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Maria Rose

They don't call you back or return your emails when you want to put their publication in your restaurants. It's unfortunate that technology has lead to less communication instead of better/more communication.


beautiful architecture and waterfront! lots of options for tours and sightseeing, as well as restaurants (mostly mexican food). the place is heavily populated with ducks and pigeons.

lunatic27 062309

I pick up a copy whenever i find 1

Bobbie Taylor

Good paper

Jared Rauh

This made it well worth the trip to San Antonio. Heads up for those with toddlers: there are quite a few bridges that make it difficult to travel with a stroller. Bring it, just be ready to lift 💪

Nico Parker

The River Walk is beautiful, and if you can afford a hotel that connects to it then you should definitely stay in one. There's tons of restaurants and shops all along it and there's lots of birds.

Nico Parker

The River Walk is beautiful, and if you can afford a hotel that connects to it then you should definitely stay in one. There's tons of restaurants and shops all along it and there's lots of birds.


Great walkways along the river below the bustling city above - huge selection of bars and restaurants. A must if new to San Antonio

Coby Leech

Exciting cool indie news that is worth reading!

Ryan Svoboda

This is such a cool place to go for a walk or date. It can get busy though, so avoid the weekends if you don't like crowds.

Alevtina Borisova

His place is exceptional. Really gorgeous, the atmosphere is outstanding, and the food options are great.

Kat Rios

I love the articles and involvement in the community.

joe dominguez

Good content . Current events

Beth Bond

Charming! Don't miss if you are in San Antonio.

Jen F

Come down early in the day and you can leisurely stroll along the river walk without the crowds.

Sue Ellen

Absolutely gorgeous to visit and great tour for cheap price! Highly recommend

Apurva Mehta

Beautiful walk. I’d recommend visiting around the evening for dinner just before it gets dark so you get to see it light up as it gets darker!

Gaston Motola Acuna

Great place to hang out, dozens of restaurants, options for bars, good for lunch, dinner, drinks. If you're visiting, you.must

Xim Tog

Favorite place in San Antonio! 😍 Full of life,music,art,food,history & shops! I recommend the boat ride @5-6pm for best light in pics. You should walk it too w/plenty of time to make stops and admire

Dianey Sandoval

Great place to explore and have a bite to eat on the river.... plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from..take comfy shoes!!

René LePaul

Great for tourists. Enjoy a ride on the river boats or stop in for drinks/food at one of the riverfront eateries.

Beloved Christ

Tall buildings

E. Omega Cantu

Easy to find


One of the greatest American cities to visit. The river walk is packed full of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Karla Reddrop

Take the boat tour or walk the five miles if you get a beautiful day like today.

Karin Gattringer

Daytime or evening stroll - both are fantastic.

John B.

Chelsea is an awesome event organizer...just got off the phone with her regarding my complaint about them changing the prices for the drink cards and full-size beers at the 2016 San Antonio Beer Festival and she did a great job of addressing my concerns and I am confident she'll use my feedback to avoid a similar issue at next year's festival. Also proud of her for being a military veteran and serving 8 honorable years with the Army.

Daniel Kilkenny

Take a boat ride, find Julio if possible on the river boats. Walking around at night is a great experience, lots of great restaurants to choose from...

Jan Freeman

Great for walking, people watching, eating, drinking, & shopping. Take a guided tour boat ride down the river.

Navjot Singh

Great outdoors for walking around , lots of restaurants and boat ride. Kids enjoy the ducks on the river walk and lots of touristy things to do

Joe Chu

Loved the walk. Relaxing and nice atmosphere. Good for walking exercise and people watching at the same time.

Tony T

As long as you don't stroll up to the street level and stay on the river walk path, you can enjoy any of your favorite alcoholic beverages along the river!!!

Wael H.

Really nice place to walk in, use the water taxis to go back if u get tired

Shay G.

The river boat tour was pretty and informative. If you have time, definitely try it out!


They care about the community of San Antonio very deeply

Ruben Obregon

Great food and great find

Lee Fischer

God, blessed this town.

Ismael Escabi

Tikets via sapd 47000

Sharen S.

I like the weekly current.It provides the overall "happenings".The publication gives one an opportunity to enjoy what San Antonio has to offer at the local businesses

Jacobo Gómez

Definitely nice and cool, but overwhelmingly full of families... San Antonio really is the Orlando of Texas