1350 Austin Hwy, San Antonio
(210) 824-6400

Recent Reviews

Rey Martinez

It's Chic fil A. Always a good choice when you're hungry for some delicious chicken...

Ruben Rodriguez

Food is delicious, would be quicker if you could just order from intercom cause orders get messed up sometimes. Very polite! Love the grilled chicken wraps but I wish thai had the salads that use tio have!

Gaby Garcia

Using the Chickfila 1 app was a life saver! Dinner rush was in full effect with line winding all the way out the parking lot, but I was able to park and walk right in. My order was ready and I was out the door in less than 5 mins. I was very impressed.

Devin Carter

Fastest service I have ever had at a drive through. Would definitely go back.

Alexander Wild

The food was good and of course it's Chick-fil-A in the Alamo Heights area oh, so you're going to have a little Richie Rich Kids all over the place grabbing up the atmosphere. But the food is always good

Bert Ng

They are excellent here, this location is super busy, then again most Chick-fil-As are. They are adequately staffed and all the employees I encountered were very nice and respectful. Food was fresh and excellent as always.

Amanda Wallace

This is the closest location to me, and I've never had a bad experience here. Win win

joshua gentry

I'm taking back my stars, the food is great the history of this place is even more amazing. The fact that they are willing to change there values over a san antonio airport is ridiculous. I'm sorry but I dont go out to eat and expect the owner to have my same views. But I do know if I sell amazing food and people love it I will always serve them. This sensitivity if what one place believes in will change the heritage of your companies food. The fact that you changed to appeal to a group that eats there anyway. Whether they admit it or not is horrible on your part. What's next you going to open on sundays because atheists like me want a lemonade and some awesome waffle fries. Looks as its gonna be that way

Cassie Marie

Had an absolutely wonderful experience if I do say so myself. The employees we?re of course polite kind and generous but store was also very organized. I asked for a slightly special request and with no hesitation or fret, it was in the bag by the time I rolled by and rolled on out. Thanks so much for such great service

Joshua Salo

Chick-fil-A always has impressively fast service. I can always count on the drive through to keep moving fast. Love you guys!

Archie Milligan

This Place don't need a Review, it Speaks for itself!!! Just go there and look at the drive thru, when Cars are wrapped around the Building, that pretty much says everything! They are Totally Aussom! Need I say anything else!

Amanda Moor Bennett

This location needs to learn a little grace. Normally y?all are wonderful. I ordered a kids meal for my son and my daughter (who is only seven!) wanted a sandwich. I paid for an adult meal (which costs more!!!) for her and asked if it was possible for me to get a toy for her too. They told me no unless I paid for it. I figured since I paid for a more expensive meal for her they wouldn?t mind. Boy was I wrong. Two different staff members told me no with annoyed expressions on their face. She?s seven! Shows some empathy.

Tim Crawford

I'm glad that they are closed on Sundays because who can eat chicken 7 days a week. I also respect employers who acknowledge God.

Melissa Lopez

The manager was happy to assist. He even helped me log into my app to start collecting points.

maia smith

This location is pretty consistent in their food quality and very fast. Great iced coffee + breakfast in general! Interior can be a little messy depending on what time of the day you go in, but bathrooms are always clean.

Darci W.

I have never had a bad experience at ChickfilA, this location goes above and beyond. I take my special needs students here often to practice social skills and appropriate behavior in a restaurant. The staff (especially Jean) does an AMAZING job at being patient and kind to my kiddos. SO thankful!!

Juicy J.

Don't get me wrong I love chick fi la and I pay more because I know first off customer service is on point and food is consistently always done right , but today , I grabbed breakfast here and well y'all disappointed me , first off customer service was lacking ... my food was COLD (NOT nice and hot) . And seriously my hash browns weren't even filled , please look at the photo is this is acceptable? shouldn't there be just a little bit more hash browns ? second my "chicken burrito " was filled with eggs , and I can't make it up but three nuggets , y'all are chick fi la! Always a big fan I'm just not sure about this location

Cynthia Martinez

It is the best location everyone is super friendly, smiles the managers are the best play with the children who are important without letting know that the food is real, and super fast the service I love chick -fil-A very nice employees

Tanya Rodriguez

Always great customer service. Very attentive staff. Mac and cheese good for a fast food place.


This chick fila had for the most part maintained the standard that many fast good restaurants can't uphold

Rosa D.

Ive been coming here for awhile (only because its the closest). Its about 75/25 that my order is right and I normally dont bother too much because everyone has their off days. Well I had called a week ago because they drastically messed up my sándwich. I ordered a normal spicy deluxe chicken sándwich and thats what the Sticker said but what I opened the box to was obviously some modified crazy chicken sándwich. So I called and the mánager wrote my name down to come receive a replacement sándwich. Well going today, your managers customer service was rude about the situation and I still did not receive my replacement sándwich. Its ashame, this used to be a good Chick fil A

Brett Scholten

God's chicken is awesome and so is this location.

