Jazz, TX

Building 6, 312 Pearl Pkwy #6001, San Antonio
(210) 332-9386

Recent Reviews

Scott Przybyla

Been here before and it was great. Made reservations 2 weeks ago and they put us in a side corner where we couldn?t see anything. The hostess said the only way to get a good table is to get her card in advance and email her. What? Apparently this is a true Speakeasy. Really bad experience!

Ben Rainwater

Awesome club. Great upscale menu. Chips and queso is excellent and the burger is amazing. Happy hour pints on draft $5. Little to no cover for a reservation. Ambiance really sets the mood perfectly with the dim lighting and candle lit tables. Doesn't get much better for a romantic evening with your lady. Go see Doc Watson. He kills it on the piano!

John Meyer

Intimate jazz bar that does a remarkable job transporting you back to the 20s and 30s where jazz and swing were headliners at small ultra lounges like this.

Lauren Getman

We had the most amazing experience. Food was INCREDIBLE. Drinks were fantastic but ATMOSPHERE was everything. I felt I was in a true Jazz Club and paying for my reservation was WORTH IT. We will be back again and again!

William Folwell

Great music and the food was very delicious. The staff was very helpful and polite. I would recommend going to Jazz Tx for a very nice evening.

Karli T.

Absolutely the best place I visited in San Antonio!!!! We went on New Orleans night and sat right up front. The band didn't just play instruments, they were so very entertaining!! My date asked me which was my favorite and I totally couldn't decide. They started out with sweet Georgia brown and the way each member entered into the song was so cool. The pecan pie was fantastic and the drinks were great. Absolutely my fav part of the whole trip!

vense rodriguez

If youâ??re a Jazz lover, this is the place to be! Great atmosphere love the location the staff is friendly.

Bridge A.

The 6:30 evening set began with Brandon Guerra and His Trio a variety of great jazz music, unfortunately the end of the set was ended with old recording of a political opinion piece from Charlie Chaplin. Had I wanted to hear political opinions I would have chosen to go to a political rally, certainly not a jazz session. So a BIG Thumbs Down on this part of the set. I did walk up to the stage and mentioned this to Band Leader Brandon Guerra.


I'm at a loss for works. Anyone reading this, please for Pete's sake, go here and have your mind blown. The food is absolutely amazing and the live music is just pure goodness.


This place is great, be sure to get reservations because they sellout. Food was excellent but $18 for a gourmet hamburger is high. It is in the Pearl only a $6 Uber ride from downtown..... well worth it.

Kaitlyn C.

LOVED jazz Tx! It was our first time visiting and we loved it!!! We got there about 6:45 on a Saturday evening and there was no cover. We didn't have a reservation but there were 2 tables open, table right in the front!!!! It was awesome. Band was great. And the staff serving at the tables were very hospitable and attentive.


Excellent food with great live show. Never fails to impress me. This is the place for your special celebration or even just to treat yourself.

Kimberly T.

Do not miss an opportunity for live music here and fantastic food. This is a gem tucked away in the Pearl district.


Jazz, TX is a very nice spot to sit and listen to some excellent musicians while having a drink or a bite or a full dinner from their eclectic menu. And it's not just for millennials!

Jennifer Tiller

The music is undeniably first rate, and that is an understatement to say the least. The service is wonderful, the food is clearly outstanding, and the band... Doc Watkins was a gracious host, as was Pierre Poree. They made for a memorable 50th birthday celebration.

Jessica Sepulveda

This place is a true underground jazz club, as in you really must go downstairs to find it. Once inside past the dark curtains, you enter a world of music, cuisine, alcohol, and entertainment. I throughly enjoyed my house pasta with shrimp and the attentive staff made the dinner so enjoyable. I had the pleasure of listening to the Dirty River Dixie Band, and the atmosphere was just dark enough to be cozy. Iâ??ll definitely return for more of this.

Amanda Castro Millan

If you like jazz music then come here. If you like live music then do yourself a favor and come and enjoy this place. The music is stellar, the food and drinks are outstanding, and the atmosphere is upscale and festive. If you want to impress a date then you can never go wrong by choosing Jazz Texas as a much cooler alternative to â??dinner and a movieâ?.

Lauren Keen

The jazz show was nice. We were some of the only people who chose to eat here AND see the show. Probably should have eaten somewhere else and then just had drinks since the food was just so-so.

Remy P.

I love this place!!! It's so fun and upbeat. It's also a WONDERFUL date night idea if you're looking for something new to do with your significant other. The drinks were phenomenal as well! Next time I come back I'll have to try the food! This was such a nice find, it was basically a speakeasy :)

Rebecca E.

Finally got the chance to check out Jazz Tx at the Pearl! I was impressed with the atmosphere and the facilities themselves. The music was great! Friday night is a great time to come out and enjoy the music especially since they do get crowd interaction. The food: a few different options to wet any palette but still bar food just a little bit more fancy and overpriced. We ordered the burger and shrimp dish which came out hot and picture worthy. The burger tasted so good and was cooked to perfection. It was bursting with flavor and the onion jam really did set it off and I don't like onions. The shrimp dish was very good also. Nothing too complicated or special but tasted really Save your coin and dine somewhere else and then come and enjoy the music. The food is overpriced and you can enjoy great food somewhere else first. Plus the service was not very good at all. Our server was inattentive and only came back for the check.

