Bubba's 33

7518 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio
(210) 684-0333

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Johny Chingas

great fast friendly service, I wish the one back home on pasadena was like this. A+++ service

Deb G

Great pub atmosphere. Large screen TV's throughout the restaurant & Bar, Had the delish cooked to perfection Ribeye steak, friends had the tasty pizza & signature bacon burger!Large selection of beer & wine, plenty of parking. Friendly staff & service was on point. Clean.

Dwn Wth Vwls

Their goat cheese pizza is good. Don't get me wrong. It tastes amazing. However, I've gotten it 3 times and twice now they didn't put the goat cheese crumbles on it. It's still a good pizza even without the crumbles, but they've forgotten them more than once now.

Janie Lujan

Well before I would recommend this place but the last 2 experience was just horrible! The first experience I was there with my family of 8-9 just go and have dinner together well I ordered my burger well done and it came in pink so I had to wait for them to make my order again while my family ate then about 2 months later we went back not by my choice but a birthday request to eat dinner with family and again I ordered well done and it came back pink so again I had to wait while family ate.

Krystle Botello

I had the most amazing service tonight from a young lady named Iliana. She was such a breath of fresh air! So happy, polite, professional, friendly and just incredible! Her personality is Infectious in the best way. I work in customer service and would absolutely love to have someone as great as she is on my team! So happy to have had the pleasure of meeting her. The drinks were great the food was equally as good, but the service is what prompted my review for sure. Too many people love to write a review when they are upset and want the world to know... well I want the world to know it is a great moral booster when you see a review from someone that has had a great experience as well. Thank you ?


HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Came in and got some drinks and great food.! Regular children’s menu but good enough for the kids .! I recommend

Rogelio Rogerio Jr

Very casual place,awesome atmosphere

Lorena S.

This spot has good food however I waited foo my to go order 40 mins only to not have my order right and when I tried to call the hostes transferred me over to "to go " instead of addressing my concern disappointed

Oscar J.

This sports bar does many things very well. The aesthetics, entertainment, service, and food are all stellar. There were a variety of beers on tap, Plenty of screens with sporting events, music videos, and Chive tv playing so it was a fun place to hangout for awhile. The food was fresh and came out in under 15 minutes which was impressive given the size of the menu. It really shows when food is prepared with some level of care: nuance of flavor, quality of ingredients, and serving temperature, etc. My wife and I shared wings and a Philly cheesesteak. These were both delicious and our server was very attentive. For being a chain restaurant, I was impressed.

Jeremy S.

This was the first time visiting Babba's 33 and I am a tad bit disappointed. First, we had to wait 35 minutes to be seated. I was okay with that due to it being a Friday and they looked relatively busy. Then we sat down and it took an hour for us to get our food. While waiting, two tables who got there well after us got their food before we did. The food itself was good but not exactly what I expected. Very salty and very greasy. The best part was the strawberry lemonade. The cheese pizza was okay. Our waiter (Kayce) was really good as far a service though. She was very attentive making sure we had refills and checked in on us making sure we were good. She is probably why I gave this place three stars instead of one. On a final note, Kayce told us that the manager was going to drop something off at our table but the manager never came so we left. I don't know what it is/was that she/he was supposed to drop off. Idk if I will be back. Might try a different location.

Yvonne Herron

Not bad over all, wait time was 25 minutes to be seated. It was a weeknight (Wed), and we arrived around 8 pm. Atmosphere was pleasant, wait staff followed up on us every 5 minutes or so. Food was GREAT. Appetizers came promptly, drinks took a little longer....BUT our waiter had no control over that.... that was the Bartender. The only critique I have is, we asked for water RIGHT from the start and after everything had hit our table we asked again for it.... Finally we got it ?.....so over all not bad.

Gabriel Morin

It was our first visit to Bubba's and we were not disappointed. My wife and I shared the Meaty, Meaty and the guacamole burger and they were delicious. We will definitely go back.

B Gonzales

Always great food. They've got many choices to select from. The burgers are awesome. They've got pizza and wings too! They've got easily accessible curbside pickup if you don't want to dine in. Friendly staff. I suggest stopping by and checking this spot out.

Jamie Medrano

This was our first time here and the staff was very friendly loved the atmosphere and big shout out to our server Juan he was beyond amazing definitely looking forward to visiting again. ❤❤

Jordan Rich

My first time here w/ Mike. GREAT! hospitality. From good drinks & food. I HIGHLY recommend. #shout out to our hostess

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