Taco Bell

1327 Austin Hwy, San Antonio
(210) 824-1579

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Victoria R.

This location hasn't been open for very long but I've gone here many times. I'm a young college student and I love Taco Bell for cheap eats and late nights. My boyfriend and I have gone here many times and have no problems but the past two times there's been an older Hispanic lady with a bitchin attitude. We drove up at 11:45 and ordered 1 $5 box. We usually go about this time and the guy who works in the kitchen never complains but ever since this older Hispanic lady has been there late nights, she's been so absolutely rude to us. She said "we are about to close sir" and we were confused because we didn't know if she was talking to us and she was like yeah we usually pack up about this time. And I get it, I work in retail but shit 15 minutes before you close? Might as well close at 11:45. She's rude and seriously needs to chill because I understand if we were rude to her first but we totally weren't. And it's not even like we asked for a shit load of food before they closed. Not to mention my Taco was like this when I opened it when I got home. Talk about mature, and apparently she's the "manager"

Cheryl Ebanies

I order a steak chalupa supreme and they gave me a beef chalupa supreme instead. Wish they would get my order right when u go to the drive thru. I should totally should get a refund for their mistake

Bryan Kelly

Fast and friendly service as always.

Maria Marroquin

Chalupa craving box. Good price

Victoria Rito

We go here often, and Rye is always super nice in the drive through, and is good at her job. She definitely has an amazing customer service gene! We've been to a few in the city, and this is the only one that has never got our order wrong, even with some of the weird mods we get, and they're always great! When they are moving a little slowly for the day, they are honest up front and i'm glad this is the closest Taco Bell for us! Won't ever go to another one if i can help it!

Mark Thomas

The food is good but the service was a little slow.

andrea doyle

Always good service when we go.

Ray Zimmermann

Bad service. Many minutes went by without anyone appearing at the counter to help people. I ordered at the in-store kiosk. Fifteen minutes went by without my name being called. Other customers who came in after me were served. When I finally asked a counter person, she took my money but could not tell me how long my order would take; said "I've been in the back." Waited another five minutes.

Helen B

This is literally the best Taco Bell I’ve been to! Rye at the window is soooo sweet!

Randy S.

Slowest Taco Bell we've ever been to! Ordered from their "kiosk" - took 15 minutes to get food, and they served others first who had ordered at counter! Avoid this one!

Haley F.

This is my favorite tx mex fast food place. There chicken and steak tacos are truly fabulous

Zachariah Paul

The fact that these locations still have the rattlesnake fries advertise when it's been completely discontinued as very frustrating. Just wanted to get my fix at this location, but because I couldn't the person had to explain that they had been discontinued and that the advertising that is on the front of the location is indeed false.

Jeremy Jenkins

The food was great..and the employees were ok..

Linda L Murray

I've always loved Taco Bell. It's a great place to work! Please bring back your fries with more cheese!!!

Raymond Saenz

Best tacobell in San Antonio best staff and very fast

Blake Byrd

My naked chicken chalupa was good and came out piping hot. However the soft tacos I received were cold and not very appetizing. Not sure if I just got unlucky or if this is normal for this location.

Lizz Mason

Normally I have no issues and this would be a 4 star rating, however; when I order spicy potato tacos and they come made with French fries instead of the normal potatoes and I was not updated to the lack of ingredients before they gave me my order. Seriously disappointed in this visit.

Jen Jan

I ordered steak quesadillas with tomatoes on it. I got a thin layer of cheese and sauce. Cool

Carina Woody

Got our whole order wrong order a 5$ BOX with 2 crispy tacos and a naked chicken taco with cinnamon twist and 3 beffy frito burritos what we got was 4 5layer burritos and a taco never comin back to this location do not reccomend it

Danny Jerome

It is taco bell. Nothing to special. The only weird thing is that this location is out of stuff frequently. Not sure if it is super busy or poor logistics.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

1327 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209