The Original Henry's

3015 Sherwood Way, San Angelo
(325) 223-0171

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James Quinn

This restaurant can seat a whole lot of customers. Went on a Sunday at 12:30 with a full parking lot and was able to be seated right away. I ordered Madelyn's Special ribeye steak with a cheese enchilada. It was a good meal. Service was fast and good. The salad with grilled chicken breast was tasty. Salsa was nice and spicyFood: 5/5

Josh Hockett

Family all came in at 630pm and the place was hopping busy! Despite that, our server came out quick to take drink orders and food orders. The food came out really quick as well which surprised me given the bustle of the place. The portions were big, the food was very tasty all round. No one had much left on their plate by the end of our stay. Prices are very affordable across the whole menu I noticed. Lots of inside space for seating without being cramped. The space inside is much bigger than one would think from the outside. I can see why this place is such a favorite for groups and big family dinner outings now. My Tia Mari plate with chicken was delicious! Get that if you have never been there before. The chicken fried steak and yellow gravy is outstanding as well.

Ron M

"ANOTHER DELICIOUS MEAL" Yesterday, Tuesday, around our Dinner time, my Wife said; "Why don't we go to Henry's tonight for Dinner." That tells me she does not want to cook and she wants to go to Henry's for Dinner. I figured that out all by myself and it sounds good to me. So, I said; "Okay." We have not been to the Original Henry's for a long time now and we are due. We tried to go just before New Years but when I called them and asked about their Christmas Decorations they said; "They are almost all down" - so, we didn't go that day. Shortly after Thanksgiving up to the New Year, they have 'Everything' decorated for Christmas and it's Absolutely Beautiful - this is a 'Must Go' time - and we didn't make it this time but did see this last December, 2021. The Original Henry's is one of our favorite places to eat. Their Food Presentation is Right On Every Time, Specials Tuesday thru Thursday and of course Happy Hour. It's always a Fun Time to eat there, Friendly Staff and Customers. When we arrived we were greeted by the Hostess and shown to a booth. The Chips & Sauce Guy brought over the Chips and Sauce (hence the name). Their Red Sauce is HOTTT and Flavorful. Our Server is Brandon and he is training a new Server, Amanda. We asked about their Happy Hour and ordered some Beers, Miller Lite for my Wife and a Dos Equis Draft for me and waters for both of us. Our drinks are ordered and we looked over the menu knowing what we want and ordered when our drinks arrived. We both went with their 'Tuesday Specials' Entrée plates for only $9.50 each. My Wife - 'Beef or Chicken Fajitas' (chose Beef); Served with Beans, Rice, Guacamole, Salad & Flour Tortillas. I am having the 'Chile Relleno'; Anaheim Pepper stuffed with Taco Meat, wrapped with a Scrambled Egg, topped with Spanish Sauce & Cheese. Served with Beans, Rice & Salad with Dressing. My Wife and I toasted with our Cold Beers and ate lots of those Chips & Red Sauce - and the Beers helped cool down the HOTTT Red Sauce. Soon our food arrived and it does look Delicious. Once again, Henry's presentation of food is Spot On. One seems to always enjoy Food when it's Beautifully Presented. My Wife Loved her Beef Fajitas and I did also (she let me have some). The Beef is seasoned and Very Tender and Tasty. My Chile Relleno is Delicious and packed with a lot of Taco Meat and I love the Scrambled Egg all around the Anaheim Pepper - it's all Very Tastylicious. They also have Very Good tasting Rice & Beans and the Salad does come with Dressing. I ate all of mine and the rest of my Wife's Fajitas - it's what I do. Brandon and Amanda stopped by our table checking on us at just the right times and both earned the "Dollar-Bow-Tie" Award and Brandon remembered us from before - and earned the "Dollar-Bow-Tie" Award then also. We arrived at just the right time because Henry's is full of Happy Customers. We always have Fun at Henry's as we did last night. Tasty Food, Cold Beers, Friendly Staff and Happy Hour Prices. Check'em out when you can and I'm sure you will enjoy whatever you order. My Lovely Wife and I cruised all the way home on another Beautiful San Angelo Evening.

Mason Supply

Definitely not going back. We have been coming each year when we come into town and it’s clear that the owners are now more focused on turning and burning tables than they are about quality.The people at the front are rude and hardly accommodating. The service is slow. The prices have certainly gone up but the quality has definitely gone down. The margaritas tasted like they were a premix or from a bottle.This place has gotten fat and happy and now there are much better places to go, and that’s where you will find us next time.


Very popular place... packed with locals. Good food and drinks. Good service and prices. Off-street parking.

Cessy Cano

Loved it!! The mariachis were quite a treat. Our waitress Dina was cordial, friendly and very attentive. Loved the guizo and tortilla soup. Also, we loved the decor.Food: 5/5

Teena R.

Fantastic food. One of the best Mexican food I have ever had. The atmosphere was beautiful. The staff was on point. I will be making this a regular when in town visiting.

Pat L.

Been the only Mexican food place for me in San ANgelo for over 20 years. Always delicious and consistent!

Nikki A.

Excellent service and awesome food! Best Mexican food we've had in years! We went in with a large family group while gathered for the memorial for a family member. It's probably been 10+ years since we've all been together. The Henry's staff was so gracious to us even though it was near their closing. Our food was brought out quickly and to top it off, it was absolutely delicious. Thank you to Henry's staff for taking such good care of our family. We will be back again and again!

Janie Perez

I'm always amazed with the service, teamwork on the floor is like is served promptly always hot, bursting with flavor.. I enjoy the fact each entrée has its own unique flavor. Beans and rice always on point. Drinks are cold... the salsa is great always fresh ( to spicy for me to enjoy) I dip a chip or two. Highly recommend

Marty “Mars” McMillan

I love this restaurant but all I ever get is their perfectly-seasoned chicken fried steak. I don't know what gives their gravy that color but the taste is fantastic! And I like that they show the steak off by placing it on top of the gravy. Fries are yummy too. West TX comfort food at its best. I highly recommend this backbone of the San Angelo Tex-Mex restaurant scene.

Andrea Saavedra

Had to try this place while in town, so many reviews! The enchilada sauce reminded me of my madrina’s and loved it to much! They were really busy but our server was very kind and attentive


Food was trash, customer service was trash. Very ride and disrespectful. All the mexican customers were getting the red carpet, while the blacks and whites got treated poorly and then complained about there tips. Fk them trashy bastrds

David Fell

Good Mexican food. The enchiladas are excellent. The margaritas are top notch. Service is excellent. The staff are friendly. Prices are very good. Overall, this place has earned a 5 star rating. We'll done Original Henry's Mexican Restaurant.

Joe J. Diaz

All great food, staff are very friendly and promptly to taking care of you. They also sang "Happy Birthday" to us.

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