Fletcher's Hamburgers

312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio
(210) 277-0090

Recent Reviews

Laura S.

This place had the best burgers . Got the Smoked Burger with Melted Fries ( cheese & bacon) DELICIOUS!!! Worth the price and the wait!!! Banana shake was delicious too. Highly recommend this place in the Pearl!!!

Angel S.

OK...WOW! The Chicken Pesto sandwich was out of this world! I was referred by the donut spot inside the same food hall where Fletchers is. Service could have been a little more personal. The young lady taking my order was beautiful, but not friendly. Never looked me in the eyes or smiled. Luckily for her I was hungry and that really didn't matter because the smells had me at hello. And I was not disappointed. The fries were also well seasoned and memorable. They are a thick cut but still crispy. It was $10 for the sandwich and $2.75 for the fries. For the fact that this is in the pearl and I can eat my food outside while my daughter plays in the fountain makes this place cheap! LOVE THE PEARL DISTRICT!!!

Tony P

The hotdogs are very fresh and tasty. They come in a brioche bun which makes a nice change. Pickles are excellent.

Melissa Alexander

Veggie Burger is a GO!!! Super delicious, with grilled bun, secret sauce, and tasty patty. Am a Vegetarian, definitely on my top list of veggie burgers...must try!


just as other reviewerâ??s noted this is a good place for just a good solid hamburger. I had the patty melt and it was delicious. Fries are OK nothing special .. Fletchers still a good choice for a reasonably price meal in the Pearl.

Mike Schneider

Very cool location, and awesome food!

Michelle W

My friends and I wanted to eat at the Pearl, at a place that is not so expensive, and visit other places there. Fletcher's was that place. We walked in and ordered right away, found a place to sit and got our food within 10-15 minutes of ordering. It was excellent! We had hamburgers and one of my friends got the chicken sandwich. It had tons of chicken on it! We will definitely eat at Fletcher's again!

Phillip M.

Meh...nothing special. They good great...taste mediocre...in fact they lack flavor. The fries lack seasoning and the entire meal is OVER priced. The buns have a stale taste and texture everything lacks flavor and the girl behind the counter holds the ketchup packets hostage like they are coming out of her tips jar. I guess they have to pay rent in the Pearl some how. Head to Sam's for a better burger or a mile north to Mr. Juicy if you want truly one of the best burger and fries combos in town. Great environment though. I could some time there. Just not my money. Over $13 for a burger and fries and water when the water has more flavor is insane. This is my first disappointing experience at the Pearl.

Daniella Miranda

My friend and I came to The Pearl food court to have a selection of quality options to choose from and thatâ??s not what this was. I had questions that the cashier with the space buns seemed to answer passive aggressively, the soda had a dirty after taste to it. When i told her, she said â??well itâ??s made with real cane sugar so it tastes different and weâ??ve never heard that before soo...â? ummm, sweetie, I know what real cane sugar tastes like and this ainâ??t it. My fries consisted of a bunch of tiny burnt pieces and there were flies everywhere. Fried chicken burger was alright though. Eh. Wonâ??t be coming back.

Matt Bennett

Great food. An amazing burger.

Soo Ae O.

The best vegetarian burger I have had! The caramelized onions go well with the burger and the spicy ketchup is delicious. The patty itself is juicy and the bun is great as well. Would recommend.

Ashley H.

I went to visit my husband for Fourth of July weekend we stopped by the pearl and decided to get food at fletchers. I couldn't shovel it into my mouth fast enough! The burgers were delicious ! PLEASE COME TO PA!

Sadie S.

Today I went for my first time with my kids, we got two Hamburgers with cheese, a hot dog and the Cheesy bacon fries. Honestly I had high expectations, but truly it was just okay. Not bad but not the greatest either. I would've much rather walked down the street to Sams burger Joint.

Kimber Mc

First time to eat here at the Pearl !

Kathy K.

Place was hopping for a Friday but the food was served fast and everything was delicious. Highly recommend the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. The Challah bun was so fresh.

Kellie Hart

Great location for quality Burgers. Fast and courteous service. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Kaitlyn C.

Was a little skeptical at first because I'm a picky burger person but wow these were delightful. Thick burger patties and their burger sauce was very flavorful. The bun wasn't too thin or too thick..perfect balance. I liked how they served it in foil wrap. The cheese fries were pretty good as well. My daughter enjoyed the hot dog too.


You are at the Pearl, have walked around and seen stuff, it's hot, you are hungry and come into the building with all the food places. My guess is all are good, but Fletcher's was GREAT. The hamburger was big and filling and delicious and cooked so it was moist. My companion had some kind of hot dog creation that looked good and which she said 'tasted divine'. We split some cheese fries and looked longingly at several milkshakes that passed in front of us on their way to other diners. It's not cutting edge, but it's wonderful. Try it, I'm betting you will like it.

Michelle G.

