Taco Bell

615 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio
(210) 225-7777

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Jamie Gifford

polite, usually fast and they never mess up my order. Location to work is great, but too many vagrants around to feel safe outside my car. Drive-thru is perfect.

Jesse Seery

They took quite a long while to get our order and my chalupa was hard and crunchy and my doritos taco was soft and chewy.

The Stealth Grenade

Not good do not recommend. Tacos made me and my little brother throw up. I do not recommend unless you like throwing up in the middle of the night.

T.O. Samuels

It's Taco Bell. The location was clean. Everyone was nice. I received my food and it was prepared the way I ordered it. 5/5 would visit again. Only 4/5 because of location.

Augustine Sanchez

Went through the drive thru, had to wait a moment as they were backed up a bit. The girl at the window was very nice. She apologized for the wait. Got home and realized that my order was incorrect. Mistakes happen. I went back, inside this time. Same girl attended to me. She apologized for the mistake. Corrected my order. Food was on par.

Jackie Rodriguez

The employees are nice and the food came hot and ready and the employee was good serves and they care about there job and they make sure u have every thing u need and they are good employees and they show u they care about there job

Manuel Mendez

Fast, Friendly, and. Hot Delicious food! Great Visit and I highly recommended to all who love Taco Bell to stop by this location! Keep up the great work team!

Austin Diaz

The exterior layout is a bit cluttered when navigating in a vehicle so take it slow.

Juliette R.

May, 16, 2019 - 10:11pm Drive thru lady was EXTREMELY rude to us. She yelled at us and purposely messed up our order because she didn't have the correct flavor so she took it upon herself to change up my order without asking me??? I normally don't complain but she has been the worst first impression lady I ever encountered. That's all.

Rozlynn Z.

The only get two stars because they never mess up my order. What I don't understand is why post that they are open till 2/3am drive through wise, answer your phone when called At 12:15am, have multiple employees present, but CLOSE AT 12?! Due to underemployment? Yeah. Sure. I saw quite a lot of people there when I drove up to the window. Come on, this is a popular location. Try spending less money on remodeling, or a huge unnecessary parking lot and more on employees. Maybe they wouldn't leave their jobs.

Jessica Dionne

REALLY DIRTY & though 1 of the cashier's is very sweet and patient. There are at least 3 others who must hate their job there. Either you will be left to order your own order on there P.O.S newly installed in the dining room or ask for a manager because otherwise the staff will stand around and stare, shine windows, eat etc etc.. Taco Bell is nostalgic...I like the way the taste of the food makes me feel, so regardless I'll be seeing them again real soon.

Swuave Mcclain

Free food, clean establishment, friendly staff, over all great experience. The manager Laura even took the time out to speak we us, she is a great asset to this company!!!

Guy Schaafs

If they could cut the policy where they call people's first name to let them know their order is ready, we would all appreciate the return to taco eating anonymity.

Julia Metcalfe

This is one of the best place for Tacos and nachos and various other snacks and drinks. Very nice ambiance, I love to visit this place with my friends.

Brett Skogman

It's a Taco Bell. The new ordering kiosks are interesting, and there seems to always be something new to try. Great deals all around.

Reza Ghazinouri

Specifically mentioned no meat, no cheese, no sour cream. Everything was with meat, and there were some sour cream.

Sarah W.

Got a burrito and crispy potatoes here tonight. The black guy with glasses working the drive-thru was really nice and gave exceptional service. The food was so good.

Passive Lemming

That's right, 5 stars for a Taco Bell. The food is just as good as any other but what sets this one apart is the service. The gentleman who took my order made a slight mistake; the item I wanted could not be made as the machine to make it had JUST went into cleaning after my order was taken but he fixed the problem two times over.

Warren Christilles

Just ordered a 7 layer burrito....there's nothing in here but beans.

Brandon S.

Worst Taco Bell on the planet. Always mess up my order. Never open when they're suppose to be. Horrible customer service. Employees could care less.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

615 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212