It's Just Wings

131 SW Loop 410 SW, San Antonio
(469) 444-8436

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DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE! Wings were horrible and the fries were soggy when i got them not crispy at all. Complete waste of money and as far as them being grilled well I couldnt tell at all.

Jessica McDonald

We got 3 different kinds and none were what we got. The Buffalo had a smoke flavor the Cajun taste like nothing and lemon pepper was just chicken. And the curly fries were ?. We usually love wings but we won’t ever go back it was not worth the 40bucks.

Zoe Ley

So I thought this was a different establishment and not a chili’s? But I’m ok with it. These are the best wings ever

Matilda Espinoza

My order was supposed to be done at 10:40 I waited 20min and no one came out I called no answer. Got out of my car went through the side door and got my own food from stand. My fries and wings were cold and soggy. Very disappointed . Did not finish the meal . Upset and hungry still.

Hayley Green

Horrible food! My wings and fries arrived soggy with almost no sauce or flavor. Literally tasted like they cooked the wings two says ago and then microwaved them to reheat them. On top of that, my oreos were burnt to a crisp. Super disappointed.

Shavonne Finley

Tha food was nasty. The only good thing about it was the ranch dressing. Fries were cold. The chicken wings are way too big. Not really any flavor. I had no clue they were inside Chili’s but my card was already charged by the time I got there. I def. would not recommend. I love Chili’s as a restaurant but Its just Wings is not good!

Michelle Brown

Absolutely horrible

Maricela Lizalde

yes its chilis basically but who cares they have some bomb wings, honey chipotle is my favorite! For $10 i got 11 boneless wings, curly fries, & a lemonade it was very filling and delicious. im already craving more


It's just Chili's pretending to be a different restaurant...

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