Taco Bell

12050 Blanco Rd, San Antonio
(210) 591-0601

Recent Reviews

Trish Carolyn Bailey Meeks

The speed of service and quality of the food at this location has greatly improved since my last visit.

Prisella M

Always great but why did they discontinue the doritos locos combo?

Elizabeth Rosenberg

Love tacos! Quick service.

Daniel Santos

Great service! Had a little complication with the tenders n wedges, but got resolved a.s.a.p wit no attitude from mng. Or employee's..

Janessa Reitzel

This taco Bell is the best! The order is always right and they don't skimp on cheese and lettuce in the tacos!

Geo-T Pav

Always good dependable food. I only order tacos 9 in total, but 4 were with onions. I just wish they could have either marked the wrapper on the 4 tacos or separated them. Oh well. Still professional, courteous service should be rewarded for the younger staff, thus the 5 stars

Jeff Schorsch

The young lady working the drive thru this evening was awesome! Very kind, courteous, and had a positive happy personality! Great Job guys!

Timothy Fries

Super friendly girl at the drive-thru. Food was hot and the order was correct. No complaints. ð??

Coheed FanGirl

It's a Taco Bell. It's edible food at a decent price. This particular TB, does a good job. They are nice enough and fast enough, but certainly don't go above and beyond. Safe Bet

Lesli Jordan

The drive thru service was good, young lady was sweet, spoke clear and very informative, ordered a $5 box chicken strips, and a $8 box all white meat, I haven't eaten at KFC in years since I found out the recipes were stolen from slaves. I was on my way to work and was starving, got my food, and got to work, my son who works with me couldn't eat his chicken strips because they were hard, chewy and cold, he said, mama you need to get your money back plus they have is both old biscuits, the place looked busy why are they selling old food? I'll stick with Chick fillet


Update your store hours! If your closed at 12:30AM, your google account shouldnâ??t say you close at 1AM, as it is your employees lack even basic communication and customer service skills in a major way, the least you could do is have your store hours accurate. The employees here are extremely rude and unprofessional, also way too old to be so far behind and be lacking basic life skills, itâ??s kinda sad. Even verbal communication is poor. Lol UPDATE YOUR STORE INFORMATION. Itâ??s really not complicated. Poor management comes with poor employees, so I understand. Call google and update your information, every business does it when information is inaccurate.

Dustin Montgomery

Really great magagement here wish they were all like this very nice people who don't hate there job

Dave Desmarais

Foods was good. Dining room was dirty. Tables were filthy and garbage cans were overflowing with trash.

Jesse Benavidez

If ur looking 4 a quick bite 2 eat then stop over 4 some tacos.

Daniel Flores

Girl at counter was nice. Food was fast and correct. Thanks.

patrick hoskin

$5 fill ups always get me just right at Taco Bell/KFC.

Lupe webster

They do have some great tacos


Just ok, workers not that friendly here. Just Meh!

kloverrocks che

Last few times have been fast and accurate, and yummy as ever :)

Robert Rios

Long wait but good food.

Edgar Moreno

Love the manager at this location! He's the best!

Nicholas Noble

Just went through the drive through and after 5 minutes no response. thought maybe google was wrong and they are closed. Drive around the building and see employees inside. Hey thats cool Taco Cabana is just down the street.

Brittany Lopez

Iâ??m giving 5 stars to the woman in the drive through. I donâ??t love Taco Bell or KFC but every time Iâ??ve gone through the drive through I get the same girl. She is always so sweet to me. She has excellent customer service skills! I donâ??t know her name but my receipt says Missa next to Cashier. I love when people can provide customer service skills. Thank you!

Karen Blankenship

Food great. Forgot sauces and left sour cream on nachos after requesting no sour cream.

Ricky Castillo

Surprisingly this Taco Bell has excellent service ! A lot of other Taco Bells, the workers treat you like they don't want to work there.

Dominic Villanueva

Girlfriend and I both got food poisoning here. Haven't been to a Taco Bell since nor do we plan on it. Lesson learned.

David Lane

Great food and prices. It's great putting Taco Bell Diablo sauce on my KFC! :D

Latrell Sprewell

Ive been to this one since a young kid. Its a hit and miss with staff but its ok. Always sticky floors,soft drinks nasty and restrooms dirty with jo soap sometimes. But hey its taco bell for ya.

George Booth

Had a couple of Frito Burrito's, without the Fritos ð??®

Daniel Namé

KFC+taco Bell is a good combo. One chicken little with my dollar menu burritos all day. I love that shredded chicken burrito. So good. At the same time taco Bell is only allowed to get 4 stars Max for me, cuz come on, it's taco Bell, not the ritz

Rae Bee

Every single time we go here, unless Jonathan is working, things get so messed up .They've given us wrong sizes, forgotten things and they need serious reform in their customer service because it's unacceptable to be that sloppy. You've been here long enough, management needs to change or put their foot down because y'all's standards are almost as bad as McDonald's

Brad Sternberg

If going late night expect it to be closed. The reported hours on google + their own store front are not what's observed by the employees. Multiple times I've gone there within the posted store hours and been turned away.

Sonya Norwood

Everytime I go to this location Colton is very energetic and wanting to make sure the orders are right. He also takes his time to talk with all the customers and that too me is important. Positive energy is all in the store when I go that's why I go back. Thank you Colton for your positive attitude. Your an amazing manager.

Britnie Lumpkins

I absolutely love taco bell / KFC being in one spot. I can get my taco fix and my chicken sandwich all in one stop. 10/10

Jeremy R

Normally the staff is very friendly but tonight even though it says online they are open till 1 they were very rude in saying that they were closed, I get it. I've worked in the food industry, but I have a pregnant wife at home that I now have to try and find something else for when this was what she specifically wanted, so thanks blanco staff good on you

Sara Cook

I donâ??t know if this location has good or bad service. Iâ??ve arrived between 11:30-11:45pm on 2 different occasions in the last 2 months and was told they were already closed for the night tho they appeared to be staffed with lights on and the hours are posted as open until 1am online. They need to either change their online info or ensure their employees keep the restaurant open during business hours

Staci F.

Love this location!! They always get my order correct and even with a long line the wait time is reasonable. I also work at a DT restaurant so I know the struggle. As a fellow food manager I would definitely try to lure these types of employees away. Keep it up guys customers definitely leave your place feeling satisfied. Even if we don't praise you as much as we should.

Christine Bass

The staff was friendly and courteous. And even though it was 20 minutes before closing time, the food was fresh and tasted great!


Stopped in here to pick up take-out chicken (they are also a KFC) for my family. It has a clean modern interior. An omen was the man ahead of me in line who said he was actually in the take out line and was tired of waiting, so he came in to check. The server was very friendly and somewhat efficient. Then I waited. It turns out there were four indoor orders ahead of me. 9 minutes later, when my name was called, a woman who was waiting for her order when I had first arrived was still waiting. When I told a server this, she had to go through the TV menu screen. A worker had closed off her order, which was just sitting on a counter. When I got home, I noticed they hadnâ??t included the biscuits that came with my order. I regret this place merits their overall low TA score.

Amy C.

Pretty weird to be leaving a review for Taco Bell but I had an amazing experience with my cashier Katherine she was extremely nice and sweet. Best customer service by far!