54th Street Grill & Bar-Richland Hills

7735 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio
(210) 681-5454

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Justin Allen

I am visiting San Antonio for 6 weeks and I have ate at this location three times so far. Three different delicious meals, three different friendly servers. My souse was impressed as well.

Jessica Jasso

Food and service is awesome. I’m not from the area but the staff has was very helpful and the bartenders were awesome. Josh and Emily were very informative about all menu items and super helpful!!!

opentable dinner

Very nice place !!!! Excellent decoration


The Restaurant is located right next to our hotel. The food is balanced, healthy, varied and well seasoned. The prices are fair. The only thing I can not rate well and it is really important is service. They take too long to serve even the restaurante is almost empty. When placing an order by phone and picking it up, they forget to add dressings for salads and clutery. Just check everything before you arrive to your room.

Kyle W

Been here twice. First time I ordered a Buffalo chicken sandwich and it came out burnt. Blackened breading all around it. Just left there today had ordered fish tacos. I understand it’s cinco de Mayo and they are busy but after 40 minutes I asked to pay for my beer to leave because I had somewhere to be. Bar tender (which was very nice) went to check on the food and asked if I wanted it to go. She came back to inform me they are still waiting on the coleslaw....I actually stayed in the spring hill suites next door just to have a bar next to me. I will not be going back to this business.

Shirley T

On our way out of San Antonio and on to Wimberly, we stopped at 54th street Bar and Grill. Excellent lunch stop! My husband had jambalaya and I had a hamburger that was excellent! I rate this establishment a BIG 5!! The atmosphere and decor was very enjoyable.

B Gonzales

Always great food. Nice options for appetizers, main courses, and drinks. Their fried fish is good. Can't go wrong with their burgers, sliders, and fries. They've got a full bar and good happy hour. Staff was great and helpful. Definitely worth checking out.

Jamye Turner

Won't go back to this location started not to feel good after I ate 4 lemon pepper chicken wings from my appetizer. Then to top it off when I got my meal (burger and fries). I saw a string in my fries turned out to be a long strand of hair. The manager didn't charge us for our food and offered me another plate. I declined as well as my friends that were with me.

Marylu Gonzalez

The painkiller drink was more ice than anything else and the egg on the burger was cooked all the way through even though I asked for it to be runny. The waitress was fine just nowhere to be found when we needed silverware, I would have preferred to tip the tall,dark and handsome waiter who immediately apologized and rushed to get the silverware for us.

Lisa Sheffield

We love eating at 54th Street but this location was TERRIBLE. 100% if we didn’t know the other locations were good (and THEIR food), I would never go back or recommend this business. Service was very slow from the start, but we weren’t in a hurry. Then our order came out wrong and cold and after asking 2 servers for forks and napkins and then watching both of them go straight to other tables and trying to be patient, I went to retrieve them myself. ....I timed it...one never came back and the other waitress didn’t come back for 10min!! Seriously. When she finally came with utensils, I did tell her about the mistakes on the order. But it didn’t matter because our food was cold and over cooked when it finally got to the table in the beginning. We won’t be going back to any locations for the near future as a bad experience lasts awhile.

Natalie Lara

I love piña coladas, I get them all the time and invest my time in trying them around my city. Today, I purchased a eight dollar piña colada and expected it to be heavenly, or at least decent, it was not. Watered down and with just a simple cherry on top of what appeared to be simple slush. I expected more for an eight dollar drink. At chedders their piña coladas cost five dollars and they are to die for, the presentation it’s amazing and so is the taste. Topped off with a cherry, pineapple and drizzle of syrup on the rim, with pieces of coconut. I’m so disappointed. Also, our waiter seemed to be very busy and overloaded with work from other tables, he’d forget things we’d ask for and I completely understand how busy it can get but he began to get aggravated and became rude. He’d leave as fast as he can once we’d order or once we’d ask for what we need to better accommodate our visit he’d leave in a haste. This made it hard to ask for refills or simple items such as utilities or straws. We had wanted to use a code for a free appetizer as well and understood that it was a bit old and it may not work. He proceeded to tell us “I don’t know when they expire, just don’t get mad if it doesn’t work.” We believed that to come off rude, my table had understood that it may or may not work but being asked to “not get mad” had somewhat made us feel uncomfortable.

Noe Diaz

Just moved into SA last week, and decided to try this restaurant. Waiter and food was amazing. We had a mix up on the order, and the manager Seth fixed the problem ASAP and alleviated any issues. Will go again definitely!

Rebecca Anderson

I have eaten here 2 times. Every time I do, I struggle to find a meal that doesn't have an issue. Everything they have on the menu that we've tried was at least a little bit spicy, which doesn't work with my ulcer. They were willing to correct it or replace it, but I'd rather they not have to. The macaroni and cheese, a usual safe choice, was spicy. The filet mignon was overcooked (NEVER a good sign!). I didn't find them very good at social distancing (we were say very close to others at a table in the middle of the room and walking paths), they had to be asked to wipe down our table after we sat since it was still sticky, and they didn't seem like they wanted us there in general. Disappointing overall. The best thing was that the server was mostly friendly.

Caroline D

Would definitely recommend! Their sangria is amazing. Visited this past Thursday after work and a stressful shift. Me and the coworker both sat down outside in the patio available sitting and our server Marisa was amazing.We sat dpwn waited for 15mins and the other server a Male kept overlooking us and Marisa was so awesome to take our table. She was super attentive even with a busy night. Thank you for making our crazy hospital shift a million times better!


As always great customer service! Ciarra was helpful friendly quick to accommodate our entire dining experience! We had her last time as when I cam her for the 1st time everrr. Will def e back again! :)Now onto the food part! We ordered the calamari and nachos. The calamri was not had I expected (meaning not like what you get from olive garden or something) it had Chile and bell peppers on it and the cocktail sauce was not mixed right because the bottom taste like straight up horse raddish. The famous nachos with cheese was good like always. ? my son ordered the sliders and he said they were good. My little girl had the summer salad she was excited it had strawberries, but did not like the taste the vinerergette over the salad was a Debbie downer due to the smell of it and the vinegar taste. (It's basically and acquired taste) My man had the chicken fried steak and he said well it was delicious ? I ate the chicken tortilla soup and cheesecake; both were delicious. I def recommend the Cuban Mojito drink! We look forward to out next dining experience.?

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54th Street Grill & Bar-Richland Hills

7735 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 681-5454