Blue Star Provisions

1414 S Alamo St #103, San Antonio
(210) 858-0329

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(Edited)I was able to get an item in a quick hurry but the female employee must have personal problems because she doesn’t mind releasing it on customers.Is there another employee there who knows work/life balance and actually enjoys her job?

Chris Salinas

Great cake and desserts

Bobbie Suzanne F

Fabulous meal! Fantastic ambience! A special surprise venue we found!! Awesome beers! The Greek bunless burger was phenominal!!! Don't miss this!


How is the lady working there?She isn’t very smart at all in transactions and giving products out for free to customers.

Angi A.

Aggressive, crazy man who works there rushed up on me out nowhere!! To bully and scare me! So, I want to clear- I would have NEVER given this lil spot 1 star if what happened to me there yesterday had not occurred. That being said.. Let me explain. I have visited this shop several times due to the fact that I literally live a couple hundred yards away. My typical reasoning to visit this store is to run in quickly for some random thing I need for whatever it is that I am cooking at that time. However, yesterday afternoon I went into my little neighborhood "charming" market with a completely different intent.. The weather was perfect, I actually had TIME to stop n smell the roses.. And enjoy the little details.. Which BS Provisions, believe it or not.. DO have little pieces of local artists' works and other gifts etc. there for sale. So, armed with my Beats headphones on.. Enjoying my music, I decided I'd take my time to mosey around the shop here... And 99% of the time I spent inside the store.. there was maybe 1/2 other customer(s) that had come in to grab something and leave.. ALSO note- I was fully masked and covered solely for the purpose of being respectful of others. And I must mention that from the minute I walked into the store, the cashier who I had never seen before had his eye on me the WHOLE time.. And that alone made me sooo uncomfortable but I told myself, I'll be dam*ed if I'm going to let somebody bully me out of here or make me feel like I have something to apologize for.. Which is my typical response but instead I ignored it and TRIED to just enjoy browsing... Well, on one side of the store they have art, cups and actually really cool Blue Star shirts... Well.. I guess I spent a little too long shopping because out of nowhere this man, the guy working, rushes up on me.. waved his hand (since I had earbuds in) He startled me!! (as he INTENDED TO) I rip my buds from my ear, and I said Yes? And soooo rudely he goes "Ummm is there something wrong with you ??" And i said "What? Have I done something wrong?" And he goes with this UGLY attitude he snaps back at me- "Um well you've been in here for like 20 minutes!!" I am stunned at this point, thinking is This really happening ? And I look around and there is NOBODY else in the store.. I am 100% alone with this crazy aggressive man.. And I said.. "Um i am sorry ? Is that not ok? I normally just run in and out of here but today I had time to mosey and look for gifts... ". When I get scared or nervous I start to ramble so I'm telling this crazy guy things he doesn't even need to know just because I am fearful. I was so scared and uncomfortable, I don't remember what else he barked at me but I was able to say enough to satisfy whatever the reasoning he had to approach me the way he did.. And I ended up telling him that I would finish and leave. And it wasn't but 30 seconds after that, I composed myself, paid for my things and got the heck OUT OF THERE!! Not to mention, with all that I had picked to purchase in my TWENTY MINUTES present at the store, I paid over $220 by the way- Because I was getting gifts for Mother's Day etc - Again, details that are nobody's business to begin with! Excuse me for shopping ?? I just don't get it. I would have shopped for more had that man not done that to me. But I will NEVER EVER EVER go there again. And that makes me sad. Shame on that guy to do that to me, all by myself, and had me cornered in the far back of the store. Ugh. Never again. Quick note- This was 5:30~6PM on a Saturday so it wasn't as if he was waiting on me to close the shop... They're open until 9pm on Saturdays


We just stopped here for drinks. The beer was ok. Not bad, but definitely not the best craft beer I've had. Enjoyed the stop but it wouldn't have bothered me if missed this place.

Jim Wyatt

Gr8 local establishment. Predominately walk in traffic from the Blue Star area here in Southtown. Check their web page for more info. Also includes an area for coffee, food, etc. First time experience today with surly employee at check out. Maybe he was having a bad day. But it was a very unpleasant experience for me as a loyal client. All I was trying to do was to order coffee.

Milton Green

Nice cozy mini Mart!


We were hungry having ridden to the missions and back. Covid means there’s not a lot of tables so whilst it was busy, I don’t think it was THAT busy. We waited 50 mins for a nachos, burger and fish tacos. Our server didn’t communicate with us even when he could see we’d been waiting a while. I could see other tables were waiting a while too. Now, the food was definitely NOT worth the wait. The nachos were not tasty at all. The Greek bunless burger was awful. The Greek salad was not at all like a Greek salad and the burger patty was salty and chewy. The fish tacos were dry and tasteless. We were so hungry we ate most of it. The server gave us 20% off the bill but honestly it wasn’t even worth the discounted price. I would not go back here. Stop here for a drink and watch sport but definitely don’t eat here. Quite honestly, one of the worst lunch experiences I’ve had in SA.

Cody White LDPF

Come here a lot for this and that and have always had good experiences. The other night I called ahead asking if the store carried marshmallows (they do!). When I arrived 30 minutes later, I was greeted by the same guy I had spoken on the phone with. He had actually put aside a bag of marshmallows behind the counter right after our call, saving them for when I arrived. Awesome gesture that reflects on such a great staff! It’s the little things like that. Love this place

Chad Johnson

Super cute spot for breakfast!

Monty Mont

amazing staff great prices wide selection of various food taste items morning tacos are on point

Carlyn Fryberger

I have stopped into Provisions multiple times over the course of the past year or two. Besides groceries, they have wonderful fresh coffee, baked goods, and other locally made items (like soaps, candles, etc.). The folks who work there are always helpful and kind. I highly recommend this store to anyone in the Blue Star area!

Angie T.

If you're needing something quick then this is the place for you, but if you're needing something quality this is not the place for you. I was not greeted the entire staff simply ignored me didn't say hi didn't ask if I had any questions and they're trying to charge me seven dollars for a warm-up meal, I don't think so. Don't come here I prefer HEB on S Flores if you want grocery style service


I live very close to this shop so I made a quick trip after seeing an ad for a baked good on social media. I wasn’t sure if they were related to a donut shop in PDX, given their name. My spouse and I walked in and both the lady behind the counter and the lady sitting in the back (who I assume also worked there) completely ignored us. I had to ask if they sold donuts, to which the lady behind the counter replied they were out. I told her I came in specifically for a donut I saw online and she said nothing. She could’ve offered another suggestion, gave me a better day/time to come back, or just acknowledged what I was there for. After leaving a comment on social media I received a bland message from the store stating the best day to come for donuts and they apologized for the bad experience but didn’t ask what happened or why I thought the service bad. My issue was not the donuts, it was the apathetic behavior and response from them. Will not be going back.

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