Rosita's Mexican Restaurant

7500 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio
(210) 236-9504

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Typically enjoy their asado de piero but it was a little 'off' during this past visit.Also, enjoy their fideo

Luna Mahar

I love the food here , the owners are so nice . I eat here at least once a week and I love the mini tacos with beans . Great food :)

jose nuno

Wanted to show the receipt for updated pricing, awesome food, second time here! Trying different plates every time. The picture shows Aylinnes Plate. 8/19/22 Tried the brisket and egg plate, awesome and the tortillas are great and homemade!

D Falcon

I can not believe the experience we had this morning.I ordered the migas breakfast plate. When I received it, I immediately noticed that it had very little egg and majority red strips of tortilla. I didn't say anything at first but after 2 bites I felt I was eating all tortilla. I sent the plate back and explained to the waitress and she offered to add another egg. I wasn't interested in another plate so I politely declined. I told her "no that's ok, but thank you". She apologized and even came back and asked me a second time if I wanted something to go.When I got up to pay, the owner was at the register and he didn't say a word and noticed he charged me for the plate.On the way to the car I mentioned to my husband and he felt he shouldn't have charged me so he went back inside to speak to the owner.My husband explained that I didn't eat the plate and it was sent back so I shouldn't be charged. He replied "that's not what your wife said, she said it was too much food".My husband said...... No she said it was too much tortilla and not enough egg.The owner said, "oh so she eats with her eyes and not her stomach".My husband told him, we own a catering business so we know how to handle a situation like this, the customer is always right. He replied "well good for you, but that's not how it is here"My Husband told him, we have been coming here for over 3 years and the one time we send something back you are going to cause a scene like this in front of all your customers.By that time the owners wife had walked up and my husband told her ...this, what your husband is doing is not right. We've been coming here for quite some time and you're going to lose a customer because of your husband. She said she knew and she apologized.I walked back in and grabbed my $8 refund and walked out. Never will I go back.

Daryl Sultemeier

My wife and I have never had a bad meal here! Nice and clean and staff are always positive! Try it out!

Shane B

Good food and nice staff. The waitress was very attentive and was working hard considering they're short staffed.Kid-friendliness: Family friendlyParking: There's ample parking but it's a little difficult getting in and out of the parking area if you're in a larger vehicle.

Casa Donca

Been coming here with my family since day one and we absolutely love it! The owners are super sweet and professional! Workers are all pleasant and very attentive! Love it and will always keep coming back! Thank you!

Yolanda Bernal

The migas plate, the huevos rancheros plate & the crispy taco, Were right on spot, very delicious ?!!! The service was good and the prices are very reasonable. We will definitely be back.

Bennie Garcia

Been going to Rositas for years! Every Saturday, I am there, food is always delicious, tortillas are the best. And customer service is great!

Certified Reviews

The food was decent, not great. Iced tea tasted weird. Especially disappointed in the steak ala mexicana. It was a special that day so you would think it would be fresh meat but it was not. In fact, it came out too fast to even be cooked in time for it to be. I can always tell when meat is reheated and/or old or not - this definitely was. Also extremely annoying is the Ding-Dong bell when somebody enters or exit. Seems completely unnecessary when there is a 145゚ window view for staff and diners. I didn't see where the bell was serving any purpose as far as facilitating restaurant functions other than to annoy patrons, if that's the intent!

Richard Villarreal

I walked in this morning and had a negative experience. I remembered they only served basic black coffee so I took it upon myself to bring my own duncan donuts french vanilla ice coffee. As soon as I walked in, the guy that was in charge told me to throw it out immediately as it was considered an outside drink. I asked, do you have iced coffee? He rudely said we have basic coffee and ice so I guess so. I just sighed and dumped my drink out per his demand. Everything inbetween was fine. Food was ok. The tortillas were alittle tough and not the softest. At the register, I handed the man my card and he proceeds to tell me, "sir I cant except this you have to spend a $5 minimum". I told the guy, "omg your killing me with all your rules and policies". As a result, he made me buy 2 dollars of chiclets which I ended up throwing away by the way. Bottom line, there are to many options out there to be treated like a child. Never again.

Lorraine Campos

This was our first time stopping at this restaurant and let me tell you they now have 2 customers for life!! My Fiancé and I both ordered the brisket and egg plate! The brisket was scrumptious the eggs were perfectly cooked the potatoes and beans were awesome and their corn tortillas were perfect. We highly recommend this family owned place. We met Rosita's daughter her name is Leslie. She was extremely friendly and gave us awesome service! We're definitely coming back with our boys next time!The food and service was so incredible that we came back Today( few days later)!And Leslie our server remembered us? . If you are looking for a clean, well-operated, family owned restaurant with excellent customer service and scrumptious food, then this is the place for you to come and eat at. Thanks again. See ya Soon.

Albert Cantu

The specials are great and the dishes are filling. Just needs to be HOT when it gets to the table. The salsa needs to be a bit more hotter.The food is good here and you should give it a try.

Shelley V.

This place has been down the street from us for years and we finally decided to give it a go this weekend. Not very good at all. We had the barbacoa and guisada tacos and they were just bland bland bland. Way too expensive for such a huge let down.

David Aguilera

The brisket breakfast is amazing! Best brisket in the city! Owners and staff absolutely great! Always been impressed! Keep up the good work guys! Will be returning!

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