Pancake Joe's

6703 Ingram Rd, San Antonio
(210) 647-7720

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Robert A.

Horrible the food was gross the place is disgusting. It looks like it needs to be shut down for two days for an all hands on deck cleaning! It's as if it's been neglected in the cleaning department for months it's sticky and stinks. As for the food part it was cold and not very appetizing. Not to mention I ordered two kids meals for the little ones and was charged 3 dollars each for their drinks. A total of SIX DOLLARS for kids drinks!

Dimmples C.

Best breakfast by far I've had since I moved here from Colorado 2 months ago and we been to few places so far place is small not too much room was packed when we went but food wow my steak and eggs was right on pancakes with bacon inside omg the bomb definitely want to go back just for stack of pancakes really good

Aaliyah R.

First things first I sat down and just smelled a stench of PEE! I thought I was crazy until I read the other reviews that also smelled the same thing. Second of all you would think a place called "Pancake Joe's" would serve some delicious pancakes or at least decent but instead they taste like McDonald's pancakes better yet microwaveable pancakes. The hash-browns and eggs were the only thing I really enjoyed. Also they put so much ice in your drink it tastes like water half way into drinking it. The bus people cleaning the tables are so lazy and quick with wiping the tables, the whole atmosphere of this place is just DIRTY.

Jayden A.

Sooo horrible I don't even wanna waste time typing this out but people need to know. There was black dirt like crud on all 3 of our forks. The eggs were burnt and had more black crap on them. The cheese they use on their dishes is discussing. The Coffee was cold and my water had no ice. HORRIBLY DISCUSSED

Jay J.

Pancake Joe's used to be a solid place to get a meal at a good price, but those days may be behind us. The kitchen isn't doing the waitstaff any favors by putting out whatever it is they think passes for well cooked fare. I get that the pandemic has made a lot of business change how they do business, but there's no excuse for this. Service was great, no complaints. Coffee was decent enough. No salt and pepper, or jelly on tables. Eggs were made without adding any water or milk to them, so they were greasy, heavy, and way overdone. Not edible. Buttermilk pancakes were passable, but nowhere near as good as they were just a couple years ago. They tasted off, a bit like raw flour. Syrup was hot, but I do t believe it was maple (probably not a big deal for lost, and maple syrup is pricey). Interior could use a refresh, but that's ambiance and atmosphere, and doesn't really affect the rating I gave, which was based mostly on the quality of the meal. Gang tags in parking lot on the back wall really need to be painted over. Curb stops needs to be re straightened. Exterior needs to be pressure washed (not food quality, I know, but it's apparent). Honestly, if the meal was good as it should have been, nobody would care about the other stuff. Go to IHOP instead, at least they're consistently average.

Benito Garcia

I was just passing by and stopped here. There was a 20 minute wait. But let me tell u it was well worth the wait. Christal my server was very attentive!!! Food was beyond good & was made from scratch. Definitely worth the stars!!!?

Alma Sigala

It was clean. We seated and served on a timely manner. The staff was friendly and the food was great. The staff were all wearing their masks. Thank you for that.

Kathleen H

The restaurant was cramped and dirty. I do not understand what people see in this place. The food was subpar and the flies were annoying. There are much better places for breakfast and cleaner too.

Marcia DeChiara

I didn't have the pancakes, but was happy with my eggs cooked exactly as I like them and the ranchero potatoes. The atmosphere is basic, but clean and they take hygiene seriously as far as I could tell. Great service and a steady crowd for a weekday. I would pop by anytime I needed to eat breakfast if I was in the area.

Kellye Jimenez

Steven was our server and they were so friendly and nice. The food was so good. Thus was our first time here and we enjoyed both the food and the service

Priscilla T.

We been coming to pancake joes for years and have always enjoyed it! This was our first time at the pancake joes on Ingram and although the food was delicious the wait experience was not. Some feedback that would be helpful for the front staff would be to utilize a wait list app or some other texting application to notify customers that they are next to be seated. This would avoid the congestion in the wait room and outside the restaurant which is where we waited for thirty minutes. Regardless of the wait the food was delicious and reasonably priced.

Julian R.

Wow! Great surprise. This place had great unique menu items, especially for breakfast. The omelettes were awesome, I had the cinnamon pancakes they were great, and they stayed warm all through out. Highly recommend it. Very reasonably priced as well.

Mark P.

Pancake Joes was a good restaurant but not a great one. To me if your name is Pancake Joes then your pancakes should be the star of all your dishes. The pancakes were just okay and actually rather small. However the bacon was very very good. Service was good.

Gabriel T.

We had been wanting to try a good breakfast place with creative choices. This was supposed to be that place. It was not. The place is disgusting. It was pretty filthy and the fact it is dared and in a deteriorating building and parking lot doesn't help things. But hey, alot of whole in the walls make it up by serving hit delicious food and usually in abundance. We ordered the french toast sandwich and it came with fruit. We also ordered the apple cinnamon pancakes and added pecans, with eggs and bacon and iced tea. The whole 25+ min waiting for a simple meal a restaurant should be able to handle. Only had one refill for one of our teas. Finally our food came out and the person who dropped it off at our table left too soon for us to ask for basic things like salt, pepper, syrup b napkins, refills, condiments and anything else that people commonly want or need for a meal like this. Finally after 10 minutes of trying to get the attention of he staff the lady that brought our food saw me and came. I explained the situation. I wouldn't say she was rude but she just didn't seem capable of handling things. She offered to remake it but how much better could they really do? I mean this type of plate should be simple for any restaurant in their category. When i mentioned the temperature of the food she offered to reheat it. This made me want to vomit at how much worse the food would then be. My eggs, bacon, and pancakes were all room temp and near getting cold. My girlfriend seemed to enjoy her plate but was notably disappointed as well. Nothing was hot. Nothing was fresh. It all looked so sad as well. The portions were even horrible No saving grace at this dump. You would have a better experience at a waffle house if they were in town.. Jeez too bad they're not.

Xavier Aves

This is the first time I've tried pancake Joe's.The pancakes were warm, the eggs were a bit cold, I asked for my bacon to be crispy and it wasn't. I was seated fairly quick and the waitress took our order promptly. I just wouldn't recommend this restaurant to friends or families.

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