Taco Bell

12050 Blanco Rd, San Antonio
(210) 591-0601

Recent Reviews

AL Piddington

Ordered thru drive thru. Quick and good service.

Ken Garden

They were prompt by getting the meal to me in a favorable fashion

Kevin Meier

Tenders were dry, but tacos and baja blast were good

R Cas

Super fast friendly covid19 savy. And felt and witnessed sanitizing on going.

Gilbert Franklin

Think about it. Such a clever idea! Put a Taco Bell AND a KFC in one spot.My wife swears that the three Taco Supreme combo is the best ever, and my choice of the drumstick/thigh $5 Fill Up means one stop quick drive-thru and supper is ready!So glad it is less than a mile from our house!

Jessica Rodriguez

Sadly I do not know the woman's name that took my order today thru the drive thru but she should be the go to person when it comes to training. For ANY fast food place. Never have I ever had someone actually make sure the order they heard was correct. Because she thought she heard me say something else I wanted to order but wasn't sure what it was....I can't really put it into words how it went but it left me telling my husband......she needs a raise! I'm often annoyed by drove thru's....I'm very much often annoyed by having to repeat myself. But if every drive thru experience was like she made it today...... I'd go every day. I should have gotten her name.!! Taco bell on Blanco across from WCHS. About 6pm. Black female. Working drive thru.....if a home knows her name. Tell her she's awesome. If anyone knows her boss..... Share this post so she can get a raise. . Thank you!


Consistently horrible. Terrible service, wrong orders always. Don't believe the good reviews. I used to work for the same parent company, they encourage employees to write false good reviews. Never had a good experience at this one. Should be shut down.

Jim Gonzalez

Service was great! Food fresh!

Taylor Smith

Staff is always friendly good food timely service I didn't want a drink in my $5 meal and the employee gave me an extra cookie instead wonderful service

Gerardo Ramones

It was great , my wife and I arrived early for hot delicious chicken and ? tacos.....it was sooooo good ???

Michelle Cooks

Good customer service. Food was so good, she dropped half the toppings in the seat. Ummm.

Dominique Patterson

Sweet drive through attendants, all good was in order.


The food was excellent as always and it was ready pretty fast.

Stephanie Grace

Love the staff. Not once have I encountered anything other than warm, welcoming, employees. One of my favorite lunch spots.

Dusty Rhoades

Fast and accurate at this location. Plus the 2 in 1 location is handy when the family wants different food. It's Taco Bell/KFC, what's not to like?

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