14424 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio
(210) 404-1699

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Monica Hudson

Server was sweet. But if you like Root beer like I do they don't serve it. Other than that glad they were open after a long day of work.

M Sp

I've never had a bad experience with my food, I have just seen that this location is charging $.40 more for their 2% milk than other locations. Why is that?

Norma Tho

Due to covid...not ihops fault

Queana T.

I wish I could give no stars but I ordered breakfast for me and my husband this morning. We get our food the hash browns are cold/dry and hard, eggs were cold, bacon wasn’t crispy enough. I also ordered fruit and there was definitely mold on it. They are usually amazing about giving you what you ask for but today it was awful. I definitely would like my money back.

Trey Vickers

Despite all the hoops this virus is having restaurants jump through, they kept us content. Place is a little messy, but not too bad.

Amber S.

Amazing that I'm the only person who receives stellar service when I come here. Do they make mistakes? Of course! Do they tend to get busy and overwhelmed and sometimes the drink/food takes a little longer than I would expect? Of course! Do they do their best to make sure they apologize and make any mistakes right and feel bad for not being able to treat me like I'm the only person that matters? Of course they do! So. With that being said I give 5* because they do in fact have good service. They do have good food. They do try and make their wrongs right. So if I have an issue and it's taken care of in store then what right do I have to get online and give them 1* when they go out of their way every time to make sure I get what I pay for. The restrooms are clean. The cooks are friendly when they are out front. The servers are friendly as well. It's been a very long time since ihop has had the service that this location offers and I want to make sure they are acknowledged for that. Because there's not many that do anymore.

Cinthia Moreno

My experience was awesome like always only to servers and they were getting the job done great team work both very friendly

Scott Reuter

Good food because breakfast is always good, no matter the time of day.


We came here while on vacation and they’re doing a great job with social distancing and they have glass dividers between the booths. Our waitress Megan was excellent! Great customer service and she was always busy, always making sure that we were taken care of. She even came out to give us a pair of sunglasses we left. God bless you Megan! The food was great as well but it’s her positive and kind attitude that gives this place 5/5

Vanessamarie Perez

When we arrived they accommodated us very quickly. My family and I were a party and they provided us with great seating and great service. Our waitress was also great! The only reason I gave this Ihop 4 stars was because the ladies restroom needing cleaning and one of the toilets was clogged which made it smell awful. However to be fair there was an out of order sign on that stall, and it was the weekend.

Matthew Rodriguez

Food was good, but service was very slow. they abide by separating family's making sure we have clearance from each other.. that's goods.

Chicago IL

Same like all the rest. Good place fort breakfast for that road trip if there's nothing else. I prefer ma and pa shops but I hop would do...

Darren Smart

Our meal was exactly as ordered no complaints server was attentive

Dawn Paulson

we had fine. laughed with waitress. ate good. we all have fun. my family (10 of us) got full. we all enjoyed.

Kel M.

I agree with the few others who have noticed the service and staff are much improved from the past. I still like coming here for an occasional high-protein breakfast and relaxed atmosphere.

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