1350 Austin Hwy, San Antonio
(210) 824-6400

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They close earlier than store hours posted; workers seen focused on close up cleaning.

Roo Roo

The food was amazing I had soup, the line however was around the entire block but still went pretty fast surprisingly overall great service and food

Mua Tay

Miss Erica who is a manager, was so rude and not helpful at all with my situation. Online I had ordered a LARGE lemonade and received a small size and was not giving the right size. I'm very upset with how she handled it and when asked to speak with someone else she wouldn't let me speak with them. She's completely unprofessional, and so extremely rude I will NOT ever bring my family to that location again. They did not help fix what THEY messed up, all I asked was for the right size drink and couldn't even get that. And ontop of that I asked for light ice and there was NO ice at all. Hot DISGUSTING tea. Do not come here.

moodz.editz_._ 7w7

I love how nice the employees are and how fast our order is made.

Tammy Dullnig

Consistent and pretty fast drive thru. The curbside is slower than the drive thru. Yes you can order it ahead, but they still make it fresh when you arrive. That's nice, but tack on the time it takes someone to walk it out to you and you're stuck there a while.

Kathryn A.

Moving from Atlanta, this chick fil a has ZERO standards. EVERY single time I've gone to this location, they have messed up something on my order. Please send some management from Atlanta to this location. They need some serious help. This location is ruining the reputation of CFA.

Damian Arocho

They have a pretty fast system for taking orders and making sure everything is done correctly at a couple of checkpoints along your trek through the drive through. All are conscientious of wearing their face coverings and it doesn't detract from doing their job with the greatest of pleasure at all.

Stephen Colson

If your a delivery driver they will serve you last orders placced ahead of time and yhey will cllear out the drive thru and still have you waiting. It took 20 min to bring out a order for a chicken nugget meal. The staff is rude and gets upset when asked about your order. Order sat for 18 mins. Before they brang it out. This happens every time.

Nichola Gonzalez

This is the slowest Chick-fil-A I've ever been to. Even pre-pandemic, we would wait forever in line. It was actually slightly faster today during pandemic. This location needs some training for sure, to uphold the name.For Pandemic Purposes- Also, other locations are bringing your food out on a tray for you to grab. So that less people are touching your stuff. Other locations are holding the card reader out for you to swipe card, so that they don't have to touch your card.

Veronica S

25 minutes to get my curbside order. Then didn't even recieve the correct sauces. Food was good though.

Jackie Smith

Deliciousness! We did a curb side order for dinner on a Saturday evening. There were 12 cars in drive thru making orders. Our food was delivered to our vehicle promptly with proper Covid gear. Without checking, we drove home. We were short a meal that was on our order. Called back to the location they checked the computer and took our information for a later pickup. Apologies for the problem and inconvenience. We are all human, it was just a mistake. I should have checked the order.

a1lily. le

I love chick fil a but this place was very salty not sure if it was just my food that day

T Kron

We went for lunch and they forgot to add my son's lunch into our bag. I got all the way home and realized it. There was no way I could go back at the time. I called and spoke to mr.brown who apologized and said he would fix it. I went back about a week later and they went above and beyond to make up for it. Such amazing customer service!

Brittany Alvarado

Super fast and my order is always right, but while I get it's hot and your ladies and gentlemen are outside taking orders, they don't have to be rude.

ilan haas

I am always fond of Chick-Fil-A it is by far one of the best fast food restaurants in the country. This location is one of the best. This is our offices number one pick for lunch. I’m always pleased with the service at this location it’s fast even though their lines are always packed. The food is fantastic especially their spicy chicken sandwiches. I am always happy to spend my money at this location and I thank all of those who make it what it is. You guys are fantastic ?

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