Que Tortas!

7500 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio
(210) 680-1826

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The service was great and food came out quickly. Worth the price. Would definitely go again.

Martha Flores

This place has awful service. Picked up an online order and the lady in counter told me the order only had one bag. The order was a $70 order and I specifically asked if everything was in there and she ensured me it was. There was another bag next to mine and she said don’t take that one. Once delivered half the order was missing and when I called the lady on the phone she kept making excuses that she was understaffed and then hung up the phone on me!! Beware of this place there are much better options around the area with comparable food and better service!!! ****AVOID*****

Alexandria P.

Always looking for places to get a good meal that is not packed. With covid I started wanting eat at place that are not jammed pack. This a hidden gem. The torta was really good. My husband's taco's were good too. You can tell they have regulars because there were ppl just coming in to pickup their order then gone. Over all I'd go here again!!

Oscar Perez

If paying by credit card, watch your bank statement! I went in a week ago and found out today an extra $20 in tip was added to my credit card payment. Already disputing the charge with my credit card company. These people are shady. I would pay in CASH ONLY if you try this place. The food is actually quite good, but being scammed has left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll never be back.

Allie P.

The first time it was great. Not so much recently. Lettuce and avocado rotting in our torta. Also overpriced.

Genesis Cardenas

Best Tortas I have tasted in San Antonio.Bread was super soft, totally recommend the Torta of Asada w/Chorizo.And cant forget the french fries, they make them as you order and are served fresh.Very Satisfied, if your looking for great tasting tortas, I recommend this place.Staff super friendly and nice.Overall good experience. :)

Trixie Piña

NEVER disappoints and their food is always the best ✨️ I love the cubana torta so much and the best place to get tortas in SA ? the jalapeños are hugeee and perfect for my tortas ??

Tippi Curry

I ordered a cubana and there was no way the torta i for was that. Maybe using chopped meat confuses some but the size world be in keeping with the price and maybe some flavor would help. I don't know.

RuthieRick M.

The food was delicious! The Torta was hearty and very savory! The whole place is cute. A place to visit.

Leroy Rodriguez

Food is amazing every time I go. This time I was short 2 dollars and didn’t know the prices went up (cause our messed up economy, not their fault) they spared me and let me have the food. Such great people and service. Highly recommend going.

Ted Ceballos

Best tortas I've had in a long time. Took the family to Que Tortas! for a quick diner and WOW! Lived up to its name QUE TORTAS! I had the torta with pastor meat. The meat had awesome flavor and the bread was perfectly soft not chewy like other places. Small place with big flavor!

Karen E.

Really nice people, fast, friendly service. Food was good. I bought a torta and fries. Restroom was clean.

Emelie Z.

Owner very rude! Will never go back! I can make my own tortas with more meat in them and not put up with an ugly attitude!

fernando Torres

Food is ok, not much different from what the Jaliscos in the area serve at a better price.

Albert Cantu

WOW....is all I can say. I've passed this place plenty of times and now I kick myself for not stopping by sooner. The Tortas are huge and like the way theyre suppose to be..stuffed! They are even open on Sunday. Y'all have got to try this place. It's a little pricey but worth the money.

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