can only find okay spam musubi or really awesome spam musubi in Hawaii. It is so impossible to mess up that even a child in Hawaii can make decent spam musubi. That impossibility does not extend to Pokeworks. Their spam musubi sucks. It has all the ingredients, but the end product is so bad. Spam musubi is supposed to have a juicy texture that collapses and blends together as your teeth pass through the layers from each bite, all without breaking apart. Pokeworks spam musubi is like drilling a hole into the earth and hitting every layer of sand and bedrock. It was all over the place. The spam was dry, the rice was dry, the seaweed was paper. And they made it for me "fresh" as I waited. They could even sell it for a dollar and it wouldn't qualify as a loss leader. It really is just that bad. The only two other things I can say passed the test are the seaweed salad (ocean salad) and the Dole soft serve. However, these come already prepared so it's for real impossible to mess up. The Dole soft serve is to die for. I would recommend it to anyone. If you're not looking for the real thing and just want a place to get your health on, this is a decent option although it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH (x 100) cheaper to buy ahi and make your own. You could create 1lb worth of poke in less time than it takes to take a trip to Pokeworks and stand in that Subway type serving line. I'll rate this place for what it is. A food chain that is rumored to be inspired by authenticity, that caters to Hollywood perceptions, and that capitalizes on consumer ignorance. It is in the same category as Taco Bell, Chipotle, etc. At least those restaurants have good products. Pokeworks is just average and is a 2.5 star, but we can't give half stars so I'll be nice and give it a 3.

Selena E.

This my go to lunch spot ! Ingredients are so fresh, staff is so friendly. Best poke in Richardson!

Keven W.

I went here with my coworkers. It is in an upcoming location as there are new shops opening up. You have a choice of bowls there is medium which is a choice of 2 meats or large with a choice of 3 meats. There is a custom bowl you can order as well. I got the choice of 3 meats for $13.00. I chose the salad, but you can choose rice or burrito. You can choose any topping you like, but they just give you a small portion like a spoonful. Overall, the poke salad bowl was awesome and spicy. The fish was fresh and good. My wife will definitely enjoy this place, but it is not as good as the one in Folsom.

Celina L.

I came here on the way to the airport this past weekend as I needed to have something to eat before I left. I was excited to have a sushi burrito because in Cali for some reason, they don't have sushi burritos in my area anymore. I walked in and it was pretty quiet, since there was no customers in there and a gentleman greeted us. My boyfriend ordered his food and my turn was next. A lady came out to help, but I think she didn't put enough rice into the machine, so the machine that makes the rice and puts it on the seaweed got jammed. Another guy came out to help her and he just took the rice that already came out back into the machine. No biggie, but would have been nice to get fresh rice out of the cooker. My boyfriend wanted to pay while I was getting my food, but the person who made his food said, "No you have to wait until she is done before you pay. Okay? I'm guessing he needed to know if I was going to add anything extra that was not already included. To be honest, he could of just straight up asked me if I wanted anything else and my boyfriend could of already paid without me being finished yet. We opened the box of sushi burritos and I got to say, it looked sad. The ones I get in Sacramento in Cali were much bigger than this. The ingredients and the sauce were okay, but the size and how much the sushi burrito fell apart as I was eating it was pretty disappointing. Overall, I think another poke place could be better.

Justin G.

2 stars for wrong order delivered through Uber eats. The order ticket is correct so not Uber eats fault. Paid for large poke bowl with half rice half salad and received regular bowl with just white rice.

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