Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

123 SW Loop 410, San Antonio
(210) 521-8940

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C. Petty

Team breakfast of 6. Make a reservation you won’t regret it. Even with the reservation we waited about 30 min which for a Saturday isn’t to bad. Not a lot to choose from Gluten Free wise so I personally always go heavy protein. The coffee here is SO good, my waitress had no idea what kind it was.

Tim T

Great atmosphere, very friendly staff. Well woth the wait. Had the Hashbrown casserole with bacon and eggs and was absolutely not disappointed!

Leroy Garcia

nice clean store and dining is a plus

Francesca Maria Fernandez Guillen

Food was fabulous!!! Out of Broccoli Cheese Casserole.Meatloaf, which I was craving was delicious!!! Salad was so very good. The baby ? tomatoes were so wonderful!!!The pinto beans were very well cooked and had a lot of authentic flavor. For it not being an authentic mexican restaurant, so very delicious!!!Parking: Even on a very busy weekend. Access to parking was very good.

Rachel Rae

Taylor and Noah are great! Food is great, service is great, wait times can be long, but if you get on the wait list online, it’s not bad at all!

Leslie Pearl Alleva

As much as we love going to Cracker Barrel, the location on the SW loop has not exceeded my expectations from experience at other locations. They do their best with time when there is a wait and that’s awesome. But the service I’ve received a couple of times wasn’t the best. One server did not check on us often enough, and one of the hostesses I’m assuming did not allow another to sit us in a requested spot that was empty. Moments after we ordered she sat someone at that exact spot. The reason we requested was because every time we come to this location we are sat in the family section where there are always kids and it’s always loud; that’s normal, but for personal reasons it’s reasonable to request a quiet spot that’s empty. It was just very upsetting that our request was turned down just for them to sit someone there moments after.Besides that, the food is always good, and after trying so many restaurants fried pickles— Cracker Barrel is top tier.Great food, but customer service needs work.

Rose Plaza

Went there last night. Very dissatisfied. Wrong order on one. Dry pinto beans, asked for more broth, kitchen said no. The chicken steak looked like chicken tenders. The waitress tried to help, with our orders, but guess the cooks were not helping. Just not the same as it was before. Might go back for breakfast ONLY. Even the cashier couldn’t even separate our bill. 5 of us. If the manager would of come to our table, we would of told him about his cooks.

Sam M.

Cracker Barrel has been awesome for years... but they recently changed the menu and as of today the food had no flavor . Maybe it was a fluke but seems odd that with a change in menu there was a change in the food. The staff are always great, the prices are great.. But the food has to follow suit

Kay Gacho

We went back for the 1st time since the pandemic began. We were suprised that they offer beer, wine and different coffee drinks now. They no longer offer the blackberry tea I used to drink sometimes. Peach tea is still offered though. I ordered the lemon rainbow trout and it was ok, no complaints. Partner had the chicken fried chicken. They really enjoyed it. I noticed they no longer have the peg game to play with while you wait for your food, Probably because of covid. Everything else seems the same which is good. Still like browsing their store especially during Halloween. Be sure and check your bill before you pay. Partner ordered a Pabst and received a Blue Moon. They were charged for a 6 pack of Pabst @ $9.99. Manager made it right and charged for the beer they originally ordered which is a $1 less than Blue Moon.


You would perhaps think that this place could be “Just one more” restaurant to go for a breakfast. Though, once you enter the restaurant, you will realize this was wrong. The attention you get from the waitresses, as well as their kindness and politeness is incredible. Along with this, the overall environment of the restaurant, as well as its decorations, it is surprising. If you’re looking for a place that can represent Texas, this is it, surely you can expect only country songs to be played on the speakers!Finally, the food. One word, unique. Its taste, presentation, and quality is noticeably different, and I’d risk it saying better. This isn’t only a place I would suggest visiting, but a place I’d highly recommend going to for your breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

John Rodriguez

Generally Cracker Barrel is one of our Favorite Food Establishments, especially the 151/410 location. Food was still excellent but the service was disappointing. We didn't get our biscuits and cornbread when we first were seated. Our beverages were slow to get refilled. Our group was served our meals except for one person. It was 20 minutes after our group had their food that my wife finally got her order and only after we had to get the attention of the wait staff. The manager didn't seem to concerned when this was brought to his attention. They did at least remove the charge for the late meal. The restaurant was not all that busy and it appeared they had adequate wait staff. Maybe they were short on cooks!? It was a dining experience that should have been better. We traveled 20 miles just to come to this location. Hopefully it will be up to our expectations on our next visit.

Michelle Sanchez

We had dinner here tonight. Our food was brought out quickly and was absolutely delicious. We had the best waitress and plan to request her in the future. Brandy, you are awesome! In case you’re wondering, we both ordered the hamburger steak and she convinced us to order the chocolate cake, which my husband couldn’t stop raving about. We’ll definitely be back ☺️

Manuel Sanchez

First time eating at any Cracker barrel location. I had the country fried steak with eggs, hash browns and grits with biscuits.Food was a good portions. Food was hot, very good! Hash browns were different than what I'm use too, but still very good!Plenty of seating from what I can tell. Very Clean front store, dinning area, and bathroom.Waitress was nice, but seen too preoccupied, so I hope everything is alright with her! She was still attendance to me and my needs.I give it five stars for my first visit. I'll be most likely coming back! Thank you everyone!

Richard C

Typical Crapper Barrel, ok food and poor service. Came here for breakfast on May 30th. The table we were to sit at had food crumbs on the table and all over the chairs.I asked the waitress for some paper towels so I could wipe everything off. After standing around waiting forever, she finally came back and wiped everything down. She eventually took our order. The food was ok, nothing special, never is, no surprise. After giving us our food she disappeared. We saw her help another employee clean a table and socialize with him. Too bad she never came back to see how everything was or if we needed drink refills. We had empty cups and glasses for a long time. When she finally came back, I asked for more coffee and the check. After yet another long wait she brought more weak coffee. I took one sip and we got up and left. The servers name on the receipt is Ariana.

yanette rodriguez

Every time I go to a Cracker Barrel the experience is great! (3-4X I've visited)I love their corn bread, their customer service is good. The food comes out nice and warm, it looks appetizing, the place is kept clean and it's very roomy inside. The prices are pretty decent and I would go again because the price is right for the value of the meal. The kitchen is quick in delivering even with a packed house. I enjoy going there to eat.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

123 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 521-8940