Taco Bell

1327 Austin Hwy, San Antonio
(210) 824-1579

Recent Reviews

Derek R.

They don't seem to heat up the tortillas here before they wrap your burritos. You end up with a cold, obviously unheated exterior and a warm interior.

Lilly’s journey

The service was great parking lot was clean and food was amazing .the only thing I had a problem with was there was a very bad odor out side of the restaurant but other than that everything was good.

Chris Hinman

Great service. Handfuls of Diablo sauce!

Joseph Garcia

Very bad! The service was fine, but the nachos chips tasted very old. My wife and I did not finish them but my daughter did and ended up throwing up all night. We narrowed it down to the nachos seeing as that was the only thing she ate before the stomach pains and vomiting started. Also ordered a frito burrito which was giving to me with NO fritos. Not all taco bells are bad, but would not recommend going to this one

Jessica Crawford

Literally every time we come here after 10:00PM they claim they can't serve us for a number of reasons. The latest is that they dont have meat ready & it won't be ready until they close... they don't close for another hour. Really annoying considering my husband and I are both students pulling all nighters every now and again & want a late night pick-me-up.

Isaac Campos

Sloppy work taco bell

Jo Martin

Had to eat at the bus stop!!! Not kool, other restaurants are doing dine in, why not y'all? Let me know when we can eat inside ?

Caitlin Sheridan

Too the guy who works the window most evenings, you’re the REAL MVP! Always so nice and in a good mood. Just went through for one of the new pineapple freezes and he gave it to me for free, after a long rough day it really raised my spirits. ☺️❤️?? I know working in the fast food industry is not easy, but keep doing what you’re doing and God will bless you! THANK YOU!!!

Tiffany L

Great food and experience, the staff was so helpful and kind. I will be back. Good customer service is important to me!

Jade Partida

Genuinely the best Taco Bell that I've ever been to, the people here are very nice and friendly. The place is very clean as well!

Catlin Cloud

It's taco Bell so it's about what you would expect. Not the worst but definitely not the best.

JoAnn Velasquez

It was awesome. 2 packs for the church after bible study. Mmmmmm

Mary Chance

I went inside to place my order. That was the longest wait time ever to fill an order of all the Taco Bell's I've been to.

Jen L.

The nicest young lady was taking my order on drive-thru around 6-7pm, got my order right and everything. The best service I had at a fast food place in SA.

Julie Keller

The best Taco Bell Location & Employees were so nice and very helpful. Thanks Taco Bell for great food and employees!! ??

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