Boudro's on the Riverwalk

On The Riverwalk Level, 421 E Commerce St, San Antonio
(210) 224-8484

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Amanda Deutscher

Very professional and comfortable environment, especially for the Riverwalk. The food was absolutely divine, and the service was spot on as well. Israel was our server and he was very precise with the menu and made our evening enjoyable. We will definitely request him again!

Melissa Castelo

Great food, great service. Can't really ask for more. Originally had a reservation for patio but the sweltering heat made us think twice so we asked for inside. Host was kind enough to accommodate. Tableside guacamole was flavorful and appreciated the server asking how spicy we'd like it. Coconut Shrimp was also fantastic, perfect balance of sweet and spicy with the chili sauce. Service was always prompt and we never felt like we had to ask for anything.

S Foster

Andreas and his server Team are excellent as always! Thank You for the wonderful treatment of my wife and I while celebrating her birthday and our 21 Yr Anniversary. We’ve been coming here since about our 4th. Great food and people!!Thank YouThe Foster’s

L Adames

We weren't able to make a reservation for a party of 8 and decided to try a walk-in. Another party didn't show and George at the host stand was able to get us in and seated within 5mins. Kudos to George. The service and food were amazing. This place is a much needed break from the tourist places on the Riverwalk with medicore service and even worse food. Do you and yours a favor and go. It's worth every penny.

David Mehall

Terrific in every way. Susan was very good and the meal was just excellent. The gentleman host was excellent. The restaurant was packed and we left at 8:45 pm and there was a long line to get a table. The Louisiana Bread pudding was terrific to finish off a great meal. Do not pass this restaurant up as this is the best meal on the Riverwalk. No one is even close.

Erika Barrios

Amazing food, extremely rude staff and horrible service, I would know after 25 years in the restaurant industry. Shutting lights off & flickering them, as a sign for closing when you have been waiting on them and accepting their lack of service and impolite and rude staff. If you like nice food but no service or rude people, go there! Not worth $400 for three dinners and feeling like an inconvenience to the point were a 10 year old felt bad about eating there. I would not recommend this place unless they change service mannerisms. Embarrassing, a family of four try to sit at an empty restaurant and the way they spoke to them I would have politely recommended other restaurant. Very disappointed. I wait to call and see if I can let it go but I am going to call the manager and speak with them directly since they were not around when I was there and I'm still upset after 72 hours. By the way, sold the glass wine and I can't try the wine? before I buy the bottle? Anyway I tipped my usual no less than 25% from the total, included tax and wine.

Lacy West

Everything we ordered here was amazing! Lots of spice, but wonderful flavor.The best guacamole that we have EVER had, made fresh at the table. Forgot to get a picture before we dug in...We also had the Mesquite Grilled Quail and Seared Scallops for an appetizer. The main dishes were Shrimp and Grits and Coconut Shrimp. Dessert was Lime Chess Pie and Louisiana Bread Pudding (omg the whiskey sauce - I could lick off the plate!) It is pricey, but we knew that going in, so wasn't unexpected. The food is so fabulous, would definitely return and recommend!

Shelithia Jackson

I ordered the Crab Cakes and Shrimp and Grits and it was Amazing. The food did not disappoint at all. Our waiter Michael was great and made great recommendations. I highly recommend making reservations. We did and only waited 2 minutes once we checked in. Again, well worth it.


A great place right on the Riverwalk! The Guacamole was made fresh at our table and was delicious! I had a wonderful smokey filet and stuffed quail chef’s special that was amazing! My wife had a Blue Crab tostada and said it was one of her favorite dinners in San Antonio. Amazing service from Tracy and don’t forget to order a Prickly Pear margarita!! Great place!

Renie Bazenas

Absolutely the best! We recently had dinner there for our anniversary and Anton (I apologize if I have miss-spelled) and Micheal were just wonderful! Both of them were so personable and went above and beyond to make our experience there perfect. I had the shrimp and grits, best I’ve ever had and my husband had the blackened prime rib...amazing! We had the prickly pear margarita as well as the guacamole..... an absolute must! Thank you for making our anniversary dinner so perfect!

Stacey P.

I had high expectations based on the reviews and left wanting in almost every way. It started promising. I was immediately seated when I came to the door. I admit I wasn't thrilled with the seat because even by pre-Covid standards the table was very close to everyone and also by a heavily trafficked walkway. I was seated by a people interstate. I think half the restaurants and all the servers passed me at least once. My server initially was fantastic. He seemed very engaging. He was quite eager to make a sale though which felt weird. I told him about my food allergy and initially he told me everything would be safe, even when I insisted one appetizer he recommended has never been a safe choice for me, and then came back and told me I had to make all new selections because the cooks confirmed everything wasn't safe. Try making new selections while someone is hovering over you. It isn't comfortable. I ended up with the fish. I was a bit disappointed to see no description of what kind of fish. It just said fish. It was nice. Not great. Not special. Just nice. A rather fine white mystery fish. The potatoes weren't so great. They had an odd after taste. The cocktail was fine. It wasn't that tasty and was heavy handed with a tequila. Then when I wanted to go my server disappeared. I waited for fifteen minutes before trying to flag someone down and then it took another fifteen minutes to get a check. I finally saw my server as I was leaving and he told me goodbye with the wrong name. Like I don't expect my servers to remember my name. But if you can't remember then just don't try. It is so much worse with the wrong name! All in all disappointing.

Joe C.

Seated on river walk. Pleasant outside this evening. Waiter was excellent in menu selections and speed. Had Blue Crab Tostada, fresh and good. Nice place to sit out on terrace and people watch too.

Hannah T.

My husband and I visited here during a Sunday night and were surprised they were able to quickly get us a table! The service was quick and the staff was very friendly. The food wasn't exceptionally amazing but it was good food. I'd recommend it to others for sure!

Tracy T.

Probably my favorite and the best place to eat on the riverwalk. That guac for 2 got me every time. Honestly, it should just be guac, because I totally finished that dish solo each and every time (and by choice). They make it to your liking, and even add a pizzazz of heat (if that's your business) to give a little kick. Enchilada's are great, the shrimp and grits are amazing and that crab tostada just hits the spot at anytime. The bread is also delicious. Nothing special, just delicious bread and butter that's soft light (no need to worry about calories, now). Service is really amazing. Everyone is nice and attentive. Three visits, and I have yet to have a bad experience. Take note that this place gets packed fast. Recommend reservations in advance, if possible. Otherwise, there will be a wait. And the riverwalk gets super packed. Like, club packed and breath on face/above your head type of stuff. If that's not your thing during this time of COVID, get it to go. The service will be just as good and you avoid the crowds overall. If crowds are your thing, then rock on. You have probably found your happy place.

Jeff O.

Atmosphere was great. The sea cakes was delish. Scallops were good but not better than Rebelle Scallops down the block. Overall a place worth the visit. Try it out. You wont be disappointed.

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