Very juice burger. Chicken was also very good and juicy. Buns are great. Fries are good, I would like them a little more crispy. Will come back.

Jennifer Kale

Patty melt was delicious! Cheese fries were also very good!


Really good burgers and service was quick. Unique drink options. A bit messy to eat but other then that a great place to eat!

Chadz12534 .

Really good burgers and service was quick. Unique drink options. A bit messy to eat but other then that a great place to eat!

Jeffrey F.

The burger place inside the bottle club food court was a little pricey and the burgers were just OK. I ordered two burgers and added bacon and they were almost $10 each. The cheese fries were on sale during happy hour and they were pretty good.. Nothing really stood out here they were an average burger and average fries with cheese dumped on top. I would probably try one of the other places next time.

Lucinda B.

Okay we had the Melted Fries with bacon! My eyes rolled back in my head they were so good! $5.96 for a party of three! Great prices! And delicious!

Jishnu LLC

Will not recommend for vegetarians. Terrible veggie patty. Fries weren't even salted. Two set of fries were different temperatures. And why do these self service places add 15% to 25% tip options.

Cassandra Petty

My preferred place for burgers. Food was so appetizing. The staff was very friendly and kind. The bill was good for how much you get.

Shelly N.

My review is mostly for the veggie burger. I will try to review all of the vegetarian burgers I've had in San Antonio. This is among the best. It must be noted however that it seems very meaty, so if you are not into the fake meats really trying to be like meat then this will not be the one for you. They put a spicy ketchup on it and caramelized onions. I always add grilled jalapeños. I think they are from a can then grilled which is not bad, just different. The veggie burger with jalapeño will run you like 12 bucks but I still think it's worth it for quality. It is also very filling. The fries and shakes are also good and my husband says the meat burgers are good.

KimnAndy Swartwout

Fantastic food and people!!!

Liliana George

I ordered their Impossible burger & fries. Iâ??m thankful that they serve alternatives. Tasty, and quick service.

Phil N.

Been eating a lot of burgers in San Antonio this week. This one has been the best one. Maybe cuz it's in a cool Food Hall at Pearl. Or maybe it's cuz the secret sauce, well cooked meat and crispy fries just as I like 'em were really good. Moist. Juicy. Good. Got a hand spun cookies n cream shake that was good, too. Get a Pearl beer across the way and you've got everything you need.

Anna Dallas

The Smoked Burger was THE BEST hamburger Iâ??ve ever had...canâ??t wait to go back

Katie Girdner

Best blue cheese burger we've ever had - juicy and flavorful! Fast service too.

Brad Wright

Super tasty cheddar bacon melted fries!

John Huffman

This place is busy but this was easily the best burger that I have had in soooooo many years. I will come back soon....

Elda M.

I spent much of December judging burgers in San Antonio - looking for the best bacon cheeseburger in town! Well, this burger was as good as it looks in its photo; the burger itself was very juicy and the cheese was all over that great bun of theirs. In the end, though, I can't give them those extra points of mine for their lettuce or the fact that the tomato slice was just too thick and kept slipping out of the burger. Burger integrity counts for something, or at least it does for me. I'll go again, but I'll know what I'm dealing with. It's definitely worth a trip but it's not among the very best. Elda Eats XO


Visited the Pearl Brewery Complex the other day. In the afternoon we decided on a small snack to get us by til dinner. Fletcher's had some great offerings. The burgers looked great, but not wanting that much we chose a delicious dog to split. A huge hot dot in a great bun. This was one was covered in fried onions and dressings and was truly delicious. Big enough to share, we paired it with what else? A Pearl Beer! Delicious and great choice to sit out on the astroturf soaking up the wonderful sun. Can't wait to go back to try one of the great looking burgers.

Zuritachi .

The jelly burgers were good. Not good, they were great. I highly recommend that burger. It's going to be pricey but it can be worth it. One of the great food courts in the Botteling Company at the Pearl. Stop by Fletchers, they have amazing food items.


The jelly burgers were good. Not good, they were great. I highly recommend that burger. It's going to be pricey but it can be worth it. One of the great food courts in the Botteling Company at the Pearl. Stop by Fletchers, they have amazing food items.

Anon Ymous

Recent experience...once you place your order, it can get overcrowded inside and outside the food court especially on a busy weekend and so yes it can get a little somewhat difficult to actually find a place to sit down to eat your meal as seating is rather limited. In general, Burgers range in the 8.00, fries drinks are seperate and cost extra, plus if you add a tip, average cost for 1 person 20.00 plus. not bad considering all the work that goes into getting best selection of items available ð???. Food quality 5 stars! Definitely recommend Fletcher's Hamburgers! Food was very delicious. Soda's are not your average coca cola ð???

Andrew Torres

Fletcherâ??s offer some of the best cooked burgers with even some very unique burger options - I had the privilege of taste testing their PB&J burger. I was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and would totally order it off the menu!