Dwayne S

We went to Jazz TX after having dinner at Cured. Really fun place and we had no trouble getting a table (though we were told that sometimes it is difficult to get a table). Listened to some great music, had an after dinner drink and enjoyed the cool scene.

Ron Rubio

What an outstanding venue! Nice size not too many people. Great wait staff. Should system needs just a little tweaking.

Eb J.

This is my second time here and my second time with these margaritas and this band!! So different but so equally enjoyable!! We love our super stylish waitress, Livie, was the best!!

Lorrie Singer

Our son took us to celebrate and we had such a great time!! Drinks were great, food was hot and tasty!! The staff was friendly and helpful! The band was Awesome! We'll definitely go back again.


They served the vodka martini with black olives but put green olive juice in it to make it dirty. Iâ??ve never heard of a martini with black olives. Also, there was a 25% up charge on the drink which was made with the house vodka. The bartender explained it as if it was a common practice. Very strange.

fred p.

Get spot to listen to live jazz and get a nice old fashioned plus really great service staff. This is one of my fav places to stop in a listen to great Jazz.

Nathan S.

Wow wow wow!! This place was so much fun to experience. I enjoyed a live performance from Doc Watkins the night I went. Mad at myself it took me so long to get here. My lack of a Star is because the queso was ehh. Very thick and lacked any real flavor. The chairs are not that comfortable which is strange because it gives lounge vibes. Overall I loved the experience and appreciated the service the staff all gave. Can't wait to come back.


This was a first time visit during Happy Hour. The Jazz band was great, and my meal was absolutely wonderful. Kudos to Chef Ortiz! Also to Ariel my server for such great service. The ambiance is really beautiful. This is the perfect place to kick back after a long day. Enjoy!

Tito N.

San Antonio has finally grown up. I've been to jazz clubs all over the world: New York, London, Tokyo, Washington DC... and many others. Jazz Tx rates among the best. This place is world class. My wife and I have been here 4 times over the past 3 months and the food is consistently exceptional. Service is excellent. It's such a joy to see true artists enjoying themselves onstage while providing exquisite entertainment, and there's an area for d. The fact that there's no cover for the early show is still incomprehensible to me for the quality of music and musicians the offer. Clubs in other cosmopolitan cities would charge $30-60 cover for this caliber of performance, no matter what time the seating. If there was a sixth star, Jazz Tx would get it. Class. Charm. Style. Double thumbs up. I simply LOVE this place.

Stephanie K.

You won't regret coming here. The drinks are awesome and the music can't be beat! This is one of the best spots in the Pearl and really, all of San Antonio.

April G.

Amazing talent I take all my friends and visitors here for a great experience. I love jazz but they have a lot of other styles on different nights too

Speed Racer

Fantastic atmosphere and intriguing ambiance being in a basement! Loved the live jazz show and will definitely be back for more!

Azriel Noir

Amazing jazz band. It's a little hard to find but ask a local and they'll point it out. It's in the middle of the pearl next to a the little restaurant market, take the elevator down and ur there. Great prices, amazing service.. loved this place def would recommend to all to visit.

Sebastiaan Pleij

Good God I love this place, any night Doc Watkins is playing is worth going. Great vibe, great menu. Be sure to make reservations if you want a good seat.

Ary C

Today my husband and me went to have fun and we just order a beer and we were listening good music you know trying to have fun...... but nooooo suddenly a giant rat was running from one corner to the other and Iâ??m not kidding

Victoria P.

Enjoyed the jazz vibe and classy atmosphere. Really romantic place for dates. Nice cocktails and attentive staff.


Our party of 8 ranging in age from 23 to 66 all had a Great Time here. We went to the early show and it was well worth the $5 cover charge. It's a hip, lively place - reminded me a bit of a speakeasy - and the music was great - and not so loud that you couldn't still hear each other. Everyone enjoyed their food as well - nice, varied menu for all tastes. This was my second time here and the only disappointment was that they took the fried chicken off the menu. I went for the shrimp and it was fabulous too.

Brianna Hendrickson

I loved this place! The drinks are top shelf the food looked like it was to die for. Definitely get a reservation because me and my date didn't and we were suck standing next to the wall for a while. Nonetheless I'm planning on making much more trips here. The vibe is definitely cool calm collected yet fun and interesting. It's difficult to find if you've never been there it's underneath the food court building next to the larger area of terff/grass at the pearl.


If you like live music, this will get you up close and personal. But leave conversations outside: it's not only difficult to hear, but distracting to those who do want to enjoy. We were a bit of both types (catching up with friends) unfortunately. Thoroughly loved watching The Aaron Prado Trio (very good originals and standards). We'd love to go back and listen more next time!

LaToya C.

Great atmosphere, drinks, food and music. It's great for a date night! Oh you can also dance, it's super sexy and classy