7530 Bandera Rd, San Antonio
(210) 509-6977

Recent Reviews

Ruby Lopez

Great bar awesome crowd and love the band but the past 2 times I’ve gone the male bartender has been rude so ?? to him

Pepper Potts

This place is always a great place to go. Atmosphere is nice, the parking lot is safe, and the prices are the best!

Chico Malo

It is a typical dive bar. You will not find hot girls in this place. It is an older crowd. The place seemed unclean.

Francesca Maria Fernandez Guillen

Very nice place. Great atmosphere. Had a Kamikaze shot. Very good!!!

J.R.2 Marmel

First time coming here on Saturday July 9th and enjoyed it very much. They had a live band playing 80s and 90s Rock and played absolutely BADASS! It seemed very well maintained and the prices were very reasonable. The only thing I found odd was that they turned off all of the music and televisions about half hour before closing giving us the impression the employees wanted to be out right at 2 am. Other than that, I would recommend this bar and will definitely come again.

Frank David Jr.

Great place to casually drink and sing karaoke. What I love about this place is that people of all sorts and ages were just hanging out, having a drink, singing karaoke, and having fun. Some went up and sang about their exes, some went up making me feel like I was sitting at a front row seat at The Voice, some didn’t care about how they sounded and just sang their hearts out which made it all the better, and then there were others that were passionately voicing their opinions about Amber Heard by singing an absurd, yet entertaining song. Have to add that the bartenders were attentive and friendly too! :)

Nataliia Breno

Very good karaoke bar. You can eat and have a good rest. Only the toilet is not very clean. The staff is great. I recommend the bar.

Sarah P.

(FRAUDULENT BARTENDERS) Went to this bar because it was close to home. Jasime took my id and debit card. Never got it back and I went back twice to check. Mind you the manager was rude asf saying "we don't do that..we never take both id and card for tabs." I now have over $300 in uber eats charges. I hope you prego a** has been eating good. Along with the other bartenders..what ?there's 3 other pergo bartenders serving alch??? Also beware: they will charge you a minimum $25 on your tab card. "Just to make sure you have money to pay" and then they won't return the money.

Kimberly Hernandez

Rude KJ's and the service was super slow for a Friday. It seemed overly clik'ish! If you're not a regular you will not feel welcome. Not cool!

Domingo Reyes

I went on a Saturday night. Live band with a lively crowd. 3 bartenders that served everyone promptly. Pints of beer were$3.50-3.75. They have pizza too in case you get hungry.

Edward Moreno

The only thing that saved this place was the band they had that night they were pretty good other than that the bartender male . Have an attitude all night long with customers only went for a reunion I won't be going there again

Ziggy McCroy

Pretty cool local bar. They have a pool table, tvs, karaoke certain nights, friendly and fast staff. Seems like a great place for Locals and Friends.

Wil Oggie

Bar always has good gravity about it. Seat need to replaced or upgraded more loose than not. Always a good crowd and people, even the regulars are cool. The bar staff was pretty sharp and kept things flowing. It was karaoke night with Tone Def and KJ Dave he always Rockstar. Just need to update and put money in some appearance stuff

Karen Daas

On my last visit, we had a great bartender. The decor is good and the location is convenient. The only issue with this place is it is so inconsistent.

John Salazar

Relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Also good crowd, friendly easy going folks. Good amount of big screens and great music system.

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