Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery

7200 Bandera Rd, San Antonio
(210) 509-7500

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Johnny H.

Si! Si! Si! Ate at this establishment Friday night and it was one of the best Mexican buffets I have ever eaten at! The soup with carrots and shrimp was to die for and I eat more rice than t care to admit to. I do not understand some of the negative reviews this place has gotten because when I ate there, it was fantastic.

Catherine Salaam

Words can not describe how incredible this place is. Very clean, delicious. Not only they have Mexican food ,American food and Chinese food that is even better than an actual Chinese buffets. Anyone and everyone needs to experiences at least once. It is a buffet completely yummy yummy homemade

Gina Diaz

It was great and I enjoyed every minute at Hacienda Vallarta, with my family visiting from Mexico. They wanted to go there, it was my brother who suggested it, because last time he had been here someone invited him. The only reason I don't give five stars to food, is because I didn't have appetite enough for a buffet and I tried just a few of the many choices. Our waiter was excellent at taking care of us and I really liked the place and food. Everything looked fresh.

Diana Ds

I don’t know if it was the day we decided to eat at Hacienda Vallarta or what but it was bad. My husband and I went on a Tuesday at 6pm there was maybe 3 other parties dining when we arrived. This was the first time we had ever been here. When we went to get our food the food looked old like it had been there all day (which it probably was). Most of the food was drenched in oil and even veggies… how is that?!?!?? My best plate was the one filled with salad. Some of the food we tried had no flavor not even salt. The best item my husband was the steak. My husband ordered a michelada and even that was bad, it didn’t have any flavor. We’ve been to many Mexican restaurants this place is not a good option. I suggest you don’t waste your time or money.

Angel Nanez

The weekend is way better. Their is more people so the food is constantly getting refilled and always hot flavor is always on point. I have never had a complaint on a weekend. And they have endless homemade tortillas hello ?It is very pricey but like I said on the weekend it's worth it honestly I didn't like it during the week food was cold they weren't keeping up w it like they do on the weekends

cruz l.

Do not recommend this establishment, food is mediocre and the staff is not professional at all, don't waste you're hard earned dollars.

Chris Chavez

This is my first time here and I didn't take pictures, I guess I was tired and forgot. I am giving a 4 star because the food I had was not very hot at the buffet. The tacos were pretty good, I would go with a different taco shell, pretty bland. I had cheese enchiladas, good flavor, very cheesy. There is a lot to choose from, wide variety, which is great, the price is around $16, around$20 with drink and tax. I like the atmosphere, they have a lot of desserts, place is clean and waitstaff are friendly. My 2 cents, they it out.

Chris Lareau

This place is amazing! So much great food to choose from I couldn't get to it all. Table service was lacking slightly due to volume of customers but food was so delicious.Food: 5/5

Mr Food Guy

They close at 9pm. My family arrived at 8pm.The entire time we felt rushed. Our server didn't even bring us tortillas.....much less refill our drinks. The food is a large variety.Great caldo. Cheese enchiladas are decent.I didn't see any beef fajitas

Just Jonny

Absolutely horrendous. The place is filthy. Seating arrangements is so unorganized. They put you too close with other tables. They have two back rooms available to use. The buffet line is not tended to regularly the food looks old left out longer than it should. They don't clean it enough. Nothing I had there tasted good. And for the price you pay I'd rather go to Golden Corral and I don't like that place either but the food quality is much better compared to this place. This was my first and last ever time that I go here.

Kayli Daymon

Food was just ok. They had a lot to choose from though.

Debra G.

Ive been before many times either before or after work so this time I invited husband and a co-worker. I wanted to treat them to a great lunch and this place didn't disappoint. All of us were treat great by the waitress. She made sure our table was clean and drinks were refilled. All the choices of food and desserts were outstanding. I'll be inviting more ppl soon.

Tiffany Brown

Pretty Good! A little odd coming in since the hostess told us to sit and pay after. Then while sitting the waitress asked us for a receipt, after explaining we had to go back up front to pay and sit down again. Other than that it was pretty good. Typical buffet flavors and pricing. Make sure your table has a salt shaker because you may need it. The food overall was good, hot, and clean! Lots of options of Mexican and Chinese foods with a very large dessert bar. The staff were friendly and it was not busy at all during dinner time on a Wednesday.Parking: Large parking lot

Sergio C.

The wait is not worth it. Standing in the sun in line for 45 minutes!! I was stupid to even stand in line


This is the worst Mexican food I've ever eaten at a restaurant. I even remember Panchos Buffet and that was 100% better than this!The food is ALL cold, even though it's served in the warming stations. The enchiladas are not only cold, they are so dry that the tortilla is tough. The Matt's are dry and tough. It smells very fishy as soon as you walk inside. Floors are very dirty.I'd say the whole beans were the best and actually hot.DO NOT waste your time or $ here. It's not worth it. Taco Bell and Taco Cabana have much better food. Heck, any other restaurant probably has better food.For the price, 12.99 adult lunch... we should have gone to a restaurant where we knew the food was delicious.The positive reviews must all be from their friends and family.

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Hacienda Vallarta Mexican Buffet & Bakery

7200 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238
(210) 509-7500