Mike Pheanis

Love the original excellent chicken sandwich. Still better than popeye's

Savannah Amerman

We went to Chick-fil-a this morning to grab breakfast , we entered the line @ 10:27 by the time we got to order it was 10:33... we would have like to order breakfast since we were there before 10:30. Natasha was taking our order and was very rude while my husband was in Army uniform after we pulled up to the window.... we were trying to explain to her what weâ??d been in line before 10:30 and was told no exception could be made after waiting 7 MINUTES in line to order.

Lance Graves

Great service, professional and attentive staff. Resturant is exceptionally clean. The owner is first class.

William S

Best damn chicken sandwich on Earth. Service is second to none

David Graves

I ordered breakfast for the first time at Chick-fil-a. They didn't ask how I like my coffee so when I received my order I went looking for cream and sugar. Since they didn't have any available I had to wait a few minutes for the busy crew to get what I needed. The meal was great as always.

Akton L.

Chain only good as weakest link. Rolled in at lunchtime a couple days ago. Upon bring up the app on my phone, was greeted with a message that I need to update the Chick-fil-A app. Perhaps that was the cause of my about to be NO LUNCH FOR ME. The drive through was extra staffed. First person took my order and scanned the app (I have a $25+ balance). Second person in the drive told me they'd charge me at the window. Then, why was I already scanned? At the window they actually thought I was going to hand them my phone! Kids today; so naive. They finally figured out how to scan from where I was, and informed me that it wasn't working and did I have another form of payment. Well, yes; but what about my $25 that y'all are collecting interest on? They were at a loss. I left.

Christina Kirby

Friendliest staff in town. Truly makes you feel like family ?

Will H.

This is the fourth time in a row that our order was incorrect. This time, the manager, Derrick, said he'd take care of it. When he brought us our food we asked to clarify if things were correct. Looking in our eyes he said they were, and once again the order was filled with mistakes. This time it was giving me a bare chicken sandwich instead of the deluxe sandwich, which is my favorite, and giving us tea instead of Arnold Palmers that were the obvious faults, but it's this type of consistent negligence which has lost my business. Go here if you want "more or less" what you order.


Very disappointed as I ordered through the app and was given the wrong drink. Last time I was here and ordered at the register they gave me the wrong salad dressing. Otherwise, I generally love CFA food.

Aj Dixon

I normally come in the morning and get something off the lunch menu, which 9/10 is fine. Today I went and the lady answering the drive through told me they only do breakfast and if they were to do it, it would take 15 mins, (im fine with waiting i had time, she said it in a way to make me feel like im a burden on them). Well other then that experience today, service has always been heavenly, but probably not going to come in here during the morning again.

Trish Carolyn Bailey Meeks

Fantastic customer service. Staff was so polite and helpful. Lobby was clean and well maintained. Cashiers flew through the busy line with a smile! All around great experience! Keep it up y'all!

Tasha Mccracken

I love this place a little pricey but I love it and they app they have is great to they let us know they give back and care about us got to love them great job.

Alejandro Santana

Busy at times but always best, quick service to get your food out. Everyone is so helpful and great customer service. Restaurant is always clean.

Rodrigo Méndez

Big and well planed parking lot. Great customer service. Clean premises. Juicy chicken. Easy 5 stars.

shauna davis

Food is great as always, just sometimes this location tends to mess up larger orders when its busy. I've had this happen to me a few times. Now it's just hard to be reasonable when you try to call and get a refund or the item replaced because you didnt receive it and the phone is never answered.

Aj M.

The best lunch Anyone could ever ask for. I usually get the nuggets but I decided since I always get my Crew at Alamo Car Center lunch a couple times a week to get us all number 1's with fries, which are the best waffle fries I've ever had and they taste the exact same every time since this place has opened up! The consistency is impeccable and the service you would think everyone working here make $25 an hour ! Where do they find these saints? The chicken sandwich I choose out of the 4 was amazing ! It was perfectly seared I can't believe how perfect it was, I don't know how they make these chicken sandwiches so good the bread was really good also! I think I've been eating here twice a week for the last 5-6 years straight ! I couldn't ask for a better place to eat . The drive-through seems long but you only wait about five minutes it's unbelievable how they work


This is the best Chick-fil-A I've ever been to. We almost did not go because of the amount of people but we got our food very quickly! Every employee treated us with kindness and was very attentive.

Pedro Rosales

My family loves chick fil a! The nuggets are great! Customer service is 100% awesome